This content has been deleted from the current versions of Survive The Disasters 2.

Dr. Robotnik was a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It was removed in Version 1.39 due to fear of copyright.


Dr. Robotnik traps you in a room with 8 blocks! Dr. Robotnik will move left and right choosing a completely random block to break. This will shrink room to stand on, so choose wisely where to jump, otherwise you'll fall down a pit of spikes. Touching Dr. Robotnik when he's impaling will kill you! Speed and jump gears work best against this disaster.


  • You can't jump more than one block without the usage of Gravity Coil, Speed Coil, or Fusion Coil. The block is predetermined, so if Dr. Robotnik passes over a block, move to there to not get a surprise impaling.
  • This is the longest 2D Disaster in-game, tied with Tetris.
  • It used to be called "Dr. Robotnik. 2" because Barrier Eggman was added first.
  • Its memo is the longest, so you cant read it completely.
  • In Version 1.39, Dr Robotnik was removed along with Hammer Eggman, Fire Breath and Green Hill Zone due to fear of copyright.
  • Dr Robotnik was later confirmed to have a Replacment which was soon discovered to be Caterdriller.


April Fools (2017 and 2018): On Survive The Disasters 3, Dr. Robotnik was remade into a quiz about Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. This variation got new questions on Survive The Disasters 4 as well.


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