Galantasy is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Galantasy is set in a space-themed environment. Colorful disks make up the floor and platforms. There are also multiple crystals spread around the Map that, when touched, restore 20 HP.

Key Features

  • Several raised platforms covered with glass on the center layer across the Map.
  • Multiple crystals that heal 20 HP when touched.
  • Colorful pillars floating in the sky, used for cover.


  • Galantasy is one of the most popular Maps.
  • Its name is a portmanteau of "galaxy" and "fantasy".
  • Galantasy was one of Vyriss's past usernames.
  • Early versions of the map were named Galaxy.
  • Galantasy is one of four maps where players are able to fall off and die, the other three being City Park, Sky Ruins, and Acid Depths.


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