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Not to be confused with Meteors (STD2).

Meteors is a disaster in Survive The Disasters.


Meteors will start to fall from the sky slowly, beware with them, as if you can die just by touching on it. When a meteor reach a plate, it will explode after some seconds, everyone hit by the blast radius are instantly killed.


  • There were an classic version of this disaster that were used on previous versions of the prequel.
    • In this version, the meteors were gray and fell fast, these meteors exploded after a while, regardless of whether it touched any surface or not. All meteors have an high blast radius.
    • This version were replaced with the Survive The Disasters 2 version, probably because the first concept made disaster very difficult.
  • This is one of the oldest disasters in the series (considering the classic version of it).
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