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Ghosts are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Ghosts are humanoids that will spawn from the enemy spawn points and normally chase the closest survivor. These ones, however, have the ability to fly, and turn invisible from time to time. Due to that, it's likely you'll be dealt damage without seeing them. Ghosts have an average speed and damage, but may catch players offguard. Dealing damage to them will always reveal them, use this to your advantage!

For the hyper variant, Ghosts are faster, deal more damage and turns invisible more often.
For the impossible variant, Ghosts are permanently invisible, move even faster, and deal more damage constantly.

Disaster Memo Information

"Watch out! Ghosts can appear and disappear when chasing you. They can also fly, so being on high ground isn't as useful. Ghosts deal 10 ~ 12 damage per touch. They have a walkspeed of 18, so they can outrun you if you don't have a speed gear. Hiding inside or behind cover would be another option to survive!"

"Comparing to standard Ghosts, they deal 13 ~ 15 damage per touch with a walkspeed of 24. They also stay invisible longer."

Survival Tips

  • Seek shelter, as the Ghosts cannot go through walls. Getting to high structures will not always be safe, as they are able to fly.
  • Hitting Ghosts will reveal them. They follow a very linear path, so if you get hit, simply move backwards and attack straight in front of you.
  • Use the Lightning Staff as an effective way to damage - and reveal - many ghosts at once.
  • Ghosts have low health. You can easily kill them with melee weapons, such as the Darkheart.
  • You can also kill them with ranged weapons. This may be more effective as you can avoid taking too much damage and have a better chance of surviving.
  • You should use a Game Master's Sword if you have access to it. If any ghost comes nearby, the Game Master's Sword will zap the ghost, alerting you and giving you enough time to flee.


  • Ghosts are the only humanoids that do not have a walking animation.
  • Hyper Ghosts used to be permanently invisible, just like their current Impossible variant.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “spooksbois”.
  • In the Beta Version, Ghosts had a different model than the current one and had walking animations.
  • Since Ghosts are able to fly upwards, standing on top of one and jumping (especially with a Gravity or Fusion Coil) can allow you to easily ascend to the top of the map.

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