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Giant Zombie is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


The Giant Zombie is a mini-boss enemy that appears in the center of the map.
It'll chase the closest player like a normal humanoid would, and may prove dangerous if not dealt with properly. It has two main abilities, apart from the contact damage it deals to survivors, which are:

  • Acid Breath: Giant Zombie stops in place and spew out green acidic parts from his mouth, towards the nearest player. Deals 20 to 28 damage.
  • Grab Attack: Giant Zombie raises its arm and tries to grab the nearest player - if there are any in range - in attempt to eat them. If that is done successfully, the player will be instantly killed, while Giant Zombie is healed 100 HP.

Disaster Memo Information

"Giant Zombie rises from the grave! It has two attacks; if you're near it, it'll grab you and eat you whole. If successful, it'll heal 100 health everytime it eats a survivor. When you're trying to run away from it, it'll try to attack you with its ranged acid breath that deals 20~28 damage per hit. The acid breath destroys breakable parts, so find a sturdier place to hide in or simply run away. Giant Zombie has a walkspeed of 34, and touching its legs do 10 damage."

Survival Tips

  • Stay away from the Giant Zombie. If you are close enough, it can grab you and instantly kill you.
  • Use ranged weapons to space the distance from it and safely deal damage if you are trying to defeat it.


  • Giant Zombie was previously a boss disaster. It was changed to be classified as a normal disaster in Version 41.6.
  • Giant Zombie is one of the three "giant" disasters, with the other two being Giant Noob and Crazy Robloxian.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “giant dead boi”.
  • When Giant Zombie grabs and eats someone it heals 100 health per player.
  • Giant Zombie shared the same musical themes as Giant Noob and Reaper, when it was classified as a boss.
  • As of Version 41, Giant Zombie's health has been increased from 5000 to 7000 while the bloxxer has been increased from 950 to 1200.
  • In the old Candy Cloud map, the bridge's placement would break Giant Zombie and fling it to death. This also occured with Giant Noob and Crazy Robloxian.
  • Giant Zombie is a miniboss and can drop loot (coins and orbs) if killed.

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