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This is a page for users to create ideas for Survive The Disasters 2. (None of the content on this page is actually in the game).

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Hyper Disaster Ideas

Hyper of How Will it be Harder Coin payout Length Submitted By
Geared Noobs The geared noobs now have the same amount of HP of Hyper Noobs, and now have a new list of items.

List of gears:

SilverShurikens with Faster Bullet [RARE]

Electric Shurikens

Game Master's Sword

225 30s DankTheKid
Explosive Pies The delay will now be 2s instead of 4s, giving less time to escape. Also, explosion radius is increased by x1.5. 180 45s DankTheKid
Epic Katana The swords automatically fall, and they're bigger, they go down faster, and there are more of them. 200 30s Guardtown
Pizza Dude Pizzas are faster and every piece of pizza is bigger in 2 times. 300 30s Kevin18302
Kirby He can now inhale any humodid and spit them out at you. Memo: Poyo Poyo (Oh god I’m still hungry and and empty bellies are not good) OH SHIT!!! Kirby is going to eat you because he is extremely hungry so watch out! Minions Three quarters of the normal group of minions will spawn on every Spawn Point. They have a smaller hitbox, 1.25x health, and deal damage three times as often. 280 30s Guardtown
Earthquake (new disaster) The shaking is now faster, and will destroy all unbreakable blocks. Players will now deal 33 damage instead of 3. 500 60s OwenIsBack
Green Zone (new disaster) You now get 9 seconds to reach a green zone. After the first zone ends, another one appears. After that one, another one appears. 300 32s Guardtown
Supernova (new disaster) The disaster lasts 1.5x longer and stars fall more faster with planets having a bigger radius, Before the black hole appears. the planets will all explode, the black hole sucks more bricks in and has a further radius 950 105s Exult
Topaz (new boss battle) Hyper Topaz's boss fight is 120 seconds long. Her standard attacks are greatly buffed, along with gaining several new ones. She has 26000 HP and can be bloxxed for 5250 points.

Blinding Fog: Topaz shrouds the entire map in a dark red fog that decreases players’ visibility drastically.  Players will be dealt 7-9 damage every second for 6 seconds before the fog dissipates.

Targeted Arrow Strike: Topaz aims at a random player and targets them with a single arrow that deals 80 damage on contact when she shoots.  The arrow itself is fired extremely quickly and is very difficult to dodge.  4 seconds after the arrow is shot, it will explode with a 50-stud blast radius and shoot 5 large fireballs in random directions.  The fireballs are instant-death if a player touches them.

Rapid Arrow Launch: Same as her normal Arrow Launch attack, except she shoots 20 arrows much faster.  They explode faster after landing, and their blast radii are slightly increased to 35 studs.

Fiery Comet: Topaz will summon a giant flaming comet which will zoom in from the back onto a random location on the map.  It explodes with a 90-stud blast radius on impact and creates a tall shockwave that reaches very far out and instantly kills players.

Falling Stars: Topaz summons a shower of shooting stars that rain down in a diagonal path on the map.  They explode on impact with a 25-stud blast radius each and are instant-kill if touched while in mid-air.

720 120s Harrowing_Vedmak
Airstrike (new disaster) The bombs drop quicker; the time between the beam forming and the explosion itself is decreased from 7 to 5 seconds. The bombs' blast radius is increased to 190 studs. 394 30s Harrowing_Vedmak
Icicles Icicles are bigger in 2 times and that means that frozen rocks are bigger too. Icicle deals 100 HP, Frozen rock deals 89 HP. 350 40s Kevin18302
Meteors The meteors will fall twice as fast, along with instantly exploding upon impact when landing. 250 30s OmegaBetaMetaKnight
Cactoball Cactoball throws spike balls much faster, and the spikes themselves now do 85 damage on contact. Touching Stactus will instantly kill the player. 288 30s Harrowing_Vedmak
Lightning (new disaster) Lightning will now strike every 0.75 seconds. Half of the time, the lightning will be cyan, which instantly kills you. A very small explosion with a 3-stud radius will come when cyan lightning hits something, whether it's the ground, a part, or a player. 160 30s ArrQue
Shoop Da Whoop Da lazer will move left and right and can also move to the corners, but da lazer is smaller so players can jump over it. It will not damage anything. 180 35s HellUser
Builderman (new disaster) Builderman launching his hammer faster and earlier, and he has 8000 HP. 300 1m Kevin18302
Banhammer Noob (new disaster) The Noob will slowly chase the nearest player after he spawns with a slow walkspeed of 20.  He slams the banhammer down faster, 7 seconds after he spawns.  The explosion it creates has a 140 stud blast radius and creates three rings of six giant plasma balls in a similar way to Dark Mage’s fireball rings attack.  The plasma balls have a diameter of 40 studs each and move out quickly towards the edges, instantly killing any players upon touch.  256 30s Harrowing_Vedmak
Four of a Kind (new disaster) The clones never disappear, Flandre Scarlet has a hidden HP and sometimes, they shoot big colorful bullets that deal 60 damage. 495 30s LolMitch5
Thunderstorm There is 2.5x more lightning bolts, of which have 1.5x blast radius. 150 25s Guardtown
Mr. Happy Mr.Happy constantly moves. His aqua bullets are faster and the shapes insta-kill. His body will turn red and eyes blue with damage. He will now have 8686 health. 175, Bloxxer award: 1337 40s Guardtown
Pacman Ghosts The ghosts move really fast and they now chase players. They are all a little bigger, too. 165 30s Guardtown
Rising Acid The Acid rises much faster with a higher limit. The damage is now 12 per second, and it can't instant kill anymore. For each player killed, the damage per second increases by 2 and the acid becomes redder. 180 35s Guardtown
Tetris The blocks come down quicker and there is no limit. 180 45s Guardtown
Dr. Robotnik Robotnik moves much faster, and there are now 6 blocks. 160 40s Guardtown
Stonetroid Stonetroid's explosions happen faster and get much bigger. His sword is bigger, too. He has 30,000 health. 200, Bloxxer award 7,500 40s Guardtown
Avalanche The snowballs are bigger. There is a blizzard that makes it so people standing without a roof take 5 damage per second. 150 30s Guardtown
Korblox Mages Each mage's spikes are bigger, and their Ice Balls are bigger, have more stun, and deal 40 damage. They attack faster. They now have 250 HP. 175, Bloxxer award 60 35s Guardtown
Overseer Soldiers They now have 350 HP but move slower. Their axe launch deals 65-80 damage and moves faster, their axe explosion reaches farther with getting bigger, and their axe deals 50 damage. 185, Bloxxer award 65 35s Guardtown
Redcliff Warriors They now have 300 HP. Their fire strike immediately destroys props and deals 60 damage. They also move faster. 180, Bloxxer award 50 35s Guardtown
Bombers The bombers come in groups of 5, armed with bigger explosions. 185 45s Guardtown
Missile Launcher The launcher shoots missiles at everyone at once. The missiles are bigger and have bigger explosions. 175 35s Guardtown
Raining Tacos The Tacos are bigger, and more drop. 145 30s Guardtown
Soccer Balls The balls are blue and black. They are smaller and lots of them fall. 155 30s Guardtown
Shedletsky The Shedletskies have gone mad! They are super fast and can jump very high. They insta-kill and have a long detection radius. However, they slowly lose health over time because they're starving. They have 200 health, losing 6 health per second 175, Bloxxer award 75 40s Guardtown
Dynamites There are more dynamites, they are bigger with a bigger explosion radius, and a shorter fuse. 185 30s Guardtown
Meteors A massive meteor lands in the middle of the map, smashing everyone thats not on the far sides on the map. 200 10s Guardtown
Alien Invasion Their lazers do double damage and can pierce through walls at 1/4 damage. Each Alien now has 200 HP. 190, Bloxxer award 50 35s Guardtown
Death Trampoline The trampoline rises. 150 20s Guardtown
Tornado The Tornado has a much higher suction radius. 210 30s Guardtown
Murderers The Murderers never miss, always instakill, shoot faster, and have a higher field of view. 180, Bloxxer award 115 35s Guardtown
Slenderman The Slenderman teleports twice as often and deals 2.5x damage. 175 40s Guardtown
Kamehameha The lazer is bigger, and it sweeps to the very corners quicker. 200 25s Guardtown
Hockey Noobs (new disaster) The arena is much smaller, the goalie is impossible to kill, and the noobs charge right at the start. The noobs' hockey sticks have a 1/5 chance to break on hit, making it to deal double damage for the rest of the disaster. 500 30s Antoine11Tom11
Circus Baby (New Boss) Instead of her normal form, she will spawn in her scrap form (Scrap Baby), she will shoot metal ice creams dealing 50 damage to far players. 650

{Bloxxer: 4000}

100s MrMime900
Undyne Undyne will become Undyne The Undying and spears will go faster killing nearby players and far players. (Song: Undertale - Battle Against a True Hero) 900

{Bloxxer: 2500}

150s MrMime900
Bad Time This time, Disbelief Papyrus appears and does the same thing, but this time, bones go fast, and gaster blasters directly fires when they spawn. (Song: Undertale - Megalo Strikes Back) 1000 200s MrMime900
Electrode (New Disaster) This time, six Electrodes spawn in random enemy spawns. Unlike Mine Spawn, these Electrodes explode with a BIGGER radius! 250 10s MrMime900
(Fake) Memos (new disaster) Fake Memos spawn more often and spawn on the map instead. 200 30s LolMitch5
Nyan Cat Nyan cat is much faster, has more

radius, and it's long for all round!

300 45s Kevin18302
Crazy Robloxian His speed is doubled, and he can destroy breakables. so hide fast!!! 500

{Bloxxer: 5000}

30s Kevin18302
Shoop Da Whoop The laser are bigger, the audio are sped up so the laser can be shoot faster. 195 20s Tercess
Thieves More thieves appear. Thieves are also faster and jump higher. They have 600 health and deal 45 damage, stealing more coins. 105 Coins, 180 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Dr. Robotnik Dr. Robotnik break blocks more often. 185 30s Tercess
Stonetroid Stonetroid attack faster, blasts are bigger. It's health was 72000 210 Coins, 13500 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Crazy Robloxian Crazy Robloxian was bigger and faster. He deal 22 damage. His health was 7500. 210 Coins,

1498 Bloxxer

30s Tercess
Wolven Footsoldier Wolven Footsoldier now have 150 health. Its spin attack deal 33 damage. Its dash attack deal 72 damage. 185 Coins, 48 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Epic Katana Whenever anybody touch the Epic Katana, it explode with blast radius as big as Illumina's, while it also fall. Its bigger and fall faster. 150 30s Tercess
Korblox Mages Ranged ice shot instantly freeze you while creating ice block around you, making your hitbox bigger. The ice block will disappear when you are unfreezed. It also deal 30 damage. The spikes are now bigger and closer to Korblox Mages. Its health are now 150. 170 Coins, 46 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Tetris Blocks fall faster and there's more blocks. 200 30s Tercess
Dynamites There's more dynamites and the blast radius are bigger. 180 30s Tercess
Overseer Soldiers They throw their axe faster and it deal 60-75. The explosion are now bigger and faster. Their axe deal 37. They also have 225 health. 185 Coins,

54 Bloxxer

30s Tercess
Tornado Tornado are bigger and faster. 180 20s Tercess
Avalanche There's 48 snowballs. All of them are smaller. 140 20s Tercess
Thunderstorm Blast radius are bigger, there's also more thunderstorm. 210 30s Tercess
Barrel Boy His barrels are wider and taller, he now has 10 random set points, at the end Barrel Boy will chuck three barrels at once. 320 30s SilverSoul5632
Black Hole (new disaster) The black hole are bigger, It also getting 2 stud bigger every seconds. 300 30s Tercess
Get Up (new disaster) The block appear instantly, also are bigger. 180 10s Tercess
Oil Spill (new disaster) Its limit are higher. 360 30s Tercess
Police officers (new disaster) They now are armed with a taser, they will tase the nearest player, and then handcuff them and arrest them when they'll catch it. 400 50s Insane Leafy
Terminator (fan made) X-Terminator, the hyper version of Terminator arrives to exterminate its targets! With a hefty 36500 health! His eyes will fire 6 eye rockets instead of 3 and quicker! He will fire 2-3 airstrike rockets at once with bigger explosions, he will occasionally fly around the map boundaries and fire 15-23 small missiles which now deal a fixed 90 damage per explosion, the Doom Fan inside him will occasionally go insanely fast, causing razor winds to go out, instantly killing players that get hit. (Refer to Boss Ideas for the Standard verion) 380 (Standard)

1250 (Hardcore)

150s Volcanic Jay
Necromancer (fan made) Necromaul, the hyper version of Necromancer curses through the crowd! With a fair 30000 health! Instead of summoning 1 giant hand, he will summon 3-4 hands which still insta kill players. Instead of firing 1 zombifier ray, he fires

1-3 of them, he can summon Hyper Zombies instead of standard ones. He can throw 5-10 giant bones which deal 75 damage each, and can also throw an acidic bone which insta kills and creates an acidic area on where it lands which can instantly zombify players who step on it. He will still create a haze of pain but instead of healing 30%, it heals 80% of the damage. (Refer to Boss Ideas for the standard version)

349 (Standard)

1100 (Hardcore)

150s Volcanic Jay
Bill Ball (fan made)
Bust Ball, the hyper version of Bill Ball bounces in! With a busty amount of 55000 health! Contact with Bust Ball still instants kills and same for his turners. But the turners have changed a lot, they can change angles, rotate faster and can plant Bustlings. Bustlings will quickly drill towards players, contact with their drills will instantly kill. Further contact with them will cause 25-50 damage. It now gets 2 lethal grabbers which cause 90-99 damage to a grabbed player and will paralyze for 2 seconds. It will also be able to fire lasers at players will deal 30 damage.

(Refer to Boss Ideas for the standard version)

400 (Standard)

1340 (Hardcore)

150s Volcanic Jay
Gear Shop (Fan boss) Heaven's Shop, the hyper version of Gear Shop sells in and now is selling a few changes:

-Health is now 30000

-Clouds appear instead of the ladders.

-Counterfeit Sale will only spawn golden coins

-VIP is now SUPER VIP, throwing more letters. The letters explode when they touch the floor.

-Leadboard's revenge is now Leadboard's nightmare. More clones are spawned and now they will have gears such as Fusion coil, Game master's sword and Golden Ninja Stars.

-Cola Spill rises more.

-New attack: Rotten Cheezburger: three rotten cheezburgers will fall from the sky, after five seconds, they disappear a gass will appear (similar to black mage)

-New attack: Epic Fire: Heaven's shop will drink Epic Sauce and spin, firing fireballs.

-New attack: Rockets: Heaven's shop will fire [Amount of players on the server] rockets, one rocket for one player. The rockets can be destroyed by shooting at them or waiting 7 seconds. Every rocket deals 100 HP.

-New attack: Game Master's Sword: Heaven's shop will dash from side to side (Like Game master's Sword does).

-Every orb from Orb rush will be yellow.

-New attack: Orb shot: The balls will turn yellow and will make one of the following effects after getting hit:

-Venom Shank: Every second, the affected will be poisoned. (5 HP dealt for 5 seconds)

-Frostbite: Freezes the affected for 3 seconds.

-If the disaster ends in a Cruel defeat, you lose 500 coins and the shop will disappear until the next map appear.

-If Heaven's Shop is defeated, it will go to the middle and make it's last attack:

-Heaven's last word: Once Heaven's Shop loses all of its health, it will fire beams to random locations for 10 seconds. After those 10 seconds end, Heaven's Shop will die.

789 (Standard)



300s Oblivion0392
Counterfeit Coins More coins will fall from the sky, and they look exactly the same as real ones. Lasts as three times as longer (300 seconds), and when touched or their life spans are expired, they explode, dealing 50 or 100 damage depends on the variant of coins (silver or gold), and explosion is larger than standard variant. 150 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Cactoball Stactus now throws 6 cactoballs before reload. Attack and reload speed is also faster. 250 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Barrel Boy Barrels are 50% bigger, and now can destroy parts. The Barrel Boy also moves and attacks faster. 220 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Witch Throws 5 bottles of potion at once, and also throws faster. 200 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Oil Spill The oil rise faster. And there are 6 trusses (of which 2 are tall enough to let you survive, while the rest fall short of height). 210 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Korblox Mage Has double the health, and shoots ice balls faster. Ice balls have 50% chance of freezing you, and ice spike radius is bigger. 170 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Epic Katana Epic Katanas will always fall from the beginning of the round, and for the entire duration. Also note the increase in the size and quantity of katanas. 150 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Stonetroid Stonetroid now attacks as twice as fast compared to the standard variant, and the explosion is also bigger and can destroy parts. Stonetroid's health also increases to 96,000. 200 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX

New Mode Ideas

Name of Mode How it works Available to: Submitted By
Easy Mode In some way, every disaster is nerfed, but you will only get half the amount of coins they usually give. There are no Warning rounds. All Ranks ArrQue
Death Mode Player based option. (Only affects those who turn it on) Can be toggled on/off in between disasters. Changes: No automatic life regeneration (Auto Heal orb and Regeneration Coil have no effect), all other healing items are half as effective. 1.5X coin payout while active. C and above WizzzGamer

(Shop Item: "Mysterious Artifact")

Can be purchased from shop for ~5000 coins. Causes the next three rounds to be Warning rounds, with the final round being a guaranteed extended Triple or Quadruple Threat. Longer intermission between each disaster. In Hardcore mode, the second round has a higher chance to be an Impossible Disaster.

[Notes: Map Selection is forced to after the third apocalypse round, and there is a 3 disaster cool-down between buying this to avoid spam.]

A and above WizzzGamer
Turbo Mode

(Shop Item: "Mysterious Arrow")

Can be purchased from shop for (?) coins. Causes the next three rounds to speed up; turbo enemies & bosses move and attack faster, explosive fuses are shorter, obstacles/2-D games are faster, and more. 2X coin payout while active, also multiplies other bonuses such as streak bonuses. Bonus Rounds disabled while active. Round timer is untouched. 3 disaster cool-down. A and above WizzzGamer

Player based option. Can be toggled on/off in between disasters. Changes: Sets your HP to 1, no more no less. 3X coin payout while active. Probably will never get added, since many disasters are already instant kill themselves.

All Ranks WizzzGamer
Boss Rush The name makes it simple enough. A mode where there are only boss disasters, but only half the amount of rewards. Teamwork is crucial here, bosses can be hyper as well. B and above OmegaBetaMetaKnight
Extreme Danger A danger mode that can only be initiated by picking up a Danger Coin; the coin spawns at a 4% chance per Standard-mode round. When picked up, the next round is a forced Warning, and it will always be either an Impossible Disaster or a Hyper Double Trouble/Triple Threat. The coin does not spawn in Hardcore mode. All ranks Harrowing_Vedmak
Warning Mode All rounds are warning rounds, you get 1.5x the amount of exp and coins. D and above PepperRB
Impossible Hardcore Mode

It has everything about Hardcore except for a few changes:

-Every map now has a red or deadly theme

-Every normal disaster is now an Impossible Disaster. 

-Every Hyper Disaster is now a Fatality Disaster (refer to New Disaster Mode Ideas for more info)

-No more Bonus Rounds

-Every disaster, including Warning rounds, is shortened or lengthened, whichever is harder

-Quadruple Threat (4), Quintuple Threat (5), and Triple Triple Threat (6) are now official multi-disasters

-Instead of the normal 100 HP, players have 75 max HP

-MVP, Teamwork Triumph, and Last One Standing are no longer achievable

-Due to difficulty, every coin payout is usually doubled, but rarely tripled

S(X) that previously reached Diamond skill rank ArrQue
Sandbox Mode This mode does NOT reward you coins, EXP, badges and rate Skill Rank. In this mode, you are alone, where you can experience some things you want. In this mode, you can occur disasters, change maps (including unused and April Fools maps), change music, toggle/change your health, etc. And you can even experience future disasters. S10 LolMitch5
Opposite Day In this mode, everything are opposite.

Example: Noobs are now Guests.

S Tercess
Arena Mode Arena Mode will be like Standard mode, however, only Disasters that can be killed (thus awarding Bloxxer points) are present. To make up for this, there will be a 0.75 x multiplier on the coins so players can't just grind here without skill. B Oof Machine 9000
Hardcore Mode Hub If Vyriss decides to add more than one gamemode, Hardcore Mode will then instead become a hub-like toggle, where you can go to either a normal Hardcore server, or Hardcore Arena Mode instead, for example, and when you switch to Standard, from Hardcore, you can choose the Standard server itself or Standard Arena Mode. ? (Depends) Oof Machine 9000
Mystery Mode Every disaster will now be a mystery disaster, but the fog will lose 30% visibility. Pizza Dude and Volcano will not be in it. Triple Threat will be removed. Pacifist Mode will be removed, but now regular items being used will now act like it. there is a 1 in 100 chance that memos will rain EVERYWHERE. also, the disasters are shifted harder by 1. (check this text for what i mean.) S5 Domikturntisc400
Salirephobia Just like normal mode but with some changes:

-Every player will lose the ability to jump.

-There will be ladders at random places to get to higher points

S3 Oblivion0392

Gear Ideas

Name of Gear How it works, Special Abilities, Rank needed How to obtain Orb usage Appearance Submitted By
Lightning Coil When holding the coil, you have 75 walkspeed for 5 seconds. This is similar to the Dash Coil from SDR (Survive The Disasters: Reborn). Rank S3 Needed 50% Discount from Super VIP gamepass, Cost is $3750 My own orbs for lightning coil are in the orb ideas. Speedy Coil, Longer Duration, Auto-Heal, Karma, Immunity, Cloak, Faster Reload Yellow Coil DankTheKid
Defense Coil While holding the coil, you take 25% less damage, but move 12% slower. Rank A needed. Bought for $1250 Defense, Cloak, Auto-heal, Immunity, Karma A grey coil. Guardtown
Enemy Magnet This attracts enemies toward you. Rank S needed. Free from Super VIP gamepass, Bought for $800 Tanker, Auto-heal, Immunity, Karma A magnet. Guardtown
Swapper Swap places with your enemy (look at them and left click). Cooldown of 30 seconds. Rank B needed. Bought for $1300 Auto-heal, Immunity, Tanker, Karma, Cloak, Refiller or Metabolism (can't be both) Looks like This. Guardtown
Fireball A fireball that does around 20-30 dmg with a cooldown of 2 seconds. Rank A needed Bought for $1500 Auto-heal, Immunity, Tanker, Karma, Cloak, Quick Reload, & Bigger bomb A fireball Pxo5551
Electric sword A sword that deals 25-35 damage with a cooldown of 1.75 seconds. However, it shoots electric strikes that deal 5 damage to nearby enemies. Rank B needed. Bought for $1200 Auto-heal, Immunity, Tanker, Karma, Cloak, Damage Boost, Faster Arms, Surrounding Damage (new orb), Bleeding Edge (new orb), Venom shank, Stun (new orb), Knockback (new orb), First swing (new orb) I don't know. Guardtown
Pixel sword This sword deals 50 damage, plain. Nothing else. Rank S6 needed. Bought for $1750, Costs $500 with VIP gamepass Auto-heal, Immunity, Tanker, Karma, Cloak, Bleeding edge (new orb), Venom shank, Faster arms, Stun (new orb), Knockback (new orb), First swing (new orb) I don't know. Guardtown
Sock with frozen butter. The sock with frozen butter is a melee weapon that deals 80 damage, with a cooldown of 0.75 seconds. Rank S needed. Bought for $3500 Venom Shank, Damage Boost, Faster Arms, Bosshunter, Tanker, Cloak, Ego Expander, Immunity, Death Bomb, Karma, Vampire. A sock PepperRB
Bombo's Survival Knife You can throw this knife to enemies, hit deals 48 HP, cooldown is 2 seconds. Rank S10 needed. Bought for $4000, $100 with VIP Bosshunter, Critical Aim, Doom's Touch, Quick Reload, Death Bomb, Karma, Ringsplosion, Sharp Eyes, Vampire, Venom Shank A knife that Murderers using. Kevin18302
Illumina It deal 30 damage, but have chances for it to explode. Rank A needed. Bought for $1200 Arthur's Sword, Auto-Heal, Bigger Bomb, Cloak, Damage Boost, Doom's Touch, Ego Expander, Faster Arms, Frostbite, Immunity, Karma, Quick Reload, Ringsplosion, Tanker, Vampire, Venom Shank, Death Bomb, Explode Chance (New orb), Hitbox Expander (New orb), Godmode (New orb), Damage Decreaser (New orb) Illumina Tercess
Ghostly Ninja Stars Deal 4 damage, x10 damage if used against Ghosts, have a very fast reload time with 0.05 seconds, can be thrown through solid objects, rank S7 needed. Bought for 4000 coins Auto Heal, Bosshunter, Critical Aim, Damage Boost, Death Bomb, Doom's Touch, Ego Expander, Frostbite, Karma, Quick Reload, Ringsplosion, Sharp Eyes, Tanker, Vampire, Venom Shank, Shuriken Master (new orb), Bleeding Edge (new orb), Sniper (new orb), Electricity (new orb) A Transparent Silver Stars. Welovebeeswarm
Banana Peel Classic! Toss it somewhere, and anyone that touches it (including you!) will be tripped, with a comical sound effect playing Bought with 500 coins Quick Reload, Tanker, Immunity, Karma, Auto-Heal, Faster Bullet A banana peel. Oof Machine 9000

Badge/Achievement Ideas

Name Badge or Achievement

(If Achievement, what do you get)

How to obtain it Appearance Submitted By
Chaos Achievement, 2000 Coins, 2000 EXP In the Green Hill Zone map, Enter the secret room and get the Chaos Emerald. Dark green on bottom, Light green on top Guardtown
Such Bad Luck Badge Be the only one dead. Red PepperRB
This goalie is out! Badge Kill the goalie in Hockey Noobs (new disaster) Blue Antoine11Tom11
King Of Prickly Foes Badge Stand on Cactoball at its highest point without dying Black on top slowly turning to cactus green with a picture of a Cactus with a crown on it. SilverSoul5632
Sticky Ghost Badge Defeat the Terran Ghost using the Slime Gun. Green Matheus_Vampiro123
Token Hunter Badge Collect all tokens in the Token Hunt. Golden Matheus_Vampiro123
Throne Thief Badge Defeat the King Noob (Hyper Giant Noob) On The Plastic Palace. Yellow Matheus_Vampiro123
Counts as mistreatment with animals? Badge Defeat The Evil Duck (Hyper Epic Duck) Red Matheus_Vampiro123
First Warning Badge Survive the Danger Mode for the first time. White on top,

Orange on middle,

Red on bottom

And then there were none. Badge Defeat Flandre Scarlet during a Four of a Kind (new disaster) Hyper Disaster. Rainbow

Flandre Scarlet's Wings

Lightpairment Badge Keep the light turned on for 3-5 minutes in a Panic Pyramid map. Light Yellow


A Sweet Lie Badge Survive a Cake disaster in a Candy Cloud map. In other words, diabetes. Pink on top,

White on


Cake Icon from Portal 1/2,


Cha cha real smooth Badge Survive a Cha Cha Slide round without making a mistake. Dark Blue MrMime900
First Impossible Badge Survive your first impossible disaster. (Hardcore mode) Red Kevin18302
Warning Pro Badge Survive 100 warning rounds. Dark brown Kevin18302
Can I get a waffle? Badge Blox 10 humanoid waffles during a Waffles disaster. Brown MrMime900
Happiness Lasts Forever Badge Have Mr. Happy by himself cause a Cruel Defeat without any resetting. Radial gradient with white in the center and black on the edges ArrQue

(new disaster mode)

Badge and Achievement (Get 500 exp, 750 coins. Get to vote the next map) Escape the map during a meltdown. Red, A heli with an explosion in the background. Antoine11Tom11
Sweet guy Badge Defeat 4 pieces of cake. Pink Kevin18302
Safe money Badge Defeat Thief. Grey and thief's logo Kevin18302
Only Dead! Achievement Be only dead in round (-150 Coins and -100 XP) Yellow Kevin18302
Dodgeslayer Badge Defeat hyper Alexnewtron. Red Kevin18302
Traitor Achievement (+500 coins and +200 XP) Kill players by driving the train (That disaster is not released yet). Maroon Timothy
Arrested Achievement (-400 coins and -200 xp) Get arrested by a police officer (That disaster is not released yet). Black Insane Leafy
Lightning Master Badge Get struck by lightning during thunderstorm while holding lightning rod. Black on top, yellow on bottom. Pineapplmasters
Uncertainty Achievement Get a streak achievement, then die the same amount of the streak you got, then get twice as many survivals. e.g. Survive 3 times, die 3 times, then survive 6 times. Yellow on top, green on the right corner, and purple for bottom. Oof Machine 9000
Confined Status Badge Defeat King Noob Yellow colored badge, background is the same as the existing superboss badges Volcanic Jay
Undying Fail Badge Defeat Undyne (Hyper) Light Blue colored badge, background is the same as the existing superboss badges Volcanic Jay
Maple Miracle Badge Defeat Geist Balrog Gray colored badge, background is the same as the existing superboss badges Volcanic Jay
Mechanical Destructor Badge Defeat X-Terminator Bright gray colored badge, background is same as the existing superboss badges Volcanic Jay
Risen Fall Badge Defeat Necromaul Dark green colored badge, background is same as the existing superboss badges Volcanic Jay
Ball Buster Badge Defeat Bust Ball Bright orange badge, background is same as the existing superboss badges Volcanic Jay
Sold out! Badge Defeat Heaven's Shop White on the top, Blue,Green and Red on the middle and Black on the bottom. Oblivion0392
Boss Destroyer Badge Defeat every hyper boss (including superbosses) light blue on top, white in middle, and red on bottom, with a sword in the middle, saying "BOSS DESTROYER" below. Domikturntisc400
Robloxian is on Fire! Badge Get killed by every fire based disaster
On Fire badge.png
Reaped Badge Get hit by Reaper or Crimson Reaper's slash. A picture of the reaper and a scythe slash. AidenGreeny
Samurai Evader Badge (50+ Coins) Dodge Yojimbo or Masamune's katana slash. Yojimbo attacking a player with his katana. AidenGreeny
Scammed! Badge Fall for a counterfeit coin. Two coins (One a counterfeit) with a player confused of which one to choose. AidenGreeny
Katanaception Badge Grab the Epic Katana in the Epic Katana disaster while holding an Epic Katana. Two Epic Katanas crossed in an X shape. AidenGreeny

Disaster Ideas

Name of Disaster How it works Coin payout Length Memo Warning appearance Symbol Submitted By
Elemental Noobs Four different types of noobs spawn. Fire Noobs, Electric Noobs, Ice Noobs, and Poison Noobs.

Fire Noob:

The fire noobs have the most damage out of all four. When they attack you, they deal 10 damage also dealing 1 damage every second after they attack you. The effect lasts for 9 seconds.

Electric Noob:

The electric noobs have the most speed out of all four. When they attack you, they deal 15 damage and slow you for some time.

Ice Noob:

The ice noobs spawn the most out of all four. When they attack you, they deal 4 damage and freeze you for 1 second.

Poison Noob:

the poison noobs attack the fastest out of all four. When they attack you, they deal 5 damage also dealing 1 damage every second after they attack you. The effect lasts for 4 seconds.

Survival: 175

Bloxxer: 13

30s The elemental noobs are coming! There are 4 types of noobs. The fire noobs, the electric noobs, the ice noobs, and the poison noobs. They each have their own abilities, so be careful! Red at the top, yellow at the top middle, green on the bottom middle, and blue on the bottom. rising lava icon, thunderstorm icon, icicles icon, and rising acid icon all in a circle DankTheKid
Geared Noobs Similar to Noobs, they have the exact same HP and speed, but now the noobs are randomly geared with one of the listed gears below.

List of gears:




Survival: 150

Bloxxer: 15

30s The noobs are getting revenge on the players for killing their noob army! They still want their tix back, and still believe you have the tix, and to make things worse, now they have weapons with them! Exact same as Noobs noob with shuriken DankTheKid
Explosive Pies This disaster functions almost exactly the same to Dynamites, but the explosions are larger. Survival: 120 45s Explosive pies are raining from the sky! They explode after 4 seconds on the floor, giving you time to escape. Don't get caught in the explosions! Bright red at the top, a slightly darker red in the middle, and a dark red at the bottom. the number pi DankTheKid
Records Records of music whiz across the map from all sides and try to harm you. Touching one is a One-Hit KO and based on the music beats come out of the record and they have 4 bumps of beat. Green, Greenish Yellow, Yellow, Red. Touching the beats range in damage, 20/40/60/80. Coin: 195 30s Watch Out! Records whiz across the map spitting out some of the maps Music as some beats ranging in damage and touching the record straight up One Hit KO’s you! Keep your eyes open and dodge the records no matter the beats. Red on top, Yellow on middle, Green on bottom cd SilverSoul5632
Fire The Xesitz Scream In Game, has TV appear out from map, and show the Xesitz sing, and after, the Xesitz has scream and shot the beam to the map. It you touch the beam, you died. Coin : 555 8s You must go to the side before the Xesitz has scream and shot the beam to map. Go to the side before The Xesitz scream. ROBLOX icon Thailandonly958
Cheezburger Noobs One of the Noob-type disasters, noobs will spawn on the Spawn Points and try to kill you. They have the same hp, damage, etc of normal noobs, except they eat a cheezburger periodically that completely heals them. Bloxxer: 15, Coin: 100 30s Can I have cheezburger plez? Noobs who have found out the wonders of a burger with cheese will come and try to kill you! When they eat it, they regenerate all of their health. Yellow in between light brown at the top and the bottom. noob holding a cheeseburger Guardtown
Your Mom Ur mom is coming YOU GET NOTHING!!! 60s Mom is coming White Your mom Truck A Truck will spawn chasing the players Bloxer 12 60 Coins 30s Who is driving the Truck maybe it’s a noob idk but still it can kill you Blue in the middle and Black on top and bottom A Pickup Truck AC3783665
Green zone A small rectangular area of the map will be highlighted green, and everything else is highlighted red. If you don't make it to the green zone in 12 seconds, you die. Coin: 105 17s Quick! Get to the green! If you don't make it there in time, you'll be destroyed! Red in the middle of green at the top and bottom. Guardtown
Supernova Basically Shurikens (stars) and Meteors (planets) combined, followed by a black hole which sucks people and bricks in.(Song is Xtrullor-Supernova, second drop) 550 70s The world is ending! Dodge the planets and stars and run from the black hole! Black at the top and bottom, purple at the center black hole Exult
Vampires Spawns Vampires and Vampires will suck your blood and heal themselves. 135



30s Vampires have arrived!

And please, don't get bit.

Black at the top and bottom,

Crimson in the middle

vampire head Pxo5551
Banhammer Noob A medium-sized Noob will appear on a random spawn point holding a giant banhammer.  After 9 seconds he will slam the banhammer on the ground, creating a massive explosion with a 100 stud blast radius that OHKOs all players inside of it.  The explosion will create a giant circular shockwave on the ground that moves outwards towards the map borders, slowly increasing in height as it moves further out.  The shockwave itself will instantly kill players on contact; they must jump over the shockwave to survive. Note that while the noob hasn't slammed the banhammer, he can be bloxxed for 200 points. He has 750 HP. 160 25s A Noob with a Banhammer?! What is it now? Stay away from it at all costs; its explosion will kill you instantly! Yellow in the middle with black outlines around it Noob head with a banhammer next to it Harrowing_Vedmak
Flying Noob Noobs fly around and grab you. Then they drop you to do 75 dmg 135



30s AHH! Noobs have been genetic modifed to FLY! Green at the top & bottom, yellow in the middle noob with wings Pxo5551
Airstrike A large red beam appears above a random spawn point on the map, and an alert sound is played. About 7 seconds later, a giant bomb streaks down from the sky very quickly (it reaches the ground in less than a second) and creates a huge red explosion with a blast radius of 135 studs. Being inside the explosion when the bomb strikes will instantly kill you, while staying within 10 studs of the blast deals 70 damage and has a chance to ragdoll you. The process repeats until the round ends. 246 45s Oh no! The map has been accidentally selected for military bombing drills! Stay away from the red indicators or risk instant death! Shelter won't help you! RUN!!! Blood-red on the bottom with dark shades of white at the top (like Spiked Walls but with a darker shade and reversed) Three bombs with outlines in red falling onto a house Harrowing_Vedmak
Speeding Wall A giant wall with a noob face on it appears at the far back end of the map. It rapidly moves forward across the map, instantly killing any players who touch it. The only safe spots are at the corners and the sides perpendicular to the Shop, so move there quickly to avoid the speeding wall. 145 20s Get to the corners! A giant wall is quickly moving across the map. Touching it will kill you instantly, so beware! Bright orange with black outlines A rectangular brick with a noob face in the middle Harrowing_Vedmak
Bombs Battle Bombs Will Fall from the sky and explode 6009 45s ITS RAINING BOMBS!!! Take cover or hide under something it’s deadly rain!!! Black A battle bomb Earthquake It will shake the map and slowly destroys the parts and iff your on the nonbreak-able map you take 3 dmg every 50 milliseconds 200 40s The map is shaking! Get off the map and get on to some parts! Or else... Black at the top & bottom, brown in the middle shaking plates Pxo5551
Lightning The sky will fill with dark clouds. Every second, yellow lightning will strike down. Getting stricken deals 75 damage, and if a brick is stricken, it'll disappear. 120 35s A storm is brewing! Every 2 seconds, lightning strikes! It's best to get inside a building, as getting stricken takes away 75 health. Yellow-orange on top, yellow on bottom. Cloud with two lightning bolts ArrQue
Four of a Kind Flandre Scarlet spawns with her 3 clones. They repeatedly shoot small bullets in a circular pattern that deal 20 damage. When the clone is defeated, it disappears and makes Flandre Scarlet weaker. When she (real one) is defeated, she flies away and clones disappear. 170 30s A young girl, Flandre Scarlet wants to play with you! She spawns 3 clones of herself for a little bullet hell game...

Use your weapons to defeat clones first to weaken her!

Dark Red Yin-Yang LolMitch5
Spike Wall Spike wall spawn to survive touch the black part 2300 25 OH GOD!!! A spike wall! Don’t touch the spikes! Only the black part! Black Same as Spiked Walls Zappies Four will spawn saying IT IS TIME And he will fire a laser across the map 300 30 IT IS TIME!!! Four has gone angry and he will fire a lazer The Lazer is insta kill so watch out Blue Four from bfb Kirby Kirby will spawn on the map inhaling players and spitting them out. He can say poyo at u When he spawns he says Hi Witch is his normal catchphrase. He Can’t Be Killed 8880 30 Poyo Poyo (I’m hungry maybe I’ll eat players) With an attack of inhaling and spitting out people! If u are holding a gear he can inhale u and get an ability! Pink Kirby’s icon from smash Spinning Noobs Spinning Noobs spawns at spawn points but they can launch back projectiles to players who shot them. Other stats are as same as normal Noobs. 105 30s Noobs went training and then now can spin! Don't use ranged weapons, as they can launch them back at you! Best using melee weapons. Yellow on top, blue on bottom. noob spinning HellUser
Hockey Noob The players get teleported in an arena, the players on one side, 5 hockey noobs and a goalie in the other, Their slap shots deal 30 damage, charging insta-kills, and getting hit by their hockey sticks takes you 10 damage a second. The players can kill the noobs by killing the goalie but the goalie can send one puck at sec which make 5 damage each. 250

(140 bloxxer)

60s The hockey players' gone rogue! avoid them at all cost! Be careful for their slap shots, charges and stick hits! Red on top, Blue on bottom noob with puck Antoine11Tom11
Waffles These humanoid waffles will deal 40 damage if they touch you. They might slow players down a little bit with a syrup gun dealing 15 damage to players who are trying to run away from them. 300

{Bloxxer: 120}

30s OH NO! The waffles are going wild! They will slow you down with... syrup? Gold Waffle MrMime900
Octopus Mr Game & Watch Will Turn Into An Octopus And Chase the players 78 30s Black An Octopus Coke Spill Like the classic Survive The Disasters, a giant coke can spills all its coke, rising until it stops like flash flood. Swimming in it will take 5 damage. 250 30s Looks like the giant noob stole a giant Coca Cola can and manages to spill it in the floor. Watch out for that! Brown Coca Cola Can MrMime900
Raig Table "Raig noobs" with forcefields will spawn at the enemy spawns with a RAIG Table, but won't move. Regardless of anything, any noob can target any player. They will flip an instant-killing table at them and scream like in Ripull Minigames. After the scream ends, the noob will have another table and it immediately targets another player. This goes on for all raig noobs until the disaster ends. 120 30s Looks like some people are angry... Raig noobs will spawn at the enemy spawns and will keep flipping tables at random players. These tables can instantly kill you, so be careful! Light brown on top, brown on bottom Rage table from an angle ArrQUe
Electrode Electrode will appear in a random enemy spawn. Referring to Smash Bros, he will remain still, but will start to get darker over a few seconds. You have to run away from Electrode before he explodes. If he explodes, he instantly kills nearby players in a big radius. He cannot be defeated. 120 10s The Ball Pokemon has debuted Survive The Disasters like he did in Smash Bros. He will use Explosion when you are too close to him. White on top and red on bottom Pokemon symbol from Smash Bros MrMime900
Snapchat Ghosts These cute ghosts spawn in random enemy spawns. They also tend to deal more damage than regular Ghosts. 200

(Bloxxer: 30 (Each ghost you kill))

30s AAAHHHH! IT'S A GHOST! Wait, that's a ghost from Snapchat. It can still chase you though. Yellow Snapchat Icon MrMime900
Minecraft Zombies Unlike Zombies, these 8-bit looking zombies deal more damage than the original ones. They also make a minecraft zombie sound. They also have a chance to spawn a Zombie Villager. 120

(Bloxxer: 30 (Each zombie you kill))

30s Wow, they look pixelated. Wait, they come from the world of...Minecraft?! Dark Green on top and a little bit of gray on bottom (LIke the one in Zombies) Minecraft Pickaxe MrMime900
Builderman The builderman launches hammers to random player, loosing 50 HP. He has 4000 Hp and goes to player to kill him. 150 40s The builderman, the ROBLOX's admin! he launches hammers at you, so don't getting hit by his hammer! Orange on top, Black on bottom, ROBLOX


(Fake) Memos Fake Memos start to fall down around the map. Anyone who touches it, explodes and instantly kills players nearby. All of the fake Memos will disappear after the round. 100 30s It's raining Memos! Oh wait... They're especially fake. Don't get tricked! Or you will be fooled and probably anger anyone... Yellow on top,

Blue on bottom

Memo LolMitch5
Sole Man A few giant foot stomping heels start to stomp the ground, trying to crush the players with their heels. During the last 10 seconds, the giant heels start to stomp the ground faster. 200 25s This innocently peaceful area is not protected easily. It is attacked by giant foot stomping heels!. You will know how much does it hurt, if you want to try getting stomped on. It's like this:[1] LordOfSpaghetti
Black Hole A black hole appear at the middle, sucking breakable parts. It also getting 1 stud bigger every second, sucking breakable parts from far away. (From Survive The Disaster 1) 200 30s A huge black hole appear in the middle of map, sucking breakable parts and can also suck your body part, instantly killing you. It's also getting bigger. So go far away from the middle! Black A circle (Submitted by Tercess, I can't type anything to "Summited by" For some reason.)
Get Up Just like Get Down, but instead of get to down, you have to get up 120 10s A huge blue block is coming to the map to kill anyone at the low part in the map, Go to any high place quick! Blue Same as Get Down's but upside down. (Submitted by Tercess)
Oil Spill Oil spills are flood disaster with higher limit than Rising Acid. Every breakable part it touch become black (Doesn't affect the breakable part, just colored black) (From Survive The Disaster 1) 240 30s Quick, go to high place! Oil will rise from the ground, having higher limit than Rising Acid, also its insta-kill. Black Oil (Summited by Tercess)
Train A tunnel will spawn somewhere on the map, and a train will come out of it, it will chase the nearest players, if you get hit by the train, you get killed instantly. No need to go on the high structures, because if the train starts chasing you while you're on a high structure, it will destroy the structure by pushing it, causing you to fall to the ground. There is a hole on the roof of the locomotive, if you somehow fall inside it, you can take control of the train and start becoming the killer yourself (You will get the "Traitor" achievement if you kill users while driving the train). The train cannot be killed. 300 (You get 500 coins instead if you get the traitor achievement) 50s I like trains! Do you? Well, today you're not going to like them anymore! Make sure you do not get hit by the train. The locomotive is a steam locomotive, and the railway wagons are as old as the locomotive. A steam locomotive Submitted by Timothy. Police officers Police officers will spawn at any enemy spawn point, they are armed with handcuffs, and can be heard yelling "STOP!" or "YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!", they will chase the nearest players, they do not kill, they will instead handcuff you if they catch you, when you'll respawn, you will be wearing a prisoner outfit, but will not spawn in a jail cell. They have 200 health, and they run faster than a player that does not have a speed coil. If they arrest you, you will get the "Arrested!" achievement and will lose 400 coins and lose 200 xp. 250 (You will lose 400 coins if you get the "Arrested!" achievement) 45s No need to tell them that you're innocent, everyone who gets arrested does that! The only solution is to run away from them, don't try to prove them that you're innocent, they won't believe you. They wear police hats and police uniforms, and they have an angry look and are holding handcuffs in their right hand. If they arrest you, they will have an animation that helps them put the handcuffs on you. A police badge Submitted by Insane Leafy.
Sword Noobs Noobs spawn with swords and try to attack you. On rare occasions, the Sword Noobs can spawn with GM Swords or Epic Katanas. 235 30s Noobs with swords? Swords with noobs? Impossible! Sword Noobs will spawn and try to attack you, normal swords do enough, but they deal quite the punch! Watch out! Noobs holding swords. Similar to Rocket Noob's icon, but with a sword instead.
AC-130 AC-130 Spawns firing bullets 467 ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!!! With a load of attacks it can fire bullets at u if you are too close witch deal 10 damage Dark Green The AC-130 Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies Spawn Chasing u like cake and waffles but worse… 589 30 THIS IS REVENGE FOR EATING US!!! With an attack of 20 damage They chase and can shoot chocolate chips at you Light Brown A Chocolate Chip Cookie Claw Machine A claw will appear in the sky and will move around. Every 2-3 seconds it will reach down and try to grab someone. If it grabs you, you die. It can destroy buildings. 200 25s The claw has appeared! It will try to grab and kill you. Hopefully it's rigged like the real claw machines(Shh!) Light pink A Teddy Bear head
Laser Gun The hyperlaser gun is spawned at the center firing lasers 700 30 Here comes the lasers! Dodge the lasers they are insta kill! Blue A Hyperlaser gun Car Crash A car will come from the end of the map opposite the shop. It will stop right before the map and a car will come from above and hit near the house. 300 20s Blue on the top, Light blue on the bottom. A Car
Master Spark Same as Neon Blaster, but replaces with Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project series releasing her spell card Love Sign - "Master Spark". 140 30 An ordinary magician witch on the way! She will sweep from a corner to a corner of the map with her powerful rainbow laser beam! The corners left and right next to her is where her beam won't reach. Prepare yourself! Black and White Yin-Yang LolMitch5
Jumper Noobs This Noobs jump higher than the normal kind, however, they move slower than the other ones Bloxxer: 30

Survival: 50

25s This noobs trained to jump but not to walk so this ones jump higher but go very slow watch out!
Jumper Noobs.png
noob jumping
Enemy Team Spawns 18 Robloxians that have varying gear with varying Orbs from the Gear Shop. You cannot see them until you are within range for them to spot you, or if they get the first hit on you with a Cloak Orb. If some are not in range, they will walk towards random players and target the first player that enters their range, and they can attack while moving like regular players. Once a Robloxian is spotted, they will always be visible even after no players are in their range.


1. Sword User: Walks towards Players and attacks with the Battle Sword. At least 4 Sword Users will spawn, and all Sword Users will be one of the variants below.

1a. Tanking Variant: Has the Uncommon Tanker, Common Auto-Heal, and Common Vampire Orb upgrades.

1b. Fighter Variant: Has the Uncommon Damage Boost and Faster Arms upgrades.

1c. Rusher Variant: Has a Speed Coil with the Uncommon Speedy Coil upgrade that they use to get into melee range while randomly strafing to dodge projectiles.

2. Slime Gunner: Walks towards and then strafes around players while shooting at them with the Slime Gun. They will walk backwards if a player gets too close to them (distance is 1.5 times the radius of a Rocket Launcher explosion). They shoot at where the player was 0.3 seconds ago. At least 4 Slime Gunners will spawn, and all Slime Gunners will be one of the variants below.

2a. Sniper Variant: Has the Rare Faster Bullet and Common Immunity upgrades. "back-off" radius is twice as large (3 times the radius of a Rocket Launcher explosion).

2b. Spammer Variant: Has the Uncommon Quick Reload and Uncommon Damage Boost upgrades.

2c. Sneaker Variant: Has the Uncommon Cloak upgrade. The distance at which they spot a player is unaffected.

3. Healer: Treats other enemies as targets instead of players. Will back away from players if they get too close (distance is a third of the radius of the Illumina explosion). Uses the Healing Staff to heal enemies in range. At least 2 Healers will spawn, and all Healers will be one of the variants below.

3a. Extra Heals Variant: Drops First Aid Kits near enemies. Enemies will walk over to these when they are below 50% health.

3b. Lovestriker Variant: Has the Rare Lovestrike upgrade.

3c. Sneaker Variant: Has the Rare Cloak upgrade.

4. Lightning Mage: Has a Lightning Staff. Will try to keep a distance of 1 to 5 times the radius of a Rocket Launcher explosion in between a player and attack them. If multiple players are present, then this enemy will back away from players that they aren't targetting but will not try to get any closer to them. At least 2 Lightning Mages will spawn, and all Lightning Mages will be one of the variants below.

4a. Fighter Variant: Has the Uncommon Damage Boost, Common Quick Reload, and Common Tanker upgrade.

4b. Glass Cannon Variant: Has the Rare Quick Reload upgrade.

5. Crossbow User: Has a Crossbow. Will try to keep a distance of 2 to 6 times the radius of a Rocket Launcher explosion in between a player and attack them. If multiple players are present, then this enemy will back away from players that they aren't targeting but will not try to get any closer to them. They shoot at where the player's head was 0.5 seconds ago. At least 1 Crossbow User will spawn, and all Crossbow Users will be one of the variants below.

5a. Unloader Variant: Has the Uncommon Quick Reload and Damage Boost upgrade. Will try to stay in between 2 to 6 times the radius of a Rocket Launcher explosion.

5b. Sniper Variant: Has the Rare Critical Aim upgrade.

5c. Airshotter Variant: Will try to keep a distance of 4 to 6 times the radius of a Rocket Launcher explosion in between a player instead of 2 to 6 times the radius. Has a Gravity Coil with the Uncommon Anti-Gravity upgrade. Will only attack while in the air.

6. Rocketeer: Has a Rocket Launcher which still creates explosions that act like they were created by a disaster (instakill) instead of a player with the gear (lots of damage, but not instakill). Will try to keep a distance of 3 to 6 times the radius of a Rocket Launcher explosion in between a player and attack them. If multiple players are present, then this enemy will back away from players that they aren't targetting but will not try to get any closer to them. These enemies shoot at a player's current position. At least 1 Rocketeer will spawn, and all Rocketeers will be one of the variants below.

6a. Spammer Variant: Has the Uncommon Quick Reload and Uncommon Bigger Bomb upgrade.

6b. Sniper Variant: Has the Rare Faster Bullet upgrade.

150 (Bloxxer Reward: 30) 40s Watch out! These Robloxians are equipped with gear from the shop and are trying to kill you for no good reason, and they even have access to Orb upgrades! Although they might seem dangerous, they can still be outsmarted like regular players, and only 18 of them will spawn. OffAndSphere

Impossible Disaster Idea

Impossible of How it will be harder Coin payout Length Submitted By
Green Zone The green zone closes in much faster and deals 5 - 11 damage per second. The area of the safe area is the size of the safe area in Impossible Press The Button. 462 20s DankTheKid
Bombers Each plane can drop 2 bombs wherever in the map. The explosion radius for each bomb is 2x bigger and the same with the cluster parts. 348 30s DankTheKid
Cake Now the cake slices look like poison cake. They walk very fast and jump really high. They also deal 55 damage. 326 48s DankTheKid
Geared Noobs Now, the noobs have 250 HP and have the speed of a Hyper Guest. They also have a new list.

List of gears:

SilverShurikens with Quick Reload [LEGENDARY]



Survival: 300



30s DankTheKid
Explosive Pies Now, the pies will explode right as they touch an object, making it very easy to be sniped. Now, the explosion radius is x2.5 bigger than the normal variant. 240 75s DankTheKid
Fire Breath Robotnik will now shoot 10 bombs at once, and each one drops 0.75 seconds between another. His flame insta-kills and he moves much quicker from side to side. He stays at his side after moving for a little longer, however. 1200 45s Guardtown
Polyhex Polyhex teleports between spawn points extremely fast. He throws five bombs instead of three, and they explode very quickly. The smaller bombs' blast radius is increased. 286 30s Harrowing_Vedmak
Get Down The brick is extremely low, and the warning message stays for half as much time before the brick gets there. 600 5s Guardtown
Reaper The Reaper shoots 10 red slashes with one big swing, each of them 1.5x bigger. He shoots 3 of those big red balls, which now are 2x bigger and deals 40 damage when striking someone (with the lightning). It will have 8,000 health. 750, 3000 bloxxer award 90s Guardtown
Rising Lava The lava will now instantly destroy any brick it touches, and it's rise has no end. However, it rises a bit slower. 1000 35s Guardtown


Tsunami The Tsunami is now gigantic! The water doesn't tell you which way it's moving, and it also moves faster. On some maps this may cause a cruel defeat 100% of the time, even. 1000 30s Guardtown
Green zone (new disaster) 8 green zones will appear! You will have 5 seconds to reach one of them. They appear one after the other. 850 53s Guardtown
Guest Ambush (Exult's concept) Guest 666 spawns more often, the guests are faster and do more damage. 900 50s Exult
Hot Potato The potato spawns at a random spawn point instead of the center and moves extremely fast. It can melt destructible parts very quickly and will instantly kill players on contact. It also jumps very high compared to its Hyper counterpart. 418 30s Harrowing_Vedmak
Supernova (new disaster) The stars and planets fall down faster, the stars have a chance of exploding and the planets have a much larger radius, When the black hole appears, the planets and stars will keep falling and the black hole has a massive radius, affecting nearly all the map 1550 140S Exult
X-Bomb (Exult's concept) The X bomb rotates thrice as fast, has larger beans and sweeps the map more then once 1000 50s Exult
Mecha Bowzilla (Hardcore exclusive) Mecha Bowzilla can fire two lasers or eight homing missiles. Mecha Bowzilla can also stomp on a player who gets close 860 40s Exult
Stonetroid The stonetroid's attacks are less delayed and have a larger explosion rate, Stonetroid can also shatter the ground, leaving aftershock and destroying lots of bricks 1000 60S Exult
Lightning (new disaster) Two bolts of cyan lightning strike every half-second. The explosion now has a radius of 12 studs. 250 45s ArrQue
Airstrike (new disaster) The disaster time is very short, at 10 seconds. Only one beam spawns, but it will target players instead of spawn points. The bomb also drops very quickly, at 3.5 seconds. The explosion's blast radius is increased further to 275 studs and deals 99 damage to players just outside the explosion, as well as flinging them extremely far. 581 10s Harrowing_Vedmak
Coil Noobs The Noobs now have 2x health, jump power and speed, regardless of coils. Their coils also have random Orbs equipped on them. 450 30s HellUser
Pacman Before Pacman starts moving, he eats Power Pellet first that will color players blue and slow them down. 700 30s LolMitch5
Four of a Kind (new disaster) Flandre Scarlet and her clones are undefeatable and can still shoot big colorful bullets. Her sister, Remilia Scarlet comes for help. She shoots 10 huge bullets and 8 big lasers once in a circular pattern, that instantly kill. 960 60s LolMitch5
Flash Flood The Flood deals damage thrice as fast, and rises higher. 750 30s Guardtown
Mr. Happy Mr.Happy sends an endless stream of missiles while shapes fall from the sky. He is immortal, and hitting him deals the damage back to you. 925 45s Guardtown
Shoop Da Whoop The audio begins at "mah lazor" before he fires, and his beam is super, super big. You have to be on the far edges to not die. 815 15s Guardtown
Kamehameha The lazer moves extremely quickly and sweeps the map twice. It is not bigger. 950 35s Guardtown
Giant Noob Giant Noob will spawn wearing MLG glasses. He has double the walkspeed of his hyper counterpart. His bodyslam attack is performed much faster, and shoots a row of tall spikes directly in front of him that OHKO players on impact. The explosion attack has the explosion radii buffed significantly, and sends a giant circular yellow shockwave that covers the entire map and slowly increases in height as it moves, similar to Hyper Banhammer Noob. His spin-stomps are slightly faster and deal 80 damage per hit. Impossible Giant Noob also has an additional attack; he can summon a random Noob-type disaster from the spawn points; they can be regular Noobs, Coil Noobs, Rocket Noobs, Tiny Noobs, or Explosive Noobs. The summoned Noobs all spawn as their hyper versions. Giant Noob himself has 50000 health. 1450 100s Harrowing_Vedmak
Tetris All tetris pieces move down 2x faster and have 15% to instantly fall.
Bullet Bill Bullet Bill comes down instantly, 40% bigger explosion. 880 10s PepperRB
Tornado Tornado comes 3x faster, moves left and right. 630 30s PepperRB
X-Bomb (PepperRB's concept) X-Bomb has 8 beams, and spins. 510 20s PepperRB
Guest Ambush (ArrQue's concept) Every Guest is Guest 666. They spawn faster, and can jump as high as Rare Anti-Gravity. They also have three times as much health than before. 260 30s
(Fake) Memos (new disaster) Fake Memos spawn on the map and start to follow players. They can fly and are much faster than players with a normal Speed/Fusion Coil. If a fake Memo touches a real Memo, a real Memo explodes and disappears. 350 35s LolMitch5
Giant Noob Giant noob is more dangerous than hyper: He is more fast, he spins 2 circle while stomping, every stomp deals 80 HP. When he made body slam, he gets up at 0.5 seconds when he slammed. When he exploding, his shockwave is in 10X much faster. Also, some another attacks: He will use giant Slime Gun, that slime is insta-kills you. He will activate lightning bolt that deals 99 HP, And his final attack is Eating, he will eat players like Giant Zombie when player comes close to him and healing 200 HP to giant noob. 2000 3m Kevin18302
Death Trampoline The trampoline are higher than hyper version. 210 10s Tercess
Pizza Dude There's more pizzas and the pizzas are thrown faster. 260 30s Tercess
Icicles The icicles rain faster, fall faster, and 3 icicles fall at once. 220 30s Tercess
Pacman Ghosts The ghosts are now faster and always invisible. 240 30s Tercess
Rising Acid Acid rises higher and faster and the acidic parts do 28 damages. 250 30s Tercess
Murderers Reload are now 1 second. They move faster, also more murderers spawn. They have 1200 health. 260 Coins, 250 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Illumina Illumina Man now have higher health and faster, the blast radius are bigger. 270 30s Tercess
Noobs Noobs are now faster, have 200 healths and do 56 damages. 170 30s Tercess
Sandstorm Tumbleweeds always appear and bigger. Debris do 20-40 damages. 260 30s Tercess
Meteors There's more meteors and the meteors fall faster. 250 30s Tercess
Volcano The lavas are bigger and spewed out faster. 250 30s Tercess
Acid Rain The acids fall faster and now bigger. 140 30s Tercess
Shurikens All shurikens are bigger and fall faster. Golden Ninja Stars start falling. They are bigger but fall slower. 210 30s Tercess
Alien Invasion They're faster and stronger, also shoot faster. They have 500 health. 230 Coins, 115 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Tiny Noobs The tiny noobs are smaller, making them faster. They also have 100 health and deal 28 damage. 190 Coins,

12 Bloxxer

30s Tercess
Kamehameha The laser are bigger and faster, also can destroy some breakable parts. 280 15s Tercess
Sighters All Sighters now have faster rate, also do 36 damage. 240 30s Tercess
Ninjas Only Shadow Ninjas and Golden Ninjas (Ninja with Golden Ninja Stars) spawns. Shadow Ninja are faster. Golden Ninjas deal 41 damage but throw slower. Both have 200 health and faster. Shadow Ninjas throw faster. 240 Coins, 48 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Flash Flood Flash Flood rise higher and faster. It also deal 12 damage. 230 20s Tercess
Shoop Da Whoop The laser are bigger and now the audio are gone to make the laser instantly appear, the laser also goes for the entire round. 390 15s Tercess
Thieves More thieves appear, they're faster and jump higher. They have 1200 health and deal 90 damage, stealing more coins. 210 Coins, 360 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Dr. Robotnik There's 6 blocks now and Dr. Robotnik always break blocks. 370 10s Tercess
Stonetroid Stonetroid attack faster and the blast are now gigantic. It's health was 144000. 420 Coins, 27000 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Crazy Robloxian Crazy Robloxian is bigger and faster. He deal 44 damage. His health was 15000. 420 Coins, 2996 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Wolven Footsoldier Wolven Footsoldier now have 300 health. Its spin attack deal 66 damages. Its dash attack deal 100 damage. 370 Coins, 96 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Epic Katana Now the sword was automatically touched, while explode as bigger as Illumina's and swords fall. The swords fall faster and are bigger. 300 20s Tercess
Korblox Mages Ranged ice shot now instantly freeze you and create bigger ice block around you, making you have bigger hitbox. The ice block are gone after you unfreezed. It also deal 60 damage. Spikes are now bigger and there's 2 spikes, others in far away and other closers to Korblox Mages. Its health are now 300. 340 Coins, 96 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Tetris There's more blocks and they fall faster. 400 15s Tercess
Dynamites There's more Dynamites fall down and their fuse are shorter. The blast radius are bigger. 360 30s Tercess
Overseer Soldiers They throw their axe faster and it deal 75. The explosion are now bigger and faster. Their axe deal 74 damage. They have 450 health. 370 Coins, 108 Bloxxer 30s Tercess
Tornado Tornado are 10x bigger and 4x faster. 360 15s Tercess
Avalanche There's 96 snowballs. All of them are smaller. They also fall faster. 280 15s Tercess
Thunderstorm There's more thunderstorm and the blast radius are bigger. 420 30s Tercess
Black Hole (new disaster) The black hole are bigger than hyper, also getting 5 stud bigger every second. 400 30s Tercess
Get Up (new disaster) The brick instantly appear and stay there for the entire round, also higher. 240 10s Tercess
Oil Spill (new disaster) The limit are higher than hyper, also instead of breakable part turn into black, it turn red which will burn at 5 second. 480 30s Tercess
Coil Noobs (ScorpioBob's concept) Gravity Noobs and Speed Noobs no longer spawn, instead Fusion Noobs spawn. Fusion Noobs have Fusion Coil upgraded with Legendary Anti-Gravity (or Speedy Coil) orb. Regen Noobs have Regen Coil upgraded with Legendary Regenation Orbs. There is a rare chance Game Master Noob appear. 250 Coins, 40 Bloxxer 30s ScorpioBob
Black Mage

Impossible Black mage, now known as Shadow Mage, has 140,000 HP, her attacks are black. She can summon 10 spheres that will be thrown at random players and take 75 HP, she can summon a black smoke that takes 40 HP. and removes a larger field of vision than the Dark Mage, summons 3 levels of balls that will appear in the center, this attack is easy to dodge, but it is more difficult if you fell a wall of smoke, it invokes spheres in the form of x + that They rotate in circles, also a swirl of spheres that will appear in the center that makes those spheres shrink the safe space of those who are inside, can summon 3 spawnpoints that explode and launch 2 spheres to random directions that remove 40 HP, she could Heal 5,000 HP. When killed, it can cause an explosion just like Illumina's, wiping out all nearby survivors

2500 Coins,

60000 Bloxxer

300 seconds like super boss

40 seconds on hardcore mode and standar mode


and juanminecraft_12

Reaper The reaper is now the Demon Reaper! His scythe slashes produce 5 slashes and are a bit thicker, and his lightning orb deals 25 damage and has larger range. His karma shield brings back half of the damage now too! The pillars and spikes always come in a duo, but the pillars are more spread out. He even has a new attack: Ressurection! He spawns 8 random enemies which include: Noobs, Guests, Ghosts (More common), Zombies (More common), and Wolven Footsoldier! The ressurected enemies spawn next to the reaper and behave like normal enemies except they are completely black and have extra hp! He can also now call upon surges which raise above a random player rapidly and deal 50 damage upon contact. He also heals 10 HP each time a player gets hit by any attack and 5 HP from the orb shocks. And one more thing, he attacks more frequently and has 100000 HP! 2500 Coins and EXP, 50000 Bloxxer. 150s AidenGreeny
Counterfeit Coins Even more coins will fall from the sky, and they look exactly like the real ones. The counterfeit coins will stay until the map is changed. Touching the coin will result in explosion, dealing 50/100 damage to anyone caught in the blast, depending on the variant of the coin (silver or gold). 300 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Cactoball Stactus now has 8 segments, and can throw 2 cactoballs at once. Cactoballs can also carry over one round. 350 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Barrel Boy Same as hyper variant, except that there are two Barrel Boys, effectively doubling the attack speed. 280 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Witch Throws 8 bottles of wither potion (a bottle of black potion), a deadly potion that have combined effects of all four potions that she throws in the standard and hyper variant. Some potions are targetted at random players, while the rest are thrown at random locations on the map. 270 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Oil Spill The oil rise even faster, and only two of eight trusses are safe. Also parts that come in contact with the oil is set on fire. 270 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Korblox Mage Quadrupled health, and shoots ice balls even faster. Ice balls have 100% chance of freezing you, and can spawn ice spikes on contact with player/parts. Ice spike radius is even bigger. 250 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Epic Katana Epic Katanas will always fall from the beginning of the round, and for the entire duration. Katanas are now even larger in size and quantity compared to the hyper variant. 200 45 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Stonetroid Same as hyper variant, but with tripled attack speed and health as the standard variant. Explosion is also bigger than hyper variant, not to mention its ability to destroy any parts. 200 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Bombers The bomb now creates 8 cluster explosions immediately after the main explosion, drastically increasing the area covered in the explosion. The planes also drop bombs more often. 250 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Icicles More icicles fall from the sky compared to the hyper variant. And damage is increased to 100/50 for icicle itself and ice particles, respectively. 230 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Redcliff Warriors Has 300 healths, walk even faster, and fireballs explode on contact with player/parts. Fireball damage increased to 50, and travels faster. 280 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Acid Rain Rain droplets fall down more frequently compared to the hyper variant, and is now insta-kill. It also melts parts faster. 150 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX
Volcano Lava droplets are even bigger, and the range extends to entire map. 240 30 seconds GoldenBoy21XX

|Yojimbo | He is now Mursaramba Attacks: sword slam he would slam his sword shockwaves he will Summon a massive shockwave Sword Throw He will throw his sword and slice crack He will slice the map into two (Musical themes: C R O W N E D from Kirby return to dreamland)

Boss Disaster Ideas

Boss Name How the boss(es) work Coin payout Warning Appearance Symbol Submitted By


Vyriss is just like Giant Noob except more HP and different attacks, She can throw a red sphere at a player in order to OHKO them (refering to blue spheres disaster) and she can heal by eating a cheeseburger 666 {Bloxxer:2000} ROBLOX icon Exult
Army Noob A Giant Noob spawns at the far back end of the map behind a machine gun mount. It will aim towards a random player on the map and shoot a stream of yellow bullets that deal 33 damage on touch. The bullets can pass through all terrain. Occasionally the noob will shoot two large missiles from its back that slowly arc down onto random spots on the map. The explode with a 55-stud blast radius amd release a small shockwave that OHKOs players on contact. At the last 10 seconds of the round, Army Noob will angle towards the left or right sides of the map and blast a giant yellow beam that sweeps across the area, with a speed similar to Hyper Neon Blaster. The back corners behind Army Noob are always safe from the blast. 6000 {Bloxxer:1800} Camo-green with outlines in yellow Noob wearing an army cap Harrowing_Vedmak
Fliqpy Fliqpy is here to kill players with knifes and weapons 169 OH GOD ITS FLIQPY! And he’s ready to stab! With an amount of 23700 health fliqpy is a killing machine that will murder everyone Green A Knife Stonetroid Works just like normal, but this time it's actually killable.

150 {Bloxxer:1000}

Stoneroids sword OmegaBetaMetaKnight
Drago (Hardcore-exclusive boss) Drago is a giant red humanoid dragon furry that spawns at the back of the map in the same position and stature as Black Mage. He wields a bolt-action rifle in one hand and a giant broadsword in the other. He has 52000 HP as well as several different attacks:
  • Rifle Shot: Drago raises his gun arm and aims at a random player before shooting them once with a single bullet. He has perfect accuracy with the rifle and will instantly kill players if his shots land. The bullets he shoots can be blocked by terrain, but they will ignite a small explosion on impact that burns destructible blocks. He will shoot multiple times at different players before switching attacks.
  • Sword Slam: Drago will pivot towards the nearest player and slam his broadsword on the ground, creating a line of explosions that gradually increase in size as they get further away and OHKO on touch. The attack is almost exactly like Stonetroid's but Drago slams faster and creates bigger explosions upon hitting the ground.
  • Lava Waves: Drago will smash his broadsword on the ground and summon 4 large waves of lava that reach up as high as the house's roof. The lava waves will slowly move outwards towards players and will deal 99 damage on contact, a near instant-kill. Small gaps are placed in random spots in each wave that players can safely pass through.
  • Dragon Mimics: Drago will lift his hands in a circular motion and summon between 2-5 minions at random spawn points that chase the nearest players. They shoot fireballs that deal 20 damage each and set the player on fire, dealing an additional 2 damage per second for 10 seconds. They have 350 HP each. While at least one minion is alive, Drago will not attack players.
  • Fire Breath: Drago opens his mouth and shoots a beam of concentrated orange fire at the nearest player. The beam deals 10 damage per tick very rapidly and can kill players in seconds. If Drago manages to kill his first target, he will switch to another player, prioritizing players who have dealt the most damage to him. The fire breath will burn and destroy destructible blocks on contact, but cannot pass through indestructible objects. Drago will only perform this attack in the last 15 seconds of the boss fight.

(Song: ROBLOX Tornado Alley Ultimate - Flash Flood Theme)



Fire-breathing dragon head with a rifle and sword to the right Harrowing_Vedmak
Luigi His moveset and behavior is based off of a Super Mario World Romhack but he shoots out more projectiles and deals more damage. The disaster is also 2D. 575


Gaster He will spawn at the end of the map
Attacks Bone He will spawn a bone

Hand He will summon 3 Hands That fire lasers

Gaster Blasters 3 Gaster blasters fire lasers
Bandit The bandit appears in one of the enemy spawners and begins to chase near players. If the player is too far away from him, he prepares himself and hits the player who will cause 50 damage. When he is close to the player he will hit the player with his club every 0.36 seconds, which will cause 37 damage. fast rushing, but your hustle will make him get closer to you if you are too far away, so watch out, every time he goes to hit him, he whistles, he can use his hustle to get to high places and break blocks has 1700 life but does not suffer damage while giving it up. (Songs:

Touhou 6 - U.N. Owen Was Her ?;

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles - Doomsday Zone;

Castle Crashers - Chaoz Japan;

Puyo Puyo - Puyo Puyo Final; Sonic Mania - Danger on the Dance Floor)


Bloxxer Points: 400

Duration: 60 seconds

Pyro Pyro From TF2 Will spawn at the back of the map holding a flamethrower. He Can Summom Fireballs with his Flamethrower and make a lava flood. (Song: Banjo Koozie Final Boss Theme) 120 Seconds

{Bloxer} 588 Red on the top Black on the bottom TF2 icon

Helpy This cute animatronic jumps from the diving board and breaks its back doing 100 damage to nearby players. He shoots far players with pizza slices dealing 10 damage to far players. He also has a chance to shoot a bigger pizza slice dealing a far player 30 damage. (Song: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator - Pizzeria Background Tune) 344

{Bloxxer: 1200}

White on top and Purple on the bottom Helpy MrMime900
Illuminati This dead meme is summoned and you need to watch out for its lasers that he will shoot you from his eye. Keep an eye out for red triangles and do not go in those or else you will take 10 damage each laser that hits you. (Song: X-Files (Illuminati theme) 420

{Bloxxer: 1337}

Green Triangle MrMime900
Circus Baby She will shoot ice cream from far players dealing 30 damage to them. If you get too close to her, you will be sucked in her stomach by her with her scooper in her stomach. You will hear the scream from the minigame when the girl gets close to the ice cream when you get sucked in by her. When she's defeated, she will say "I will find a way out!".(Song: Sister Location - Minigame Music) 500

{Bloxxer: 3000}

Red on top and white on the bottom Ice Cream from Sister Location MrMime900
B.R. Tyson D4y 42 dead meme 3nc0nt3r 1m th3 m4st3r 0f m3m3s Chara She will deal 60 damage to nearby players with her knife. She has a chance to throw her knife at far players, killing them. When she dies, the undertale soul death amination appears.

(Song: Undertale - Megalo Strikes Back)


{Bloxxer: 5000}

Green on top and bottom and yellow on the middle Undertale Soul (The one on Undyne and Asriel Dreemurr) MrMime900
Omega Zero He is based off of his final boss appearance in Mega Man Zero 3 including his moveset but the only difference is his hitboxes for his attackes are slightly smaller. He takes less damage from ranged attacks and more from melee. Of course, he's also a 2D disaster.


{Bloxxer: 1,015}

Mega man xs gun NotSoCoolKid901 / Linguine Block
Topaz Topaz is a small green haired humanoid (about the size of the Giant Noob’s head) with a dog-eared face and mouth and blue furred clothes.  She has 7700 HP and wields a wooden bow in her hand  She has two attacks:
  • Arrow Launch: She shoots ten arrows into the air that land on random spots around the map indicated by red beams.  They explode with a 30-stud blast radius a few seconds after they land.  Both the arrows and the explosions are instant-kill.
  • Ground Spikes: Topaz will make a pouty face before clapping her hands together.  Several diamond-shaped warning indicators will appear at various spots on the ground.  After 3 seconds, giant red spikes will shoot directly upwards from the indicated spots, nearly reaching almost all the way up to the house’s chimney.  The spikes are OHKO on touch.

When Topaz is defeated, a Warning is immediately forced as the next round, and all players are teleported into a Nether-like arena surrounded by rivers of lava and sheer cliffs. Enraged Topaz (her hyper boss fight will begin 10 seconds after the players are teleported. See Hyper Topaz in the Hyper Disaster Idea section for more info.



Dark Green A bow with an arrow nocked and its string drawn back Harrowing_Vedmak
Titan This disaster is based on the "Titans" from Survive The Disaster 1, It only have one attack: Eating, similar to Giant Zombie's. It chase any player and when they get them, they eat them and get 500 health back. It have 2000 health. 200 Coin, 900 Bloxxer Light Orange Same as Giant Noob's Tercess
Giant Shedletsky

A gigantic form of the normal "Shedletsky " disaster. He would be given three different attacks:

1. Douse: Shedletsky pours fryer liquid in front of him. Players doused take 70 initial damage plus 3 burn damage for 5 seconds. (As a bonus effect, map parts hit by this will be turned to a light brown color).

2. Chicken Throw: Shedletsky throws 3 fried chicken at random players, each doing 50 damage.

3. Linked Slash: Shedletsky takes a Linked Sword and swings at players nearby, doing 30 damage per slash.

261 Coins

{Bloxxer: 2160}

Light Brown Large Fried Chicken gold_wolf
Terminator Based on the classic Terminator, the mechanical titan arrives to terminate its targets! With 8500 health, his eyes will fire 3 eye rockets, he will fire 2-3 airstrike rockets at spawn points causing fairly big explosions and can also

fire 3-5 small missiles causing small explosions which deal 35-75 damage.

257 {Bloxxer Award: 7500} Shiny gray
Necromancer The undead summoner crawls through the crowd! With a low 7000 HP, he will summon a gigantic zombie hand from the ground which targets a player which insta kills on contact. He can also summon standard zombies and will fire a zombifier ray which instantly zombify a struck player, he can also create a haze of pain which causes damage dealt to him heal him by 30% 300 {Bloxxer Award: 8100} Purple above and darkish brown below Zombie
Bill Ball The disaster ball bounces in! With a tough 15850 health, his turners will spin around the map which can insta kill players on contact, but they can drill into the ground temporarily stopping their movement. Contact with Bill Ball itself causes an instant death, and also has a grabber which will grab a target which deals 50-90 damage and will paralyze the said player for 2-3 seconds. 234 {Bloxxer Award: 17000} Bright orange above, maroon below Circle
Ritaskull What do you get when you dump an explosion-spamming boss that was only bearable in his original game because he couldn't one-shot anything into a wildcard survival game where one of the only consistencies is that explosions always one-shot players? Absolute chaos! Look out especially for his Meteor Storm attack, which makes lots of instakill, explode-on-contact meteors spawn and fall down in an area. Even though Ritaskull might seem undefeatable with a walkspeed of 20 and his slew of instakill attacks, he always shoots at your location with slow projectiles that you can easily walk away from, and his aim lags behind a fair bit when he uses his hitscan eye lasers that explode on contact. Strafe around him, and you should be able to survive, and possibly even kill him, as his attempts at dodging aren't exactly useful since he's seven times the size of you.


1. Skull Launch: Launches a slow (speed is half of the projectiles from the Killbots) skull projectile that has a decent explosion radius (about 1.5 times the size of a Rocket Launcher explosion). He will do this twice, one for each skull on his shoulder.

2. Eye Lasers: Looks at a player for 3 seconds, then shoots 20 hitscan lasers that explode on contact with a firerate of 0.7 seconds. Aim lags behind quite a bit, and Ritaskull cannot instantly change directions while aiming.

3. Meteor Storm: A distinct sound cue is played, an area (which has a diameter of an Illumina explosion) sprays large particles into the air, and 8 meteors rain down in that area after 4 seconds. The meteors travel at the 1.5 times the speed of the Meteors disasters' projectiles, start out 1.25 times higher, and have the same explosion radius as Skull Launch. This attack has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Additional Notes: Ritaskull will strafe around players and back off if they get too close (within the distance of the radius of Green Zone), can always use attacks while moving, and has 3000 health. Ritaskull can also walk backwards, allowing him to escape from melee range while still facing the players to attack. Return of The Big Dude with the Yellow Skull will play during the fight.

300 {Bloxxer Award: 1800} Yellow above and red below Ritaskull's skull from the older version of Ragdoll Universe OffAndSphere Skull
Gear Shop Health: 25000

The Gear Shop itself will move from it's position to the middle of the map. Gear Shop will attacks depending to the color balls:


- Counterfeit Sale: GS will launch many counterfeit Coins.

- VIP: GS will throw three letters, these being V, I and then P.

-Leadboard's revenge: GS will summon shadow clones. They will act like noobs and they wont give a bloxxer award.


-Cola Spill: A large Bloxy Cola will fall to the map(similar to Oil Spill) and cola will rise for 8 seconds. The cola deals 5 HP per second.

-Slime Blast: GS will shot slime bullets from the balls. Bullets deal 30 HP, but they decrease your speed.

-Epic Katana: Many katanas will come from one direction.

-Neon laser beams: Balls will be shooting from the balls (similar to Sighters).


-Orb rush:
GS will shot five random orbs.

Grey orbs deal 5 HP

Green orbs deal 20 HP

Blue orbs deal 30 HP

Purple orbs deal 50 HP

Yellow orbs deal 100 HP

500 {Bloxxer award: 12000} Blue on the top, green on the middle and red on the bottom The items on the shop (Gravitiy coil, battle sword, pizza and a shuriken) Oblivion0392

Bonus Disaster Ideas

Bonus Name How the bonus works Coin payout Warning Appearance Symbol Submitted By
Orb Parkour The players are removed of their items and sent to a 2d parkour arena. They instantly get 50 coins at the start. Each time they jump on a platform they get 10 coins and then a multiplier for that (each platform the multiplier goes up by 0.1). There are 50 platforms, and each jump is harder than the one before. This all will equal up to 1311 potential coins. Guardtown
Ring Bombs Just like time bombs, but they don't do damage and explode out rings. 0 (Goes up as you collect rings) HellUser
Cha Cha Slide You have to follow the dance moves if you want to survive. Link to the song:

Controls for the dance moves:

To the left/Slide to the left: A

To the right/Slide to the right: D

Take it back now y'all: S

One hop this time: Space (Ex: 2 hops = 2 spaces)

Right foot lets stomp: R (Right foot two stomps = 2 R's)

Left foot lets stomp: L (Left foot two stomps = 2 L's)

Hands on your knees: K

Criss-Cross: X

Charlie Brown: Click the Charlie Brown image

Reverse: R

Clap, clap, clap, clap your hands: Click anywhere

Cha cha real smooth: C

Freeze: Don't do anything

Everybody clap your hands: A single click (You can click many times as you want when this part happens)

How low can you go: Hold the down button until DJ Casper says "Can you bring it to the top"

Can you bring it to the top: Hold the up button. One of these buttons at a time will appear on the screen and you have to press the button with the same button. (Ex: A button is on the screen, so press A on your keyboard)

30 (Correct dance move) Dark Blue Clapping Emoji MrMime900
Thief Genocide Thieves will continously spawn on Enemy Spawn Points and target players. The Thieves cannot rob your coins, however, killing them will give you a certain amount of coins. The Thieves carry bags and depending on the bag colour is how much money you'll get:
  • Normal Thief - 10 coins
  • Bronze Thief - 20 coins
  • Silver Thief - 30 coins
  • Golden Thief - 50 coins
  • Platnium Thief - 75 coins

Normal Thief is the most common thief you'll encounter, with the rarity increasing as the thief type changes, with Platnium Thief being the rarest.

All of the Thieves you've killed added up. Coin Bag Hyperactive


Balloons Balloons will spawn everywhere, you will have to shoot them to get coins (If you don't have any ranged item, you will get Silver Shuriken, it will disappear from your inventory when the bonus was over), There's also some type of Balloon

Red Balloon: The most common, give you 10 coins.

Blue Balloon: Give you 30 coins.

Black Balloon: One of the most rare, give you 50 coins.

Yellow Balloon: Drop 5 rings.

Gray Balloon: Give everyone 5 coins.

All balloon you popped. A fusion of Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Gray. Balloon Tercess

Orb Ideas

Name of Orb How the Orb works and how the rarity makes the orb better Rarities Usable on: Submitted By
Longer Duration Anything that has temporary use will have an extended use.

Top is LC and bottom is LS

Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary

+1 sec +2 sec +3 sec +4 sec +5 sec

+1 orb +2 orb +3 orb +4 orb +5 orb

also by orb i mean bullet

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary Lightning Coil, Lightning Staff DankTheKid
Game Master Orb GMO, or Game Master Orb, is an concept I came up with years back when Hardcore mode would be added. I updated it, and I intend to suggest it here! :)

How this orb works is it covers 2 upgrades, and when acquired the upgrades will be randomized, and the boosts will be always Legendary stats. You could pull one that is both Boss Hunter and Critical Aim, or perhaps Auto-Heal & Speedy Coil. It allows you to add an fourth upgrade. This may seem overpowered at first,

however there are MAJOR drawbacks.

One, you cannot apply upgrades that the Game Master Orb already offers. This keeps it from making meta weapons and items ridiculous.

Second, these orbs are only acquired by Hardcore boss kills. The chances of getting these are just as low as Legendary. It is also not dropped, rather it is randomly given by kill. It can drop up to 2.

Third, you can trade in 3 Game Master Orbs for one orb with certain upgrades but the exchange price will be 100k for balances.

Finally, any orb that offers an upgrade that isn't available on the gear will result in being applied as an Legendary Orb and not Game Master.

I will note to the one pro which might make things more interesting:

-You are able to separate this orb into 2 Legendaries through the exchange, and the exchange of this is free.

-Selling the orb is 40k.

-They can also be given by very-small chance (5%) based on streak mileage in Hardcore. The starting point is 100, then it goes up to 150, 200, and it ends at 250.

GMO is separate itself. Any weapon, but note to the drawbacks. Apex_Evo (or ZenoIuzione}
Defender The Defender Orb will decrease the movement speed reduction and increase the defense while holding it.

Common: 10% movement speed decrease, 33% defense increase

Uncommon: 8% movement speed decrease, 41% defense increase

Rare: 6% movement speed decrease, 49% defense increase

Unique: 4% movement speed decrease, 57% defense increase

Legendary: 2% movement speed decrease, 65% defense increase

All Defense Coil Guardtown
Shuriken Master The Shuriken Master Orb makes shurikens faster, stronger and bigger.

Common: +4% damage, +8% speed, +10% size

Uncommon: +8% damage, +14% speed, +20% size

Rare: +12% damage, +20% speed, +30% size

Unique: +16% damage, +26% speed, +40% size

Legendary: +20% damage, +32% speed, +50% size

All Shurikens Guardtown
Bleeding Edge The Bleeding Edge Orb, similarly to the Venom Shank Orb, deals damage over time, however this time it deals perecentages, and has a changing time. It has a 3% chance to happen. This doesn't work against the Reaper.

Uncommon: 1% damage each second for 3s (3%)

Rare: 2% damage each second for 4s (8%)

Unique: 3% damage each second for 5s (15%)

Legendary: 4% damage each second for 6s (24%)

Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Legendary Swords and Shurikens Guardtown
Sniper The Sniper Orb deals extra damage based on the distance away from the enemy when thrown. It maxes out at 65% extra damage. All the following examples of how many studs are needed for max damage boost are based off a weapon dealing 16 damage.

Common: +0.03% damage for each stud. (2167 studs)

Uncommon: + 0.06% damage for each stud. (1084 studs)

Rare: +0.09% damage for each stud. (723 studs)

Unique: +0.12% damage for each stud. (542 studs)

Legendary: +0.15% damage for each stud (434 studs).

All Ranged weapons Guardtown
Surrounding Damage The Surrounding Damage Orb increases the damage dealt to other enemies with an AOE weapon (ex. you fire a rocket that hits enemy 1. Enemy 2 is in the blast radius so he takes extra damage).

Rare: +20% damage

Unique: +40% damage

Epic, Unique AOE weapons, includes Lightning Staff Guardtown
Electricity The Electricity Orb makes it so theres a x% chance to hit another enemy for x% the damage.

Common: 5% chance for 50% damage

Uncommon: 10% chance for 75% damage

Rare: 15% chance for 100% damage

Unique: 20% chance for 125% damage

Legendary: 25% chance for 150% damage

All Single target weapons Guardtown
Double shot The Double Shot orb adds a chance to have an enemy be hit twice with one swing/throw.

Uncommon: 5% chance

Rare: 10% chance

Unique: 15% chance

Legendary: 20% chance

Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Legendary Weapons Guardtown
Pain Split If you get hit you have a chance to split the damage if you hit a foe in 5 seconds. Doesn't work with One-Hit damage

Uncommon: 10% chance

Epic: 25% chance

Unique: 40% chance

Legendary: 70% chance





Weapons Pxo5551
Quick Guard The gear have x% to make you invisible to the coming attack.

Rare: 2.5%

Unique: 5%


Rare, Unique, Legendary Anything HellUser
Ultra Cloak It will have x% chance to make enemies cannot see and attack you in x seconds.

Unique : 5%, 3 seconds

Legendary: 7% 5 seconds.

Unique, Legendary Coils HellUser
Stun A non-boss enemy can't move or attack for x seconds at a 5% chance.

Rare: 1.5 seconds

Unique: 3 seconds

Legendary; 5 seconds

Rare, Unique. Legendary Weapons Guardtown
Knockback Knocks a non-boss enemy back by x studs at a x% chance.

Common: 10 studs by 3% chance

Uncommon: 20 studs by 5% chance

Rare: 25 studs by 8% chance

Unique: 35 studs by 10% chance

Legendary: 50 studs by 12% chance

All Meelee Weapons Guardtown
First swing The first swing of a meelee weapon on a non-boss will deal x times damage.

Common: 1.25x

Uncommon: 1.5x

Rare: 1.75x

Unique: 2x

Legendary: 2.5x

All Meelee Weapons Guardtown
Black Hole If you miss an enemy with a ranged weapon, enemies in range x will be sucked into the point of strike, at the percentage of x.

Common: Range: 20, Chance: 10%

Uncommon: Range: 30, Chance: 20%

Rare: Range: 40, Chance: 30%

Epic: Range: 50, Chance: 50%

Unique: Range: 50, Chance: 60%

Legendary: Range: 50, Chance: 75%

All Ranged Weapons KittenLord
Bigger Orb Increase the size of orb on Lightning Staff or Healing Staff on x studs.

Common: 15

Rare: 25

Epic: 30

Unique: 45

Legendary: 60

All Lightning Staff or Healing Staff Tercess
Explode Chance Increase the chance of explosion on Illumina (new gear) on x.

Common: 30%

Rare: 50%

Epic: 70%

Unique: 80%

Legendary: 100% (Always)

All Illumina (new gear) Tercess
Hitbox Expander A chance of increasing bosses hitbox on x.

Epic: 30%

Unique: 60%

Legendary: 90%

Epic, Unique, Legandary Any weapons Tercess
Godmode Increase your chance of being immune to instakill on x.

Unique: 5%

Legendary: 10%

Unique, Legendary All gears Tercess
Damage Decreaser Decrease enemy's damage to you by x.

Rare: 5%

Epic: 10%

Unique: 30%

Legendary: 70%

Rare, Epic, Unique, Legendary All gears Tercess
Strikethough Make star weapons go though enemies and objects by x%.

Common: 2%

Rare: 4%

Epic: 6%

Unique: 8%

Legendary: 10%

Common, Rare, Epic, Unique, Legendary All weapons (expect Lightning Staff and Rocket Launcher) ScorpioBob
Bigger Bullet Make projectiles bigger by x than usual.

Epic: 15%

Unique: 30%

Legendary: 60%

Epic, Unique, Legendary All ranged weapons ScorpioBob
Hypnosis By x chance when damaging an non-boss enemy by any weapon, the enemy will be hypnotized. (The hypnotized enemy will fight other non-hypnotized enemies, also players can't damage of kill the hypnotized enemy).

Unique: 1/7

Legendary: 1/4

Unique, Legendary All weapons ScorpioBob
Hellflame At 1/3 chance when shooting a projectile, it will leave a fire trail. If the projectile hit a non-boss enemy, it will receive 3 damages per tick and leave flame on land. The effect lasts for x seconds.

Common: 2 seconds

Rare: 4 seconds

Epic: 6 seconds

Unique: 8 seconds

Legendary: 10 seconds

All All ranged weapon ScorpioBob
Multiple Bombs The projectile shot from Rocket Launcher will create big explosion and four smaller explosion where the bullet land on by x%.

Epic: 9%

Unique: 12%

Legendary: 15%

Epic, Unique, Legendary Rocket Launcher ScorpioBob
Death Beam When using a melee weapon, it will release a green beam by x, deals 10 damages and last on 10 studs

Common: 10%

Rare: 15%

Epic: 20%

Unique: 25%

Legendary: 30%

All All melee weapons ScorpioBob

New Disaster Mode Ideas

Name How it works Rarity Submitted by
Reverse Disaster You have to purposely lose on this disaster, your streak is kept if you lose, you lose your streak if you dont die. (eg on death trampoline you have to purposely bounce on the death trampoline) Slightly rare Exult
Meltdown The map starts falling apart. An alarm plays for the first 10 seconds. The disaster time is modified to 60. Players need to ride on a helicopter (or a spaceship/submarine, whatever that fits the stage) landed in the middle, after the disaster ended the vehicle leaves and the map gets nuked, any of the surviving players are able to vote the next stage but those who died can't vote.


Rare, usually the last disaster of the stage. Not compatible with flood, tsunami, tornado, get down, push the button, ect... Antoine11Tom11
Combo Disaster A fusion disaster?! Well, basically it's like a reaper with the black mage powers. Oh, by the way, it won't tell you it's a combo, so try to find out. Sorta common




Everything occur from the disaster will be invisible, but the coin payout is 3x. Rare, can only happen on Warnings. HellUser
Double Hyper Trouble Just like Double Trouble, but the combo disasters

are replaced with its Hyper version. Disasters don't have its Hyper version cannot be seen here.

Very Rare HellUser
Mystery Disaster (Double, and Triple) Two or three mystery disasters will appear at the same time. Uncommon MrMime900
Player Disaster One of the players controls the disaster. Everytime someone gets hit, the controller gets 10+ coins. When someone dies, the controller gets 100+ coins. In the end, the controller gets half (survival) coins and doesn't get or lose a streak. Rare LolMitch5

Randomized Hyper Disasters

Like the current Hyper Disaster, a twist will happen in the disaster that makes it harder, except now, it's not always the same (e.g. Spiked Walls can close in quicker or close in not to the center, and Pacman Ghosts could either fly or change visibility like Ghosts). The current Hyper versions count as twists, and this replaces the current Hyper Disaster. (This idea itself is separate from everybody else's ideas unless specified) Uncommon (40%) ArrQue
Bonus Round with Disasters Unlike Bonus Rounds, Bonus rounds will have disasters in them. Only Double Trouble and Triple Threat can trigger these effects. (Examples: Falling Hoops, Wolven Footsoldier, and Missile Launcher. Pacman, and Token Hunt) Slightly Rare MrMime900
Fatality Disaster Like how an Impossible Disaster is the Hyper of a Hyper Disaster, a Fatality Disaster is the Hyper of an Impossible Disaster.

Uncommon (40%) (Only appears in select modes)

Easier Disaster Chosen disaster was easier but the coin payout is half. Uncommon (50%) (Only appears in Pacifist Modes) Tercess
Ultimate Teamwork Disaster A random normal disaster will occurs, but if at least a player dies (reset don't count), then all player on that server will die alongside with them. The coin payout is 4x. It won't affect the Skill rank or the Streak. 0.5 % (extremely rare). Welovebeeswarm.
Septuple Threat Seven random disasters in a single round (April Fools Day Only, does not appear in Hardcore.)

(Note: Quadruple, Quintuple and Triple Triple existed in STD3, STD4 and STD1.5)

Extremely rare (1%) (April Fools events only) Flagfan02
Octuple Threat

Eight random disasters in a single round (April Fools Day Only, does not appear in Hardcore due to extreme difficulty.)

WARNING: Certain Octuple Threat combinations can be proven to be very difficult or even impossible to survive, Cruel defeats are very common.

Extremely rare (0.5%) (April Fools events only) Flagfan02
Nonuple Threat (or Triple Triple Triple Threat)

Nine random disasters in a single round (April Fools Day Only, does not appear in Hardcore due to extreme difficulty.)

WARNING: Certain Nonuple Threat combinations can be proven to be very difficult or even impossible to survive, Cruel defeats are very common. However, this danger mode has a strict blacklist (For example you cannot see 7 disasters plus 'Get Down' and 'Tsunami' at the same time.)

Ultra rare (0.3%) (April Fools events only) Flagfan02
Decuple Threat Ten random disasters in a single round (April Fools Day Only, does not appear in Hardcore due to extreme difficulty.)

WARNING: This is the hardest and rarest type of warning. Certain Decuple Threat combinations can be proven to be very difficult or even impossible to survive, Cruel defeats are very common. However, this danger mode has a strict blacklist (For example you cannot see 8 disasters with 'Get Down' and 'Tsunami' at the same time.)

Insanely rare (0.1%) (April Fools events only) Flagfan02
Half Disaster Mayhem! A random half (37) disasters will be chosen and you have to survive. Some combos like Get Down and Rising Lava cannot happen but others like Flash Flood and Raining Tacos will be. Cruel Defeat will be nearly every time. Impossibly Rare (0.01%)

(April Fools events only)

Randomized 10 seconds. The disaster time is modified to 100 and every 10 seconds the disaster will change. (ex: Tsunami will change to Reaper) Somehow rare (0.05%) (April Fools events only) Oblivion0392


Thing Being Changed The Change Submitted By
Thunderstorm Make the strikes random, but there are more with a slightly increase blast radius. Guardtown
Barrier Eggman Makes it just like in the beta version from vyriss's video "LAST ONES STANDING". PepperRB
Ring Balloon Ring Balloon doesn't speed up when attacked more. PepperRB
X-Bomb X-Bomb's logo changes back into the Super Smash Bros logo. PepperRB
Undyne The Undyne warning has a chance to play "Spear of Justice" instead of "RUN!" MrMime900
Rising Lava The orange backround back like in beta. Kevin18302
Coil Noobs The Fusion noob appears. He is really fast and jumpy. Chance of appear is just 10%. Kevin18302
Stonetroid Stonetroid now have 12,000 health and is now boss. Tercess
First Aid Kit Instead of simply throwing the med-kit, you can click and hold on injured players to heal them. If the player moves, the healing action is canceled, however, it has no cooldown (possibly until it has healed a certain amount of health?) To heal yourself, simply click away from a player while you're injured.

Extra Bandages will simply increase the speed at which you heal others, while Regeneration will increase the speed at which you heal yourself.

I think this would help further ground and give identity to the First Aid Kit as an item that heals quickly during short grace periods during or (primarily) between rounds, whereas the Healing Staff is designed to impact multiple players, from a distance, and during battle. This change will simply make it more accessible and satisfying to use.

Orbs I think the Orb upgrade menu should be accessible straight from the Menu, your inventory should be automatically sorted in alphabetical order (A-Z for each rarity), and a search bar should be available. I'd like for it to be easier to tell how far off you are from reaching a certain tier. For example, it could simply tell you that you'd need X Commons or X Epics, etc. 3kto
Nyan Cat During the Hyper round, its appearance changes to its clone rival, Tac Nayn. Broken bricks, that have been collided are now black and white. LolMitch5

Additions (Mechanics, Games, etc.)

Addition and how it works Submitted by
Body Orbs - Orbs usable on your body. They come in 3 rarities: Weak, Strong, and Mythic. You can only have 1 body orb active at a time. You can sell body orbs for money, but you cant trash them.

Weak has an 80% chance and can sell for 200, Strong 15% and sell for 750, Mythic 5% and sell for 2000.

Health - Increases your maximum hp by x.

Weak: +7 max hp

Strong: +15 max hp

Mythic: +25 max hp

Strength - Makes so you take x% less damage from non-1 hit attacks.

Weak: 3% less damage taken

Strong: 5% less damage taken

Mythic: 8% less damage taken

Agility - Increases walkspeed and jump power by x.

Weak: +1 jump power, +1 walkspeed

Strong: +2 jump power, +2 walkspeed

Mythic: +4 jump power, +3 walk speed

Rich - Increases coin gain by x% (Note: This works for all coin rewards).

Weak: 2% more coins

Strong: 5% more coins

Mythic: 10% more coins

Daily Rewards - Rewards that are given by joining a game every day.

There is 10 Daily rewards and a montly reward for joining a game for 1 month straight.

If you skip a day, your progress will fall to day 1. When the day 11 starts, rewards are doubled. When the day 21 starts, they are tripled. When the day 31 starts, the rewards are going to be normal as days 1-10 and so on.

Day 1 - 1000 coins (11 - 2000) (22 - 3000)

Day 2 - 1500 coins (12 - 3000) (22 - 4500)

Day 3 - 1000 XP (13 - 2000) (23 - 300)

Day 4 - 1500 XP (14 - 3000) (24 - 4500)

Day 5 - 3000 XP + Coins (15 - 6000) (25 - 9000)

Day 6 - 5000 XP + Coins (16 - 10000) (26 - 15000)

Day 7 - 1 Rare Orb (17 - 2) (27 - 3)

Day 8 - 2 Epic Orbs (18 - 4) (28 - 6)

Day 9 - 3 Unique Orbs (19 - 6) (29 - 9)

Day 10 - 5 Legendary Orbs (20 - 10)

Day 30 - 20000 Coins, XP, 10 orbs of every type


-That's what the title screen will say upon entering the game.

Survive the Disasters 4 will be 2018's aprils fools. The main color about it is red. Heres the disasters that will be changed:

In Acid Rain, each raindrop that hits the ground will add 5 studs of Rising Acid's Acid.

In Rising Lava, the lava's decal is changed to a picture of Ebola.

In Noobs, they are extremely stretched out.

In Tiny Noobs, their size has been changed to 1 stud.

In Hyper Tiny Noobs, there is 10x of them and their walkspeed is tripled.

In Undyne, the spears home in on players. They do 1 damage.

In Shedletsky, the shedletskies are fat.

In Get Down, you have to get up.

In Death Trampoline, you die if you don't bounce on it.

In Barrier Eggman, the Barrier is blue at all times and randomly fires.

In Hammer Eggman, Eggman will be standing up, and each player will get a hammer. The first player to 10 hits wins and gets 300 coin reward. The player that gets the least hits gets a wipeout.

In Tetris, it is rotated 180 degrees and now you have to stand on the falling blocks and not get crushed.

Whenever Sonic Mania - Danger on the Dance Floor music is played during a boss, the floor becomes disco and you die if you touch it (Everything indestructible becomes deadly)

In Sandstorm, Darude is played like last year's, but this time bast boosted extremely.

In Ninjas, it will revert back to Ninja Noobs and they become terrible at aiming.

New Disasters:

egg (it is displayed as lowercase) - An egg will appear in the center of the map, killing everyone.

Snoopists - Snoop Doggs go around, and when someone touches them, they lose 80% of their walkspeed and jump power.

Boss Disaster: SANIC - Sanic moves around the map, pretty quickly. He deals 99 damage to those he touches and has 1,337,420,667 health.


Spinning the gachapon costs 1 coin and has no cooldown. Here are the percentages:

Common: 4.5%

Rare: 0.45%

Epic: 0.045%

Unique: 0.00455555554%

Legendary: 95%

Red: 0.00000000001%

Reds are new orbs for weapons that are extremely overpowered. Link Here for document of red effects. Reds also exist in your inventory after April Fools ends.

Color Changer - In the settings you can use the color changer to customize what color the UI is. PepperRB
Mechanic on Hardcore Mode:- For normal round :

On the blox-able disaster, the round always last 60 seconds with the normal version of this. The reward coins is normal and can be doubled with Double Coins, so the player must kill enemy to get high amount of coins and EXP.

On the non-blox-able disaster (other than above), the disaster always perform with Hyper version and the reward is in the Hyper once. This make the game harder so that people can try using their skill (and items) to survive.

On "Boss time", the round always last 180 seconds.

- For EXP :

Player has first joins will take F ranks and play like in the normal. In order to reach higher ranks to get more items, they have to get EXP. Also this make weak and old items can be used again instead of these over-powered items in very-high-ranks.

- For Coins and other prefer to Coins:

Coins are saved to any mode (even on Pacifist Mode), so you dont need to mind about them. Bonuses are still performed, but now the coins will be doubled. MVP bonus also has it's friends: 2nd survival (50% of MVP) and 3rd survival (10% of MVP).

- For Ranks and Skill Rank:

I just thought that these are able to decrease their rank when they take too much wipeout. But, now I think ranks show how long/great you have played. Just bring the mechanic from normal to hardcore. Skill rank are also good enough to bring but if on server Leaderboard should replaces "Survival" into "Points" (it is Skill Rank Point).

- For Global Leaderboard:

They are Total survival BUT Skill rank points instead of Highest Streaks, and Most Coins instead of Most Enemies EXP earned.

- For Special Rounds:

They are Impossible (45% chances), Triple or Quadruple (25% chances), and Double Mystery (30% chances).

- Others:

Shop items still carry items and upgraded orbs from normal to hardcore. These ranks are still required for player. On Orb Gachapon, it will still cost 1000 to get new one, and orbs inventory are saved.

Memo is only get on Hyper.

The ability to trade orbs

The trade menu can be found in upgrade gear tab.