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Missile Strike is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It replaced Bullet Bill in Version 39.


A giant and swift missile will be launched from the sky. It always aims at the area right next to the Gear Shop area, usually where the classic ROBLOX house is. The Missile will strike the map resulting in a huge explosion, instantly killing anyone within its radius.

For the hyper variant, the missile's speed is drastically buffed. It travels more quickly, with a faster sound effect, and a larger explosive radius. The missile also turns golden in color.
For the impossible variant, the missile looks the same as its hyper variant, except that now it will target a completely random spot of the map dimension, rather than the area next to the shop. This means that the missile will fall down in a 90 degrees angle rather than slantedly, as seen in the infobox image.

Disaster Memo Information

"A large missile comes from the sky! It aims right next to the shop, targeting usually where the house is located. Has an extremely large blast radius, so move out of there quick!"

"A large missile comes from the sky! Comparing to the standard Missile Strike, this one moves very very fast. It aims exactly where the normal missile lands, so move out of there quick!"

Survival Tips

  • Never stand too close to the house or camp such area, as Missile Strike can show up and and catch you while you're unprepared.
  • Head to the northern area of the map, opposite from where the Gear Shop is.
  • Immediately use an Epic Katana in order to dash away from the blast. This recommendation is enforced for the hyper and impossible variants, as the missile's speed is about three times the standard.
  • For Impossible Missile Strike, stay as far away from any enemy spawn points as you can. The missile may land on one nearby you, catching you off guard.


  • If a survivor manages to touch the missile itself during Missile Strike before it crashes, they will be awarded with a badge: Point Blank.
  • If players manage to stay barely outside of the Missile Strike blast radius, they will be flung away and possibly ragdolled.
  • Missile Strike replaced Bullet Bill in Version 39, to avoid copyright content.
    • The original disaster was first called Plane Crash, and was then changed into Bullet Bill, and finally, into Missile Strike.
  • In Version 41.71, due to a change in the explosion behavior, Missile Strike's blast will not kill players if they are within the orange part of the explosion, instead, they will be dealt 50 to 100 damage.

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