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Killbots are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Two deadly killbots appear near the center of the map while floating. After a moment, they will quickly fire 4 deadly missiles every four seconds towards random survivors. Players are suggested to keep moving to dodge the incoming missiles and keep distance from them, as the blasts are instant kill and are huge!

For the hyper variant, the large killbots shoot more missiles every second which have a greatly increased blast radius comparing to the standard version.

Disaster Memo Information

"Two large kill bots appear! Every 3.75 seconds, the Killbots reposition and shoot 4 missiles in a second at the nearest target.

"Comparing to standard Killbots, Hyper Killbots reposition and shoot every 2.75 seconds. The blast radius of the explosions are doubled."

Survival Tips

  • Killbots spawn at random points and remain there for the first few seconds of the round, so that should give you time to get your weapons ready.
  • During a Mystery Disaster round, keep a steady eye on the sky before the dense fog is fully made. It's possible to spot Killbots just right before that happens.
  • Keep moving and stay far away from the Killbots, as you cannot predict who they will target.
  • Having a Speed, Fusion Coil, or Epic Katana is ideal for dodging their projectiles.


  • Killbots originate from the prequel (Survive The Disasters! Classic).
  • Killbots, after release, used to have a plastic material instead of neon. The change was then made in a later update for Killbots to be seen easier in darker maps, such as Spooksville or Panic Pyramid.
  • The Killbots' missiles may occasionally glitch and fling themselves around.
  • After Version 41.7, Killbots received a revamp: Killbot count reduced to 2, but are much bigger in size. They now constantly move around and their targetting system changed to random rather than closest. Missile projectiles were buffed with a bigger explosive radius.

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