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Hammer Eggman was a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It was removed in Version 39 to minimize copyright content in the game.


Hammer Eggman was a 2D mini-game type of disaster, originating from the popular game Sonic The Hedgehog. During which, players had to survive a series of arrow attacks that were controlled by Dr. Robotnik, the main enemy.

During the round, players were teleported inside a deadly room that appeared in the middle of the map. Hammer Eggman would move from left to right, and slam the flying machine's hammer on Totem structures. Such action made it summon an arrow that travelled towards the other side, dealing 75 damage to survivors. Players had to dodge them, as getting hit by two of them would result in death.

Memo Information

"Hammer Robotnik will hit pillars on both sides with his giant hammer. Arrows will be launched and you'll have to be quick to react to where it comes from! Each arrow does 75 damage. The bottom half of the pillar, you'll need to jump. be careful about jumping when the top half shoots arrows instead. Gravity Coil is best against this disaster."


  • Hammer Eggman was removed in Version 39, along with Fire Breath and Dr. Robotnik, to minimize copyright material in-game.
  • Hammer Eggman was called "Dr. Robotnik 2" in the Beta version.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, its hyper version had spikes on the ceiling to prevent players overusing jump boosts. The music was also changed to Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Final Boss.
  • There was another version for Hammer Eggman's impossible counterpart and is shown in Vyriss' alpha Hardcore Mode video. However, it was not added into the game and was unused. Eggman, once again, only hit the right totem. However, there were 6 totem on the sides and each hit would fire 3 arrows continuously. Players would have to drop into the gap between arrows to survive.


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