Epic Katana is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. Not to be confused with Epic Katana (Item)


"It's a trap! Grabbing the katana might result in death if you don't move out of the way. Katanas will start raining once the sword is touched. When this is happening, make sure you look up rather than hiding underneath cover, because the katanas will go through anything."


When the disaster starts, a 4x4 brick pedestal that holds the Epic Katana will spawn around the front of the house, similar to where and how Illumina spawns.

The katana will remain harmless unless a player touches the katana, which will cause the Epic Katana to disappear from the pedestal. After the katana disappears, numerous massive insta-kill Epic Katanas will start spawning and raining down from the sky, falling through any and all terrain until the round ends.


  • There are two common methods to survive this disaster:
    • All four corners of any map is always safe from any of the falling Epic Katanas.
    • Look directly up, equip a (preferably Speedy Coil-upgraded) speed coil, and try your best to dodge the incoming falling katanas. Keep in mind any pits in the map to ensure you do not die by falling off the map.
  • Like what the memo says, shelters offer zero protection from the falling katanas.
    • In fact, it makes the disaster even more dangerous, as it prevents the player from spotting any katanas about to fall through them.
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