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Epic Duck is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Epic Duck is a giant duck, first introduced to ROBLOX with related hats. In-game, it deals 30 damage per hit and moves at a fast pace. Epic Duck will also occasionally summon 3 baby ducks after letting out a "Bonus Ducks" speech sound effect. They'll be dropped at random locations nearby the Epic Duck and damage any players who come in contact with them. These stay even after the round ends, similarly to Counterfeit Coins. Staying at a far distance or taking shelter is recommended.

For the hyper variant, Epic Duck gains horns and turns black in color, being known as the Evil Duck. Its speed is buffed and damage is increased to 60. The baby ducks dropped by it share the same appearance and deal the same amount of damage.

Disaster Memo Information

"A flying Epic Duck appears! Epic Duck chases players nearby. It can break buildings upon touching them, also dealing 30 damage per hit. Epic Duck is quite large, so squeezing in small places where it can't reach you can be safe, as long as it can't break it's way to you. It will occasionally drop 3 baby ducks, and touching them will deal 30 damage. The baby ducks will still stay after the round is over and disappear after 2 minutes."

"A flying Evil Duck appears! Evil Duck chases players nearby. It can break buildings upon touching them, also dealing 52 damage per hit. Evil Duck can absorb damage when attacking players. Evil Duck is quite large, squeezing in small places where it can't reach you can be safe as long as the Evil Duck can't break their way through to you."

Survival Tips

  • Beware that Epic Duck is able to destroy any breakable structure it touches, so getting to the classic roblox house, for example, may not be safe.
  • Epic Duck's attacks also don't instantly kill you. Use whatever ranged weapon you have and keep a fair distance to kill him. Try not to lead the duck to destructible buildings as well if it gives chase to you.
  • Find indestructible ledges to hide under. The Epic Duck will not be able to hit you from above.
  • The safest spot to be at to survive Epic Duck is the leaderboard area of the Gear Shop, as it's too big and cannot fit in there or hit players.


  • Epic Duck is one of the 4 meme disasters to be added to the game, the others being Doge, Nyan Cat and Shoop Da Whoop.
  • If players manage to defeat the Epic Duck, it will start floating up while spinning. Due to this, it is actually possible to ride it above the map when it dies.
  • In Version 1.21, when Hyper Epic Duck occurred, it showed the splash for Hyper Barrier Eggman. This was fixed in the following update Version 1.22.
  • In Version 1.29, the Epic Duck was updated to no longer count as a boss enemy.
  • Before Version 1.24, Hyper Epic Duck used to not give out any bloxxer when bloxxed.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), Epic Duck's disaster warning was renamed to "a meme that failed".
  • In Survive The Disasters 1.5 (April Fools 2019), Epic Duck's disaster warning was renamed to "TEH EPIC DUCK IS COMING".
  • As of Version 41, Epic Duck's health has been increased from 4500 to 5500, while the bloxxer award has been increased from 700 to 800. Hyper Epic Duck's health was also buffed, from 8000 to 11000.
  • During Version 41.5 and Version 41.6, the holiday updates, Epic Duck wore a Santa Hat.
  • In Version 41.7, Epic Duck was updated so that it gains a new defense ability: it is now able to summon bonus ducks that are dropped on the ground. These would damage players by 30 on contact (60 on hyper).
    • Due to the change that was brought over from Version 42, Epic Duck gained voicelines: "Bonus Ducks! Bonus Ducks!".
  • Epic Duck is a mini-boss enemy and can drop loot (coins and orbs) if killed.

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