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Impossible Disaster is a danger mode in Survive The Disasters 2 and is exclusive to Hardcore Mode.


Impossible disasters are supposed to be a harder version of both Hyper Disaster and normal versions of the disaster. Every reward for an impossible disaster is 2x the normal one.

While called "Impossible Disaster", they are not necessarily impossible. With the correct strategies and skills, each disaster can be survived.


Disaster Difficulty Description Coins
Spiked Walls Difficult The spikes will become extremely long - however, there are two walls instead of four (unlike its hyper counterpart). The walls now close in much more, moving in small increments every second or so. Players must find space in between two spikes with very little to no room to move around. 286
Get Down Difficult The kill brick comes immediately and is even lower than its hyper counterpart. The kill brick also lasts the entire round. Players need to get to the lowest parts of the map to survive. 308
Groundspiker Extremely difficult Spikes attack at a very fast rate and can detect and reach players on really high ground, higher than the house. Spikes will also stay up for 5 seconds instead of going away immediately. 396
Murderers Difficult Instead of moving around the map, they follow the players. They also can throw the knives quicker. Their knives ricochet onto nearby players once one of the knives kill a player that's nearby them. 429
Guest Ambush Extremely difficult Guests are faster. In addition to deleting parts, guests can now delete the player's arms and legs, along with whatever gear they happen to be holding (if any). Gear not held in the inventory are not deleted. Deleted gear will return if the player dies or resets. 220
Death Trampoline Easy The trampoline is considerably higher, reaching the height of Rising Lava's highest height. 231
X-Bomb Insanely difficult The bomb is taller, the beams are denser, and it strikes both X and + ways while spinning. 242
Mine Spawn Difficult Blast radius is increased heavily. Acts the same as Normal/Hyper(new) Mine Spawn. 264
Press The Button Insanely difficult Similar to Hyper counterpart, but the safe zone is much smaller (the diameter of the button squared). Disaster time is also shortened. 330
Slenderman Very difficult Its damage area is much wider and he is much faster than its Normal and Hyper counterparts. Can, at most, deal 40 damage per second. 264
Missile Strike Difficult Instead of aiming at the house, it aims at a random spawn point (enemy spawn) on the map. 297
Explosive Noobs Difficult The Explosive Noobs, now called Flying Explosive Noobs, receive the ability to fly with a bigger explosion radius. 297
Tsunami Difficult The tsunami is even higher and is faster than its hyper counterpart. 312
Ghosts Moderate Ghosts now deal ~20 damage, and move faster. They also stay invisible the whole round making sneak-attacks easier. 253
Shurikens Easy Large Golden Ninja Stars fall from the sky with much more speed compared to its Hyper variant. The shurikens are also bigger than the normal and hyper ones. 231
Nuclear Bomb Moderate The bomb drops even faster, and the dot is nearly invisible. The red dot also beeps once. 297
Rocket Noobs Difficult Rocket Noobs trade their double rockets for one, large rocket. Rockets have a much larger blast radius. Still wears forcefields. 286
Neon Blaster Very difficult The laser is fired off much faster, with little to no space left at either corner. Instead of starting on the right to left side, it can start on the left to right side. Either survive by getting to the very corner or get behind the laser while it's sweeping through the map. Another more successful and sometimes more efficient strategy is to reach a high point in the map, and when the laser is fired, jump over it to avoid it. 308
Rising Acid Moderate Acid is more corrosive, corroded parts deal 28 damage. This causes a decent amount of deaths because people like to run around when a humanoid threat occurs. 264
Noobs Moderate The Noobs are much faster and deal 42 damage. Jump and speed are both enhanced. 187
Pizza Dude Insanely Difficult Large pizza boxes are thrown instead, making them much harder to dodge. 286
Ninjas Moderate Only Shadow Ninjas spawn. They are faster and jump as high as Hyper Noobs, and their ninja stars are thrown much faster. The Shadow Ninja Stars are used, and, thus, deal more damage. 264
Caterdriller Difficult Caterdriller will dig in a faster attack rate, it will always target a player and it drills back up almost immediately after burrowing. 275
Meteors Very difficult The meteors spawn at a lower height and fall faster, resulting in less reacting time for players. They also have a bigger blast radius. 275
UFO Difficult The UFO will move very similar to Hyper, but the laser beam does not stop, and the UFO will constantly target other players with the laser beam still present. 462
Lumberjack Very difficult The Lumberjack will cut the tree down in 6 quick hits while also the tree being extremely wider. The tree also lands towards a random location of the map, rather than in the middle, at most times. 396
Dynamites Insanely difficult The dynamites fall faster and explode with an extremely large blast radius, almost as large as Nuclear Bomb’s blast radius. Their fuse time is also shortened. 396
Pacman Ghosts (Coming Soon) Moderate The ghosts spawn 3x their normal size and move incredibly fast. They also have incredible direction changing speeds which can cause sudden ambushes. 264
Sighters (Coming Soon) Very difficult Sighters can now attack two players at once while increasing damage over time. The damage per hit caps around 70. It also phases through the leaderboard area next to the shop. 264
Crazy Robloxian (Coming Soon) Easy The Robloxian is now 3x as fast with a higher pitched voice. Touching any of his body parts will do 25 Dmg. 440
Coil Noobs (Coming Soon) Moderate They are now Fusion Noobs, wielding Fusion Coils. They deal 42 damage, similar to Noobs. They can even heal 5 HP periodically. 231
Flash Flood (Coming Soon) Moderate The water now rises to the height of Impossible Rising Acid, and deals damage even more rapidly. The flood also begins to rise right after the announcement goes away, and rises at a faster speed. 253
Missile Launcher (Coming Soon) Difficult The missile launcher itself is located in mid-air. It shoots faster and can target any player. The missiles also have a larger blast radius. 297
Illumina (Coming Soon) Moderate The Illumina Man has faster walkspeed and will create a clusterbomb explosion when touched by a player or when the last second ticks. Disaster time is reduced. 297
Alien Invasion (Coming Soon) Moderate The amount of aliens spawned are increased, they have a wide range, move quicker, and deal 20 damage. 396
Tipping Block (Coming Soon) Difficult The Block will start moving immediately after the announcement goes away. This time it's 3 times as fast and targets the walls an corners more often. 300