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Lightning Staff is a gear in Survive The Disasters 2.

In-Game Description

"Use this staff to shock nearby enemies when they are grouped! May be weak, but useful for racking up damage and coins with team effort."


Lightning Staff is a weapon which appears to be a magical staff that controls lightning, it can throw energy balls that deals 8 to 10 damage to enemies when there are enemies/bosses approaching, it deals damage automatically with lightning bolts.


  • This is one of the three weapons that can damage more than 2 enemies in 1 shot, the other is Rocket Launcher and Game Master Sword.
  • Its low DPS means that it's not recommended for bosses.
  • It doesn't do a lot of damage on its own, so you should probably put Venom Shank or Damage Boost on it.
  • It's probably not a great idea to use the Faster Bullet orb on this weapon, as it the lightning tendrils deal more damage the longer they float in the air.
  • Death Bomb orb alone with Doom's Touch work really well on most enemies, like Tiny Noobs and Cake.
  • This is the only gear in the Shop that is capable of helping the player obtain the Take Aim badge.

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