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Missile Launcher is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


The Missile Launcher appears in the middle of the map, constantly firing missiles at the closest players. This deadly turret has a fast recharge cooldown and will shoot missiles until the round ends. The explosive radius of each projectile is considerably small, but fatal upon contact if you get caught in the middle of the blast.

For the hyper variant, Missile Launcher gains the ability to also shoot missiles upwards every few seconds while normally firing; they will still target the nearest player, but instead fall down from the sky on top of them. This makes it so survivors also have to hide under solid cover while behind undestructible objects.

Disaster Memo Information

"Missile Launcher spawns at the center of the map. Take cover where the rockets won't hit you. Be careful about the blast radius, it deals 20 damage if you're near it."

"Hyper Missile Launcher behaves similarly to its standard version except after shooting 2 missiles, it'll shoot one in the air and it'll come straight down attacking the nearest survivor."

Survival Tips

  • Take cover behind unbreakable parts to avoid getting blasted by the Missile Launcher's missiles.
  • Try to not let the Missile Launcher destroy any important structures.
  • Standing on top of the Missile Launcher is unreliable and generally not advised, unless you are going for the Deadly Horseback Ride badge.
  • You can also dodge the missiles by keep running and jumping around the launcher. You should keep a distance if you are doing so, however. This should be only used as a last resort, as covers are always safer.
  • Hyper: Instead of going behind unbreakable parts, you should also take cover under shelter so that missiles cannot land on your head.


  • Missile Launcher's turret model originates from one of the Roblox gear catalog items, All-Seeing Sentry.
  • Missile Launcher is the only disaster in the game to have a unique duration of 35 seconds. Previously, Sandstorm also had that duration, however, it was changed to 30 seconds in Version 41.5.
  • Hyper Missile Launcher is one of the two removed Hyper Disasters that were in the Beta version, while the other being Bombers.
  • If a player manages to get on top of Missile Launcher without dying, they are awarded the Deadly Horseback Ride badge.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “missale lancher”.
  • It takes about three seconds for the Missile Launcher to fire missiles, after it has spawned.

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