Fragile Farm is an upcoming map for Survive The Disasters 2.


The map takes place in a large farmland. The scenery is some-what peaceful and enjoyable.

Key Features

  • A large barn at the house spot filled with hay bales and animals.
  • Horses and pigs that you can ride.
  • A tree that drops apples on the left of the house. Each apple heals the user for 10 HP. There is also a rake there for protection from disasters such as Sighters.
  • A wheat field surrounded by oak fences.
  • A tall windmill,
  • Farms for various vegetables.


  • Fragile Farm is an upcoming map for Version 42.
  • The windmill is the tallest destructable structure out of all maps.
  • Frenzy Farm is the first map that allows a player to sit down. This does not count the Become A Cop Robber Or Adopt A Baby map from April Fools 2017 as sitting in the car would kick the player.
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