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This article is about the Epic Katana item.
You may be looking for Epic Katana (Disaster).

Epic Katana is a Gear in Survive The Disasters 2.

In-Game Description

"Use this katana to zip through with high speed, helping you to escape and blox your foes!"


The Epic Katana is a jet black katana with a large amount of sparkles. After three clicks in a row, Epic Katana gives the player an ability: your walkspeed is increased tremendously for two seconds. This sword is similar to the Game Master's Sword, but is faster when dashing and doesn't heal the user (assuming no Orbs are used).


  • Epic Katana can be upgraded to be better than the Game Master's Sword, which is supposed to be the best sword in the game.
  • This sword is highly favored by experienced players due to it allowing extremely quick movement around the map.

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