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Meteors are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Huge meteors rain down from the sky every few seconds, while covering the map in a dense orange fog. Upon landing on any surface or structure, they will crash and explode. Their blasts destroy any brick it hits and kill any players in range of the impact.

For the hyper variant, the meteors fall down faster and more of them spawn. The fog is also slightly denser.
For the impossible variant, these Meteors spawn more constantly and have a larger explosive radius. Meteors tend to travel in a slanted manner and take significantly less time for them to hit the ground and create the impact. The orange fog that surrounds the map during the disaster is even thicker, making meteors harder to spot and react to.

Disaster Memo Information

"A meteor will fall down every 1.75 ~ 2.5 seconds. Touching the meteors is instant-death. Finding cover may protect you, but meteors can still land nearby you and might take you out with its massive explosion with a blast radius of 50. Looking up while running may be the best option for you."

"Comparing to standard Meteors, Hyper Meteors fall down faster. Spawn rate is the same. Meteors fall down in a slanted fashion rather than straight."

Survival Tips

  • Keep running around while looking up the sky to see if there are any meteors above you. Using a Speed or Fusion Coil is recommended.
  • For harder variants, especially Impossible Meteors, it is extremely wise to use fast movement gear such as Epic Katana or Game Master's Sword, since the Meteors fall down insanely quickly and are harder to dodge.


  • Meteors collide with anything they land on. This means they can stop at map barriers as soon as they spawn, or get to unintended spots such as out of bounds.
  • Meteors were originally called Meteorite. Instead of smaller meteors constantly raining down, there was one, single and big meteorite that fell down and crashed on the center of the map. Its blast radius was about half the map dimension.
  • Meteors were removed in Version 1.21 on accident by Vyriss. They were added back in Version 1.23.
  • Meteors used to have a musical theme: Flying Meteor - Kirby Air Ride. It was removed in later updates due to fear of copyright.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “meatballs”.

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