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The Fusion Coil is an item in Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2. It is accessible by purchasing the Fusion Coil Gamepass from Survive The Disasters 1 for 80 Robux or, as of Version 1.30, by buying it in Survive The Disasters 2 with Coins.png 2,400 Coins.

In-Game Description

"A special coil that both has the power of Gravity and Speed, only available to people who own the Fusion Coil gamepass from Survive The Disasters: Classic."


The Fusion Coil is a combination of the Gravity Coil and the Speed Coil, increasing both walkspeed and jump height when held. Both buffs are a bit weaker than the Gravity and Speed Coils.


  • The Fusion Coil is the second-best coil, right behind the Game Master Coil.
    • However, the stats of the Fusion Coil can be better than that of the Game Master Coil if Legendary Orbs are equipped.
    • In addition, it can somewhat resemble what the Game Master’s coil does if legendary Speedy Coil, Anti gravity, and Auto Heal orbs are put on.
  • Before Version 1.30, Fusion Coil only had two compatible Orbs: Speedy Coil and Anti-Gravity.
  • In Version 1.25, Fusion Coil was one of the gears that got a Christmas-themed version (in the case of Fusion Coil, it was covered with snow and ice).
  • In Version 1.30, Game Master Coil was replaced by the Fusion Coil, which has a price of Coins.png 2,400 Coins.
    • As of Version 1.30, it is the most powerful coil in the game.

The now-removed Anti-Gravity Strength Meter.

  • In Version 1.33, Gravity Coil received an "Anti-Gravity strength" mechanic, and this mechanic was also applied to the Fusion Coil. Whenever you jump, it reduces the strength of anti-gravity. The strength is restored when it isn't used or the player stays on the ground for a while.

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