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For a list of all disasters, check the "Disasters" category.

Disasters are the main event in the Survive The Disasters series, appearing every round. They occur in-game, and will try to kill unprepared players. The goal is to survive every Disaster.

Type of Disasters

Noobs are a common example of humanoid disaster.

  • Humanoid/Enemy: All disasters in this category are based on humanoid or similar creatures that attempt to chase and kill the player. Some humanoids have a life bar, meaning a player can defeat it. However, there are humanoids that have infinite life and, as a result, cannot be attacked by the player. Usually a humanoid has unusual powers and effects. Examples include Noobs, Guest Ambush, and Crimson Balrog.


There is a timer between every Disaster and in-game. As of now, there are three types of timers, displayed below.

"Break Time"

After a Map is selected during the Stage Select, a "Break Time" counter will appear at the top of the screen. A Danger Mode cannot appear after this timer, or on the first round. It lasts for 60 seconds.

Disaster Counter

When a disaster occurs, the name will be displayed with a counter. When the counter hits 0, and the player is still alive, they will obtain Achievements, which in turn gives them Coins and EXP. If the player has been killed, they still obtain 10% of the amount of survival award they would normally earn, and half of their normal Bloxxer award (and if they collected a Memo, they receive the full "Memo Collected" bonus); if the player is killed during the last three seconds, they instead earn half of their survival award. This timer varies between disasters.

"Next Disaster In"

After the first disaster on the map, a "Next Disaster In" counter will appear. If the next round selected is a Warning Round, it'll display "WARNING!!!" instead. This timer is much shorter than the Break Time one, lasting for only 15 seconds instead of 60.

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