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Korblox Mages is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


"Korblox Mages! They can cast an iceball attack that deals 20 damage and has a 25% chance of freezing you. When on the ground near them, they will do a grounded ice attack, making a circle to trap you. Those kill instantly, so be careful! Korblox Mages have a walkspeed of 20."


This disaster spawns dangerous Korblox Mages on the map's Spawn Points. They have two attacks:

  • The first attack is a ranged ice shot. Each shot travels quite fast, and does 20 damage each. They also have a 33% chance to freeze you in place.
  • The second attack is used when a player is near the mage. The mage protects itself by raising giant spikes of ice from the ground, instantly killing any players who touch it.


  • This disaster is based off of the various Korblox gear and packages on the ROBLOX Catalog.
  • Korblox Mages can be attacked with melee weapons if the player is close enough to the mage and takes care to avoid the ice spikes.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to “snowmen”.
  • Prior to Version 1.38, The Korblox Mages' splash logo was ROBLOX's old R icon, but was Changed into its current Logo to keep up with Roblox's Advancement.
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