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Ghosts is a disaster is Survive The Disasters 2.


"Watch out! Ghosts can appear and disappear when chasing you. They can also fly, so being on high ground isn't as useful. Ghosts deal 10 ~ 12 damage per touch. They have a walkspeed of 18, so they can outrun you if you don't have a speed gear. Hiding inside or behind cover would be another option to survive!"

Hyper Memo

"Comparing to standard Ghosts, they deal 13 ~ 15 damage per touch with a walkspeed of 24. They also stay invisible longer."

Impossible Ghosts

Permanently invisible, move faster, and deal more damage.


  • The older versions of Ghosts' memo said ghosts deal 10 damage per hit, they actually deal 10-12 damage.
  • In Survive The Disaster 4, (April Fools 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to “spooksbois”.
  • In Survive the Disaster 2 Beta, Ghosts has a different model than the final.
  • Since Ghosts are able to fly upwards, standing on top of one and jumping (especially with a Gravity or Fusion Coil) can allow you to easily ascend to the top of the map.
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