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On this page you can put hints about disasters, but add this on the selected disaster heading.

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Survival Tips

Acid Rain

  • Look up and try to dodge the rain.
  • The chances of a drop falling in the corners are very low, consider waiting in a corner until the disaster is over.
  • Take cover.
    • The rain can also destroy building blocks, so try to find a shelter that cannot be destroyed.
  • Pacifist: If you are on pacifist, quickly go to the nearest shelter which acid rain cannot pass through.
  • Hyper: Same as above, but be careful while dodging because this melting-block can hit more accurate with large size.

Alien Invasion

  • A UFO will spawn on an enemy spawn in a map, spawning 9 different aliens that deal 16 damage if they manage to shoot in the body and 24 damage if they manage to shoot your head. Their weapons have infinite range but can't shoot through solid objects. Hyper Alien Invasion can destroy breakable bricks when shot at.
  • Stay as far away from the UFO as you can to avoid being blasted by aliens. Stand behind a permanent object till the round ends, and use the Lightning Staff if you want to kill the aliens.
  • Pacifist: Quickly hide from the aliens in the nearest unbreakable structure in the map.


  • Take cover behind unbreakable parts or in a building (such as the house).
  • Take advantage of ridges formed by the snow hill and hide as close to them as possible to dodge the snowballs.
  • Once all of the snowballs have fallen, you can climb up to the top of the mountain before the disaster ends to receive a badge.
  • Pacifist: If you are in an area near the shop, quickly hide at the shop area.
  • Hyper:There are 64 snowballs in all different sizes now compared to 32 snowballs of the same size on standard. 


  • The bombers will come from the southern side of the map (usually the side where the house, if any, is). Head to the other side so you can have time to react to them.
  • Keep moving sideways and you should be fine.
  • Avoid turning around and moving backwards because the plane may be targeting you right at the moment.
  • Never touch the walls. The plane's bomb can kill you instantly (this is a bug and may be patched).
  • Some maps such as City Park, Molten Metal, and Machine Madness have areas with thick, indestructible roofs that you can hide under.


  • There are 8 pieces of cake in the map.
  • The Cake is relatively easy to survive if you keep your distance. Use the Lightning Staff and other ranged weapons if you want to kill them for EXP. The hitbox for the Cake is rather small if you feel like killing them, but you must nevertheless keep a distance between yourself and the Cake.
  • You can hide from the cake by going in the hole in the Shop
  • Use an upgraded Speed or Fusion Coil to run from them. Coils that aren't upgraded won't work as they are very fast.
  • The Cake can sometimes stack upon each other, so having any Speed Coil, Fusion Coil, Epic Katana (Item), or Game Master's Sword handy will be useful.
  • Hyper: There are twelve pieces of cake in the map now. Keep your distance and used ranged weapons like ninja stars or lightning staff to kill them. 


  • Use a game masters sword or an epic katana if you're targeted by Caterdriller.
  • Speed and fusion coil are also a good alternative but it is not recommended as it has a high chance of failing.
  • Pacifist: It is not as easy to survive Caterdriller without geared, so pray that it would not spawn near you or under you.
  • Hyper: Caterdriller turns into a slightly darker colour. It burrows and goes under faster than normal. It is wise to use Epic Katana or Game Masters Sword if you find yourselves above or in the way of Caterdriller. Speed and Fusion coils work, but it is not an ideal time to use coils as Caterdriller is faster.
  • Impossible: In Impossible, coils are no longer a viable option to use while escaping Caterdriller. Caterdriller also turns darker and is even faster than it's hyper counterpart.

Coil Noobs

  • Speed and Regen Noobs shouldn't be that hard to deal with. You can use a Frostbite Orb or use weapons that kill quickly if you want to get rid of the Gravity Noobs fast.

Crazy Robloxian

Death Trampoline

  • If you're on the ground when this disaster occurs, immediately jump with a Gravity Coil or Fusion Coil and seek some higher ground.
  • Do not stand on loose objects.
  • Don't stand on the lower points of the map. Move toward any hills.
  • The shop is very reliable because of its indestructibility and presence in every map.
  • Hyper: Find any area that is higher and stable instead of standing in the shop.
  • Impossible: The death trampoline rises at a very high height, at about the highest height of Rising Acid.


  • Try to get away from Doge, preferably with speed equipment, as Doge will probably just target other players.
  • Avoid going into destructible buildings, as Doge will just destroy it.
  • Pacifist: Get away from the Doge once it spawns as fast as you can.


  • If the map your on has tallish indestructible buildings (such as the tower in City Park), hide under it. The Dynamites will most likely not spawn or be too far away to kill you.
  • If the map has no indestructible buildings, use an Epic Katana or Fusion Coil to run away from Dynamites.
  • Pacifist: Try to quickly run to the corner, as it would not normally blow up there. Alternatively, seek shelter in an unbreakable shelter that can bounce the dynamites away from your spot.

Epic Duck

  • The duck is slightly faster than the noob. His attacks also don't instantly kill you. Use whatever ranged weapon you have and keep a fair distance to kill him. Try not to lead the duck to destructible buildings as well if it gives chase to you.
  • Find indestructible ledges to hide under. The Epic Duck will not be able to hit you from above.
  • Try to get to the shop. If you go to the shop's Global Achievements area you can avoid him since he is too big to reach you.
  • Do not underestimate the duck's speed. It can trample you very easily and is hard to get away from in such situations.
  • Hyper: Same as above, stay under any indestructible ledges.

Epic Katana

  • DON'T touch the sword.
  • If someone does touch it, the consequences are not as severe. Simply look towards the sky and avoid the falling black swords.
  • Hiding under shelters, (house, towers, etc.) is a bad choice as the katana can move through walls (even indestructible ones).
  • Stand in the corner or sides of the map so that it won't hit you!
    • Some maps are irregularly shaped, so this option may not always be presented to you.

Explosive Noobs

  • Use the Gravity Coil, Speed Coil, Fusion Coil, Epic Katana, or Game Master's Sword to avoid the Noobs or get away from the explosions.
  • It is not recommended to engage in melee combat, as the explosions will instantly kill you. Use a Lightning Staff or other ranged weapons to kill the Noobs.
  • Hyper: The noobs do not beep and create larger explosions, so be aware of them.
  • Impossible: the noobs can fly, so high ground is not necessarily the best option

Flash Flood

  • Go to an elevated surface, wherever that may be.
    • It can't destroy blocks, so there's little to worry about.
  • Take note that the Flash Flood will NOT instantly kill if you are so unfortunate as to fall in.
  • Any Coil can buy you time, especially the Fusion Coil.
  • Pacifist: Quickly get up to the nearest high spot in the map. Jumping can buy you time as you would be in the water less.

Get Down

  • Move to the lowest area of the map and stay there.
  • If you are on higher ground, immediately use a Speed Coil or Fusion Coil and get down FAST. Epic Katana and Game Master's Sword are also a good alternative, but will take longer as they need to be swung twice to activate the boost.
  • DON'T jump or you will hit the wall and die instantly.
  • Hyper: Same but it gets even lower. You should run to the lowest point as fast as possible. Places where you can survive normal Get Down may not be safe for hyper ones.
  • Impossible: Same as Hyper but it appears instantly, lasting for the entire round. React immediately to the disaster warning, as there will be no time to move once the disaster starts.


  • Hitting them will reveal them. They follow a very linear path, so if you get hit, simply move backwards and attack straight in front of you. Do note, however, that they can jump quite high.
    • If you're a B rank or higher, you can use the Lightning Staff as an effective way to damage–and reveal–many ghosts at one time,
  • They deal 10-12 damage per touch, but have a pretty low HP. You can easily kill them with melee weapons.
  • You can also kill them with ranged weapons. This may be more effective as you can avoid taking too much damage and have a better chance of surviving.
  • You should use a Game Master's Sword if you have access to it. During the round, equip the Game Master's Sword. If any ghost comes nearby, the Game Master's Sword will zap the ghost, alerting you and giving you enough time to flee.

Green Zone

  • Use Game Master's Sword or Epic Katana to get in the safe zone quicker.
  • Try to predict where the green zone will go.
  • The Green Zone goes to one of the Spawn Points.
  • Hyper: The green zone is much smaller.
  • Pacifist: Try to tell other people to heal you, so you can survive until you get to the Green Zone. Get to the center immediately so you do not need to travel to the spawnpoint as long.

Guest Ambush

  • Same as Noobs, but it deals smaller damage than noobs.
  • If the Guest 666 appears, try to stand on high place. Don't use any melee weapon since this can instantly kill; using Lightning Staff is the best idea.
  • Using Tanker orbs can be good idea to reduce the deal damage from Guest 666. Make sure any coils are supplied with Tanker orbs while he is chasing you.
  • Hyper: Guests can destroy any buildings if he's near. Be careful while you stay in the high building (Guests are holding btools, in which the delete option is abused).
  • Impossible: Guests can also destroy player limbs and the gear they hold. Be mindful of this when holding gear in an attempt to escape. If you lost an important gear or limb, reset after the disaster ends. Do not reset during the following disaster, or it will count as a loss.

Hot Potato

  • Hide behind sturdy or indestructible structures, as it can melt weaker structures, similarly to Rising Lava.
  • Avoid the middle, as it will spawn there and chase the nearest player.
  • Avoid contact, as it deals 50 damage. A good way to do so Is to trick it by running and jumping in small circles.
  • Getting to higher ground won't help, as it will just jump up to get you. In some instances, it is possible to get it stuck between damaged structures or in tight spaces.
  • Hyper: Melts through objects faster, runs faster, jumps higher, and deals 99 damage, which is a near-instant kill. It can also kill players if it attacks after they use the Rotten Cheezburger.


  • Get underneath a tall and wide building.
  • Do not run around trying to dodge the Icicles, if you get hit, you freeze.
  • Some maps like Molten Metal, have structures you can use to survive Icicles.
  • If you get hit directly by the icicles, you get 99 damage. It is not an insta-kill, meaning that you can still heal up.


  • DON'T touch it.
    • If you do, however, you will get a free Badge–at the cost of your instant demise.
    • If people are nearby, and you have a relatively low streak, touch the sword to kill people, most favorably the MVP. However, this will probably make other people hate you.
  • Just to be safe, head to the northern area of the map, opposite the Shop.
  • Hyper: The Illumina turns into the Illumina Man, and walks towards the nearest player so that it explodes when it touches the player. If it isn't touched when the disaster timer ticks down to one second, it will explode anyway. Stay away at all costs and seek higher ground.
    • As of Version 1.24, you can kill the Illumina Man, which can prevent the explosion from happening. Use a ranged weapon from far away, as melee requires you to touch it, and fighting too close can be risky.
      • Using a long-ranged weapon like the Neon Laser Gun, you can milk bloxxer points from the Illumina Man as you still earn bloxxer from it even if it blows up before it is killed.


  • Keep moving, as they aim their missiles at the nearest player.
  • They spawn at random points and remain there for the first few seconds of the round, so that should give you time to get your weapons ready.
  • Having a Speed Coil, Fusion Coil, or Game Master's Sword is ideal for dodging their attacks.
  • Keep a steady eye. The best way to do so is to get to higher ground, but be ready to dodge once they come near you.
    • If the killbots' missiles do not appear to be moving, BEWARE. That often means that the killbots are targeting you or a player nearby.
  • Hyper: The killbots move quicker and have a larger blast radius.

Korblox Mages

  • Kill them from a safe distance or avoid them; they make an ice ring that does instant death upon contact.
    • If you want to do melee combat with this enemy, you have to keep in mind its attacks, it is recommended to use a high-damage weapon or even a Darkheart, In the case of melee combat, do not stray from this enemy, by the fact that the spike attack instantly kills.
  • If you get hit by one of their orbs, you will be frozen over, making it easy for them to kill you with an ice ring.
  • Jump out of their spikes with a Gravity or Fusion Coil if you are close enough to them. Make sure you get the right timing.


  • When you find it out with the warning, go to the northern corners of the map AT ALL COSTS. Use a GM Sword, Speed Coil, Fusion Coil, or Epic Katana to get away.
  • You can rush to the end of the map as the leaves do not kill you.
  • Do not touch the tree as it will OHKO (One Hit KO) you.
  • HYPER: The Lumberjack chops the tree faster and the tree is much thicker so use a Fusion Coil, GM Sword or Epic Katana to get away from the center.
  • IMPOSSIBLE: The lumberjack will chop the tree extremely fast and the tree is much thicker and lands at a random direction so be aware of the direction it falls and use speed gears or Epic Katana or GM Sword


  • Keep running around while looking up the sky to see if there are any meteors above you. Using a Speed or Fusion Coil is recommended.

Mine Spawn

  • Make sure you aren't near any of the Spawn Points.
  • Stand on the shop and you will sure to survive, as none of the mines can hit you there.
  • Hyper: The explosions are slightly bigger. Remain mindful of the spawn points, and take into account the bigger explosions.
  • Impossible: The explosions are a lot bigger. Know all the spawn points in ever map and know where to stand. Know that the mines will detonate instantly.

Missile Launcher

  • Take cover behind unbreakable parts.
  • Do not let the Missile Launcher destroy any important structures.
  • Standing on top of the Missile Launcher is unreliable and generally not advised.
  • You can also dodge the missiles by keep running and jumping around the launcher. You should keep a distance if you are doing so, however.
    • This should be only used as a last resort as covers are always safer.
  • Hyper: Instead cover behind unbreakable parts, you also cover under the shelter so that missile can't fall into it.

Mr. Happy

  • The best way is to dodge the blocks and rockets.
  • Rockets instant kill and blocks do 67 damage.
  • You can use projectiles to make his laser projectiles explode when they make contact, which can potentially save you.
  • Using a Fusion Coil can help you dodge his lasers and coloring blocks all together.
  • Stay away from Mr. Happy AT ALL COSTS! He is dangerous and can easily kill you if you're close to him.
  • Hyper: Mr. Happy now teleports much faster and shoots more rockets. The rockets are an instant kill so it is best to stay away! Rainbow blocks do 67 damage.


  • Hide behind buildings, anchored and fixed buildings of preference.
  • Stay away from enemy spawns, never mind the occasion.
  • Murderers have perfect aim and instant kill.
    • It is not recommended for the player to attempt to kill murderers, do it at your own risk. This is unless you have a gear like the Lightning Staff, in which you could attack through buildings. Don't attempt ranged either unless you have the weapon mentioned above as it requires you to be openly exposed.

Neon Blaster

  • Use a Speed or Fusion Coil, or an Epic Katana/GM Sword, and run to the one of the corners of the map next to Blaster as fast as you can.
  • If it is not possible to make to the corner in time, go as far as you can to the wall. Neon Blaster can't reach you on the side of the wall.
  • You can also jump over Neon Blaster as an easier way to avoid it.
  • Pacifist: As soon as you see the warning, rush to the closest point between the Neon Blaster and the middle, and when you see which way the beam is going to, rush to the corner the beam is going towards.

Neon Trooper

  • His 20 Damage bullets don't pass through walls.
  • Watch his movements and stay out of his path. He flies around the map so it helps to be quick with a GM Sword or Fusion Coil.
  • Try to be out of his way when he fires his final blast.
  • Hyper: He moves a lot quicker, so have your sword ready.


  • They throw shurikens at you, which deal ~12 damage each. It is recommended to take cover behind walls or in a building.
  • Killing them with the Darkheart or GM Sword is a good choice, but be careful with that. You can regenerate your health after you kill a ninja.
  • You can also kill them with ranged weapons which is the best choice, such as the Silver Ninja Stars, or Lightning Staff if they are grouped together.
  • Hyper: Electric and Shadow Ninjas spawn, so bloxxing them with a melee is not recommended since they are tougher than a normal ninja. Fighting ranged is the best choice.
  • Impossible: Shadow Ninjas spawn now. They are tougher than normal and electric ninjas. They are also stronger, faster and jump higher and more often. Your best bet would be to blox them a safe distance or just completely avoid them.


  • Staying on top of an elevated surface basically guarantees your survival.
  • At higher Ranks, it may be helpful to kill the Noobs with the weapons at your disposal. The Darkheart, Epic Katana, and Game Master's Sword are good melee choices, especially the Darkheart since it heals you as you deal damage. Any ranged weapon are good choices as well.
  • Hyper + Impossible: The speed is much faster, so it is recommended to just stay high, or use a GM Sword or an Epic Katana

Nuclear Bomb

  • Check the spawn points to spot which one has a flickering red light on it, then go as far away from it as possible.
    • Be wary that it may be on a red spawn location, making it easy to skip over.
  • Hyper: Check the spawn points REALLY CAREFULLY as the red light dot is very tiny.
  • Impossible: Safest strategy is to follow the crowd of other players unless you can spot the tinier-than-Hyper red dot in less than 7 seconds.

Nyan Cat

  • Determine the path of Nyan Cat and move to the side it is farthest from. Its travel stud path is ~30 studs wide and it moves in a zig zag pattern.
  • Touching any part of Nyan Cat is an instant kill, so it's your best interest to try and avoid it. Heading to the wall farthest from its zig zag pattern is recommended.
  • Hyper: Covers 50 studs and can touch the sides of and even outside the map.
  • Pacifist: Go to the nearest side as fast as you can as there is where Nyan Cat would not hit you.

Oil Spill

  • Most trusses are safe except a few, making it a bit easier for pacifists to survive. It's best to climb the ones that are on or near tall structures or landscapes.
  • This disaster is like Flash Flood, but does 8 damage.
  • DON'T touch the barrel, as it kills you instantly. Your best interest is to be on the southern side of the map near the shop at the start of this disaster.

Overseer Soldiers

  • Use the Gravity or Fusion Coil to dodge their throwing axe attack.
  • Don't get near them; if you are close enough, they will summon a string of explosions to instantly kill you.
  • Try not to lead them to important destructible buildings, such as the house, the towers, and other destructible high areas. Their attacks will cut right through them and they will be demolished, leaving fewer areas for cover.
  • Hyper:


  • Stand in the corner of the map so that Pacman won't try to eat you.
    • Many maps are irregularly shaped, making this strategy irrelevant in those cases.
  • Getting to high ground will usually do the trick, but very few spots are high enough to avoid him completely; this is why it is very advisable to use a Gravity or Fusion Coil to maximize your chances of survival.
    • Be on high alert if you are not at a high enough elevation; he may turn and run towards you at a moments notice!
  • Pacman can eat building blocks, so it may not be the best idea to stand on structures like the house.
  • Hyper: Pacman is noticeably larger than standard Pacman.
  • The best thing to do is go to the corners to avoid Pacman. There's a higher chance you'll survive there.

Pacman Ghosts

  • Unlike Pacman, Pacman Ghosts can move to corners. Be sure to equip an Epic Katana or GM Sword because the coils are simply not fast enough.
  • The most effective tactic would simply be to move to the highest ground possible, so that the Ghosts would not be able to reach you.
  • In the Panic Pyramid map, the lower ground at the center is the safest place for players to avoid the ghosts, especially pacifists: The ghosts cannot reach the player due to the ground being lower than the ghosts' spawn points.
  • Pacifist: Pray that the ghosts would not hit you, or just quickly get up to a higher place if you have access to.

Pizza Dude

  • Avoid being targeted by staying far away from him.
  • Use a Speed Coil, Fusion Coil or upgraded pic Katana to help you dodge the pizzas better.
  • Pacifist: Same as the first one, but make sure to predict where the pizzas are going.


  • Stay away from the spawn points so that you have enough time to react when Polyhex throws a bomb at you.
  • Hyper: Polyhex can throw further than the normal version. The bomb, after exploding, becomes into three smaller bombs.
  • Try to seek higher ground, but note that in some cases there are spawns on said higher ground and/or Polyhex can throw bombs onto higher structures.

Press The Button

  • Though it isn't particularly ethical, consider pressing it if you are able to kill the player who is currently MVP to snag it for yourself.
  • Try to be in the center of the map from the moment you are aware of the disaster. (It's better to be safe than sorry!)
  • If you're too far from the middle, you can run to one of the four corners of the map.
  • Do not hope that no players will press the button. This is very unlikely to happen.
  • Pacifist: Rush to the middle as soon as you see the splash. If you are too far away, try to go to a corner.
  • Hyper: The button placed in any spawn points. Find the button VERY CAREFULLY before they immediately press the button. Using the Epic Katana or Game Master's Sword is recommended. You can not go to a corner since it is placed in any spawn point.
    • This also applies to Impossible Press the Button. Once the button is pressed, you need to be directly above or below the button, as the safe zone is heavily shrunken.
    • Hyper Pacifist: Pray to RNG that the button spawns near you. If not, you're most likely dead.
    • Impossible: The button is also placed in one of the spawn points. But the safe zone around the button is very small. The time is also shorter in impossible. The button will be automatically pressed if left unpressed.

Raining Tacos

  • Seek shelter.
  • Avoid touching them, as you'll die instantly.
  • If you can't seek shelter immediately, watch the skies and avoid tacos already on the ground. You'll need to be careful when doing so, as even an accidental touch can cost you your streak.
  • Hyper: Tacos fall at various sizes, so seeking shelter may be a bit difficult, as smaller tacos can creep into the spaces. Use the Speed Coil, Epic Katana, or Game Masters Sword to seek shelter, as tacos will fall faster and are more likely to hit you if you're out in the open

Redcliff Warriors

  • Use the Gravity or Fusion Coil to dodge their attacks.
  • Their attack will be weakened or even destroyed if they hit bricks.
    • However, it is not recommend to use important buildings as a 'cover' as it may lead to fewer protections later.

Rising Acid

  • Unstable structures (i.e. generated structures without a baseplate) may become even more unstable upon contact with the acid. Be sure to use a Gravity or Fusion Coil to buy yourself some time or jump to higher ground.
  • Try not to touch any of the acidic blocks until the map changes or another disaster gets rid of them.
    • Doing so will damage the player minimally, but it certainly adds up.
    • You can tell that blocks are acidic if they appear in a green-neon colour.

Rising Lava

  • Try not to head up to high areas where the platform is destructible, if possible. Some examples might be the house or the towers. The lava will burn the lower parts, causing it to collapse.
  • Unstable structures (i.e. generated structures without a baseplate) may become even more unstable upon contact with lava. Be sure to use a Gravity or Fusion Coil to buy yourself some time or jump to higher ground.
  • Your legs would burn your legs, causing them to disappear from your avatar

Rocket Noobs

  • Try to stay away from them.
  • Use the Gravity, Speed, or Fusion Coil to dodge their rockets.
  • Avoid getting your right arm blown away at all costs, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use gears.
    • Reset your avatar after the round to avoid getting a loss.
  • Hyper: They shoot two rockets instead of one every so often, and are equipped with a forcefield, so they cannot be damaged. Stay away from them at all costs.
  • Impossible: Their rockets are now merged into one and they still has forcefield. Their blast radius are now bigger, so avoid from getting closer to any walls.


  • Take cover behind walls to avoid being hit by debris and tumbleweed.
  • Tumbleweeds will instantly kill you if you touch them. Stay in a corner and heal yourself for the best chance of survival.
  • Hyper: Same as above. But can't seen clearly in the north of map
  • Pacifist: Since pacifists cannot heal, you would have to hide in shelter or a covered place completely.

Shoop Da Whoop

  • Shoop Da Whoop only shoots his laser through the middle of the map. Move to either side of the map to avoid it.
  • Standing near the laser is not recommended, as small explosions occur near the laser.


  • Go into a shelter, such as the house, a bridge, or a tower. (All shurikens will instantly kill you.)
  • Hyper + Impossible: Same as above, but bigger shurikens.


  • Don't stand in the open, as their aiming skills are 100% accurate and can melt your health pretty quickly.
  • Stand behind unbreakable parts so they won't be able to detect you. Breakable ones like the house are not recommended, as the lasers can break through the bricks.
  • Escape with a Speed or Fusion Coil, or an Epic Katana/GM Sword, if you're trying to get to a shelter.
  • If you don't have a shelter, go to the middle of the map. They will less likely hit you there.
  • Use a item with a Tanker orb (Epic or higher) or an healing item upgraded by orbs like Pizza to take less damage if you want to travel while the disaster is active.


  • Find a shelter to make sure you aren't near Slenderman.
  • Use a Tanker Orb (preferably Legendary) to reduce damage from Slenderman if necessary.
  • Stay away from other players, as Slenderman has a higher chance of attacking groups.
    • A good way to do this is to go to the northern side of the map (opposite the house) and either try to run around to minimize the damage Slenderman does to you, or to sit in a corner and spam healing items.
  • Use strong and upgraded healing items (preferably Pizza) and fast clicking to quickly remove the damage he has done to you.

Soccer Balls

  • Take cover in a shelter, such as a house.
  • Unstable objects can be moved around by the force of the soccer balls, so hide behind a stable area.
  • Hyper: The soccer balls are in different sizes now instead of one fixed size. Take cover in small spaces to avoid getting hit.

Spiked Walls

  • Run to the center of the map quickly.
    • Many maps have the middle marked out with some sort of feature. An example would be Machine Madness.
  • If you don't have a Speed or Fusion Coil, try not to stay too close to the edges of the map in general.
  • Hyper: Same as above. The Spikes come from all parts of the map instead of from two different ends, and they move faster as well.
  • Impossible: Go to the side of the map parallel to the spiked walls. You'll have more room between yourself and the spikes. If you're unable to do so, using shift lock if you're on laptop or PC can help you properly position yourself between the spikes, as you'll have little to no room to move once they're set.
  • Any part of the spike wall will kill you.


  • Use the Gravity or Fusion Coil to jump over the explosions. Higher ground can also be used, however the blast may be higher and/or it may destroy that higher ground.
  • The Stonetroid will usually point at its target before slamming down its club.
  • The Stonetroid's club will instantly kill you, so do not touch it.
  • The explosions get bigger they move farther away.
  • Since the Stonetroid doesn't target the closest player and their explosions grow as they travel, move right next to it and time your jumps before he smashes, just in case he targets you.
  • You can tell where the Stonetroid is going to attack. When he is about to slam his club, his back points to his target.
  • Hiding in between its legs is not a good idea as the club may still hit you.
  • Pacifist: Try to rush in between the middle and the corners, so you can survive the smaller explosions.


  • For the newer version of Tetris, it is recommended that you find proper permanent structures to take cover under, like the Shop.
  • Don't use the Gravity or Fusion Coil unless you know the blocks aren't above you. Stick with the Speed Coil.
  • Touching the glowing blocks will kill you instantly, even if you stand on top of them.


  • The Thief spawns on any enemy spawn.
  • The Thief does 30 damage and steals Coins from you! Either kill it or avoid it completely.
  • The Thief walks very fast; using a Speed or Fusion Coil, or a(n) Epic Katana/GM sword is recommended, preferably upgraded.
  • Killing the Thief with melee weapons is not recommended unless you have a Darkheart which heals you while you attack.
  • Hyper: The thieves are now faster than their normal counterpart, dealing 60 damage, a walkspeed of 40, and a jump power of 75. Bloxxing them with a melee weapon is not ideal now as they deal huge damage and can swarm you very quickly.


  • Hide underneath a solid map object. Even then, there is the potential that the blast will reach you and kill you. (all maps are provided some shelters)
    • Try to hide in the center of that platform to maximize the chances of the blast missing you.
  • Note how wide the explosion is, and you may find something that can withstand it from all angles.
  • Note that the thunder will more likely to attract player if the server is empty. Stand near the shelter if it is empty.
  • Hyper: The thunderstorm has an explosive range of 28 studs, about the same as the normal, but the first strike will hit faster, and more frequent thunderstorms.

Time Bombs

  • Take cover in a large (ideally indestructible) shelter, but be wary that the explosion may reach you from outside.
  • Alternatively, use the Gravity or Fusion Coil, zoom out to third-person, and jump away from the explosion of any time bombs nearby. You can optionally enable shift-mouse-lock to maintain the controls of first-person.
    • If you do use this strategy, look down instead of looking up; they can roll and bounce unpredictably.
  • Time Bombs can also roll off slanted blocks and run into you.
  • The best way is to stand in the corner of the map so that you won't be get explosion.
  • A good way to survive would to to stay at a slanted place, like the pipe in Wacky Warehouse.
  • Hyper: The bombs are now in the shape of a square/cube, which makes it more prone to bouncing. The blast is about 40 studs wide and deals 80 damage if you are close to it. Instakills when you are in the explosion.

Tiny Noobs

  • Use explosive weapons. You can finish many of them in one hit with a properly upgraded Rocket Launcher.
  • Equipping a gear with a Legendary Cloak Orb will make you virtually invincible to them.

Tipping Block

  • Starts at the top left corner of the map, which gives you time to have your equipment ready.
  • Moves at random, so it's best to keep distance and predict its movements the best you can.
  • If you look closely, a light blue space will illuminate, giving away where it will go to next. Use that to predict its movements.
  • Hyper: Moves faster and more randomly.
  • Impossible: Moves even faster and more unpredictable.


  • Get out of its path to avoid getting flung away.
  • The Tornado sometimes destroys the house near the end, so it is recommended to stay outdoors when this disaster occurs.


  • Stay on high places, such as the house.
    • Do NOT attempt to ride out the Tsunami on any unstable structure, as the Tsunami will carry it and possibly kill you.
  • You may want to get to the side opposite from where the tsunami is coming from, as the tsunami will be lower.
  • The tsunami comes from the direction where the water is flowing.
  • Hyper: Same as above, but it never descends. Stay at high buildings at all cost.
  • impossible: Same as hyper, but it is slightly bigger and faster. You may need to use a Gravity Coil or Fusion Coil to jump over it.
  • Pacifist: Try to get to the tallest place closest to you. If you can't get up there, looking for other places. If you can't reach a structure, go to the side of the wave, as there's usually a slim space for you to fit between the wall and the wave, allowing your survival.


  • Continuously move out of the way of the UFO to avoid getting killed.
  • Do not try to hide in a corner, stand still or stay near the sides of the map. The UFO can go out of the side of the map and through terrain to kill you.
  • Stay in a wide and open area to predict the UFO's path and avoid it safely.
  • Always keep sight of the UFO. Losing sight of it means you don't know where it will go, increasing the chances of you ending in a wipeout.
  • Seek higher ground to get a better view of the UFO, note you are not immune to it if you are on higher ground.
  • Hyper: The UFO is bigger and a wider laser beam.
  • Impossible: When UFO attacks, it doesnt stop attacking, the laser stays out for the entire duration as it moves to other places too.


  • Run in the opposite direction of the volcano. Try to stay as far away as possible, as it can launch lava very far.
  • Corners (except the one where volcano spawns) seem to be very safe as the magma blocks never hit them.
  • Hyper: The range of where the lava blocks fall is further than the normal version.

Wolven Footsoldier

  • Stay in high places so they can't kill you.
  • They can charge at you at high speeds. Try to maintain distance and dodge them when the time comes.
  • It isn't a bad idea to use melee weapons, just be on your toes.
  • When they spawn, they stay there for few seconds, howling, before attacking at you. If you want to get Bloxxer points easily, you can use the Darkheart or GM Sword to kill them as they spawn.


  • Head for a sturdy elevated surface, such as the classic house, if the map has one.
  • Regardless of the X-Bomb's orientation, the blast never hits the shop unless it is the Hyper X-Bomb. As a result, it's the perfect hiding place.
  • If you want to avoid the lasers, besides the Shop, stand between the corners and the center of a side wall, this will guarantee survival in a normal X-Bomb regardless of if it's in the X or + formation.
  • If you are high enough, you can simply avoid the blast altogether.
  • Stay away from the X-Bomb when it is about to explode! Getting near the X-Bomb is dangerous, since it also explodes like a normal bomb.
  • Hyper: The X-Bomb goes around in circles until the whole map is wiped; follow the beam's movement!
    • The closer you are to the center of the map the easier it is to avoid the beam.
      • Don't go too close, however. The bomb's blast radius itself may kill you.
    • If you have enough time, go right in front of the shop. The X-Bomb can't hit you if you stand in the middle of the shop.
    • Run quickly using Speed Coil to dodge the beams. You can also use a Epic Katana or Game Master's Coil and spam click it to constantly receive the speed boost. Be careful not too accidentally run into the laser in front of you.
  • Impossible: Watch to see which parts of the bomb won't shoot and try to stay towards the center for a better chance to follow.
  • Pacifist: For normal, the shop would be safe. For Hyper, you would have to move a bit closer to the bomb, but not too close that it kills you. The beam would be fast the start, but would slow down noticeably for a while. However, for Impossible, it is possible to survive as a pacifist, however, incredibly difficult to perform. You just have to be near to the center, but not die from it. Stay near the center as much as you can as it can gurantee your survival.

Zerg Lurker

  • The Zerg Lurker spawns in the middle of the map and continuously fires a line of spikes across the map dealing instant death to anyone near the ground nearby, so stay far from it or get to high ground.
  • Jumping with a Gravity or Fusion Coil isn't a bad choice as you can jump higher than the spikes, but may cause your demise when you near the ground.
  • The hole is not safe. Don't try to stay and survive there.
  • Hyper: Same as above, but shoots spikes faster; as mentioned above, stay as far as you can and get to high ground.
  • Impossible: Sometimes, people run around with a Speed Coil to lure the Zerg Lurker, but dodge the spikes at last second. During Impossible Zerg Lurker, doing such a thing is extremely difficult, as the Lurker can detect the player in higher areas, the spikes are bigger, the reaction is faster, and the spikes stay for some time.


  • They are similar to the Minions, but they are about as fast as regular Noobs, and they deal ~30 damage per touch.
  • Using the Lightning Staff is the best choice.
  • Make sure to use a Speed or Fusion Coil, or the Epic Katana/GM Sword if they are getting too close for comfort.
  • Zombies will infect players if they kill them, turning them into another zombie. Be wary!
  • Infected Player zombies are faster than normal zombies so be aware of that.
  • Hyper: Zombies move faster and instantly kill, the best way is to stay in a high place or near the walls. Do not attempt melee combat and use something ranged instead.

Boss Hints

All bosses can be effectively killed by using any ranged weapons from the higher ranks (using Damage Boost and Bosshunter Orbs may also be ideal), but you still must be careful not to get killed.


  • His dodgeballs do a lot of damage, dealing about half of your health. He jumps a lot, and has HP (2000). A mixture of the Lightning Staff and other ranged weapons should help defeat him.
  • If Alexnewton manages to hit you, jump quickly and use the Regen Coil or anything that you can escape with to get safe again.
  • Once Alexnewtron takes a break before throwing the next set of dodgeballs, try to melee him with a GM Sword or Epic Katana and then after a couple of seconds, dash out to avoid damage or death!
  • Hyper: Alexnewtron now throws (Yoshi) eggs instead of balls, He is difficult to kill, as you can get killed easily once you're trapped in a Yoshi egg nearby. It's best to just stay away from him.

Black Mage

  • The left and right sides of the map are safe from the fireball attack.
  • The best way to avoid the green poisonous gas created by Black Mage is to use the Regen Coil, Speed Coil, and/or Gravity Coil, as they will help you swiftly avoid the poisonous gas.
  • High damage on the Black Mage matters if you want to kill her, as she can heal herself for 300 HP.
  • Hyper: Instead of throwing fireballs irregularly, she throws them in a patter as a cross or an almost grid-like shape. Her poisonous gas now deals twenty damage and is now purple. Dark Mage now heals 1000 HP.

Crimson Balrog

  • As long as you keep moving relatively quickly, you should be fine.
  • If the Balrog is chasing you, try to keep running in circles to dodge.
  • If you can, dodge by jumping with the Gravity Coil.
  • They have relatively low HP, and should be easy to defeat if you have good ranged weapons.
  • Their projectiles can make rockets from the Rocket Launcher explode without being near them, therefore eating it. Use the Rocket Launcher whenever they are not shooting their projectiles at you.
  • Hyper: Same as above, but now has a shield that decreases the damage he takes. He can still be killed, however.

Giant Noob

  • Use the Speed Coil or any other fast movement-enhancing items to avoid the Giant Noob.
  • To avoid a body slam, move to the left or right of the Giant Noob.
  • If possible, keep a safe distance from the Giant Noob.
  • Hyper: Giant Noob is now called King Noob, his hyper counterpart. He also sports a crown. He has much more health, and although he does not gain new attacks, he is stronger.

Giant Zombie

  • Stay away from it. If you are close enough it can grab you and instantly kill you.
  • Use ranged weapons to space the distance from it and safely deal damage. Melee weapons will increase of death if you're not careful.


  • The Gravity Coil should allow you to dodge most of his attacks except for the upper slashes. Use a Speed Coil if your reaction time is slow.
  • Stay as far away from the Reaper as possible so you can react quick enough to dodge his attacks.
  • His scythe will instantly kill you, so do not touch it.
  • Hyper: Use a combination of the Speed and Gravity Coils, or the Fusion Coil to dodge his three slashes. Try to avoid the large orb attacks; they are very large and can kill you instantly, but come towards you very slowly. If you are on low health, you should REALLY stay away from the orbs, as they can zap you for 20 damage, similarly to the Lightning Staff.
    • If dodging is NOT your strong suit, focus on dodging only and don't attack.
  • Mystery: Assume that the reaper will hit you and preemptively move away from your position. Don't move too much, as you may follow a person and get killed.


  • Undyne's spears are launched faster than your walkspeed when you are close to her. When that happens, use a Speed Coil or Epic Katana.
  • Keep moving.
  • Try to stay as far away as you can while doing damage to her. Staying too close can get you killed very fast if you're not prepared.
  • Hyper: Same as above, but Undyne launches more spears and has a higher hit rate. Spears from the sides of the map which go across the map in a straight line also appear, and can damage a player with 80 HP.
    • It's best not to attack her, as her health is also buffed. Combined with the new attacks and faster walkspeed, this can make killing her with gear nearly impossible.


  • Avoid the kunais and the shockwave if you are far from distance.
  • Don't stay near the boss, otherwise you will get killed by the sword swing.
  • Stay away from spawn point or don't block the lane where the Yojimbo dash randomly.
  • Stay behind an indestructible wall. He can't throw his kunais and shurikens, and his shockwave do not pass their damage through the walls (the shockwave goes through, though).
  • Hyper: Stay behind an indestructible wall but not too close, as the explosions from his kunais may still hit you. If there are no invincible walls, stay relatively close to one of the corners of the map, but not too close.

Removed Disasters (Archived)


  • There is a massive amount of them and they deal 5 damage per touch. Get to high places, but there is a chance that they can stack up and kill you.
  • Using a Speed Coil without upgrades is not effective because their walking speed is even faster than that. Use one with upgrades to outrun them.
  • Use a Lightning Staff and/or Rocket Launcher to take out groups of them.
  • They deal 30-40 damage when they group up, so using a melee weapon is not recommended unless you have the proper upgrades in place.
    • However, you may use a Darkheart, as you get HP back as you attack them. You may need to use some Orbs to recover enough health, however.
  • If you have a ranged weapon, you can kill them safely from high ground.

Fire Breath

  • Always stay on the other side when Fire Breath comes down from one side, as it will shoot fire across halfway in the room.
  • After it lands and shoots fire, it shoots three missiles into the sky. Look at the top of the screen, and use the Gravity or Fusion Coil to see if you're near one (but be careful not to hit the missiles, as they do minor damage).
  • Hyper: Fire Breath moves and attacks faster. Also, instead of 3 missiles, he shoots 6 projectile bombs. Do as you would normally.

Dr. Robotnik

  • Constantly move behind Robotnik's Egg Mobile, as he cannot see you.
  • Use the Gravity or Fusion Coil to jump over Robotnik and prevent damage, as he never moves upward.

Hammer Eggman

  • Make sure you always stay on the opposite side of where Eggman is and use a Gravity or Fusion Coil so you can dodge all of his attacks.
  • You can use a Regen Coil to heal yourself before Eggman fires another arrow in case you accidentally get hit. Adding a Tanker Orb to the Coil can help increase your survival chance.
    • Alternatively, use your strongest healing item (preferably Pizza) and add the strongest Metabolism Orb and Auto-heal Orb you have at the moment. Repeatedly tap your mouse's left click or mobile device screen to tank through the disaster without having to move.
  • Hyper: Eggman will stay on the right side of the 2D map. He will keep firing from that pole only. A Gravity or Fusion Coil is necessary.
  • Impossible: Similar to Hyper, except the poles are taller and he fires three arrows at once. Try to predict where the arrows will fire.