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Icicles are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Giant icicles will rain down from the sky, and fall nearby players or at a random spot. Once they hit the ground, they shatter into frozen shards that fall around the area where the icicle landed on. Getting hit by the frozen shards will damage and freeze you for 4 seconds. These shards go through all terrain, while the icicles themselves shatter upon contact with any surface. It would be wise to get under cover and use healing gear in order to outheal Icicles.

For the hyper counterpart, Icicles fall down more constantly and target survivors more often than their standard version. Nothing about their damage or falling speed is changed apart from their size, which is very slightly increased.

Disaster Memo Information

"Icicles are falling from the sky! Hiding under a high roof will protect you from falling icicles. An icicle will fall every 1 to 1.2 seconds. There's a 50% chance it'll fall on a random position or nearby a random survivor. When the icicle hits the ground there is a delay for 1.1 seconds before exploding into 6 frozen rocks. Rocks freeze you for 2 seconds and do 49 damage! The icicles do 99 damage."

"Icicles are falling from the sky that are slightly bigger than the standard icicles! An icicle will fall every .7 to .7 seconds. There's a 25% chance it'll fall on a random position and 75% nearby a random survivor."

Survival Tips

  • Get underneath a tall and wide building or structure.
  • Some maps like Molten Metal and City Park, have structures you can use to survive Icicles.
  • Constantly use good healing gears to maximize regeneration on Icicles, such as the Pizza and First Aid Kit.
  • Do not run around trying to dodge the Icicles, if you get hit, you will be frozen for a few seconds, making you vulnerable to other Icicle shards.
  • If you get hit directly by an icicle, you get dealt 99 damage. It is not an insta-kill, meaning that you can still heal up, but it has to be done immediately, otherwise you may die to the shards.


  • Icicles were an unused disaster, prior to Version 1.33, the update it was finally added in.
  • Icicles were buffed in Version 1.36, dealing more damage and falling down from the sky more rapidly.
  • The Icicle shards had their collision fidelity updated to "Box" on Version 39. This means, in theory, that you only get frozen and damaged when touching the middle of the model.
    • Despite this change, their hitboxes are still very inconsistent - it is recommended to avoid the shards at all costs and constantly use healing gears, such as Pizza and First Aid Kit.

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