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This article is about the Dynamites disaster.
You may be looking for the Dynamite (Item).
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Dynamites are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Dynamite sticks start to constantly rain down from the sky. These explosives will land on any surface they hit and will bounce at a certain angle. After a few seconds, they will flash white a few times until they explode, creating a fatal explosion. It's wise to keep distance from the dynamites and constantly move with speedy gear, such as Speed, Fusion Coil or Epic Katana, in order to avoid the blasts.

For the hyper counterpart, more Dynamites fall down, while their fuse time and explosive radius are buffed.
For the impossible counterpart, the dynamites fall at a very fast rate and have an extremely large blast radius. They also have very short fuse times, which is almost impossible or very hard to get away from it in time using an Epic Katana or Game Master's Sword.

Disaster Memo Information

"Large dynamites will fall from the sky! It takes about 6 seconds for them to detonate. Distance yourself away from these bombs best as possible, as they have a large blast radius of 36. Scroll out all the way to know where they're landing!"

"Comparing to the standard version, dynamites fall down more frequently and detonates quicker. They have an explosive blast radius of 48."

Survival Tips

  • If the map your on has tallish indestructible buildings (such as the tower in City Park), hide under it. The Dynamites will most likely not spawn or be too far away to kill you.
  • If the map has no indestructible buildings, use an Epic Katana or Fusion Coil to run away from Dynamites.
  • For higher variants, such as Hyper and Impossible, it is wise to get to a corner or the sides of the map.


  • The Dynamite explosion's blast radius (for its standard variant) is just slightly larger than the size of the dynamite itself.
  • After a dynamite stick explodes, it will spew out some spherical gunpowder, even though they don't deal any damage.
  • It is possible for a stick of dynamite to fall directly on the player, and pin them down.
  • Hyper and Impossible Dynamites were added in Version 41.5.
  • Impossible Dynamites are considered one of the hardest impossible disasters in-game, due to the dynamites' short fuse times and massive blast radius.


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