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Illumina is a disaster in Survive the Disasters and Survive The Disasters 2.


Illumina is a "trap" disaster, meaning at any given time, a player can trigger it. Detonating it would result in a relatively large explosion approximately twenty to thirty studs from what generally is the front of the house. Safe spots are the corners, as well as the second half of any given map. Illumina Man, which is the hyper-exclusive variant, will chase players in hopes of a user "grabbing" the Illumina, which would result in a premature explosion. Stay in far range and is best using a non-melee weapon to attack the Illumina Man, as it can help obtain Bloxxer points. As mentioned before, it will detonate at the last second, so it is advisable to keep a relatively safe distance away from Illumina Man.


"The giver of The Legendary Sparkling Sword from SFOTH appears! But what is it doing here though...? It seems to be fake. Touching it does not give you the Illumina. Instead, touching it creates a massive explosion around it. Stay away from the bait, even if no one is near it!"

Hyper Memo

"The Illumina giver which is now 'Illumina Man' grew some limbs to move around, chasing anybody nearby begging someone to pull the explosive sword out of it. It can be bloxxed for some points, but be careful staying nearby it when the round is about to be over! It self detonates at last remaining 2 seconds of the round."

Impossible Illumina

  • Note: this variant is only available in the upcoming update Version 42.

The duration is now 15 seconds and it will explode a few seconds later, also the explosion is increased by 10% and he (Illumina Man) is also a little faster.


  • Touching the Illumina before the end of the round will earn you a badge called "The Legend of the Sparkling Sword."
    • It is best to get the Badge in Pacifist Mode, regardless of difficulties.
  • A common occurrence with users is the intention of touching the Illumina in hopes of destroying one's streak, or to solely troll other users; enraging them naturally.
  • Panicking on maps with close pits such as City Park or Galantasy is also not a good idea, as you could run into the pits, to your doom and die.
  • Like other disasters, only players who are "alive" can activate the explosion. Very rarely can a second explosion occur, if it is touched by another user that has not previously died the first time.
    • The second explosion can only occur on normal Illumina. Hyper Illumina can only explode once.
  • The explosion is an instakill, however there is a very slim chance of receiving 75 damage if you are close to the blast radius.
  • The Illumina was originally in the center of the map instead of near the house.
  • The Hyper Variant of Illumina, or Illumina Man, was not considered an enemy at first, but on Version 1.24, it since then has, considering it was possible to obtain Bloxxer points.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, its disaster name was renamed to "sword".
  • If the Illumina Man dies before the round ends, the explosion will not happen.
  • In Survive the Disasters 1, Illumina can be set off using Projectiles, such as Shurikens.
    • Players quick enough to reach the far end of the map can use this to kill any players that remain near the house.
  • In Survive the Disasters 1, Illumina's explosion can occasionally kill players that are far outside the blast radius.
  • Illumina is a famous sword from the older days of Roblox, notably a powerful sword from Sword Fights on the Heights, notorious for its high base damage. It also has improved lunge height and can reveal nearby invisible players that are using Ghostwalker
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