Green Zone is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


When the round begins, the Green Zone is seen enclosing the map boundaries. After a few seconds, it will rapidly shrink to a random enemy spawn point on the map. The Green Zone is a zone circle that spans from the top of the map to the bottom of the world. Players must get in the Green Zone to avoid taking damage. If a player stays out of the circle, they'll take 3 damage per tick, similar to how Flash Flood's damage works, but the amount of damage per second will increase over time.


"Get inside the green zone! The green zone will shrink to a random enemy spawn. If you are outside the zone, you'll take small amounts of damage rapidly. More time passes, the deadlier staying outside the zone will get."

Hyper Memo

"Get inside the green zone! The green zone will shrink to a random enemy spawn. Comparing to the standard green zone: this one moves twice as fast, closes in more, and increases damage tick a bit faster."

Hyper Green Zone

The green zone closes into its spawn point much faster and the safe zone is smaller. Damage taken when outside the safe zone is increased as well.


  • Green Zone was added in Version 1.39.
  • According to the Survive The Disasters Twitter, this is a disaster is based on a mechanic in Fortnite, known as the storm.
  • Green Zone has been nerfed after Version 1.39 released a few days, along with a few blacklists, such as pairing with X-Bomb.
  • This disaster is often really cruel for players in Pacifist Mode, as they cannot use gears to quickly get in the zone, or tank the damage.
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