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Death Trampoline is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Death Trampoline appears as a dark grey baseplate that spawns slightly above the floor level. It is a trap, as coming in contact with it will fling any players very high up until they get wiped out by an invisible killbrick.

For the hyper and impossible variants, the difference is all about height. The higher Death Trampoline is, the harder the variant. Compared to standard and hyper Death Trampoline, the impossible variant makes it considerably higher, almost reaching the maximum height of Rising Lava.

Disaster Memo Information

"Death Trampoline will appear on the absolute floor level. You are safe if you are elevated, otherwise you'll be launched up to the sky and it's over. Be careful when standing on damaged buildings or bricks that aren't snapped on the ground, or you'll get launched with them!"

"Death Trampoline will appear 4 studs higher than the absolute floor level. You are safe if you are elevated, otherwise you'll be launched up to the sky and it's over. Be careful when standing on damaged buildings or bricks that aren't snapped on the ground, or you'll get launched with them!"

Survival Tips

  • It's wise to get on the highest possible surface that is safe from Death Trampoline, as it spawns instantly as soon as the disaster warning disappears.
  • If you're on the ground when this disaster occurs, immediately jump with a Gravity Coil or Fusion Coil and seek some higher ground.
  • Do not stand on loose objects, or you'll be flung along with them.
  • Don't stand on the lower points of the map. Move toward any hills.
  • Being in the Leaderboard area of the Shop structure is very reliable for any variant because of its indestructibility and presence in every map.


  • Death Trampoline is the only disaster (apart from Token Hunt bonus rounds), that does not teleport players back into the map if they appear to go beyond map barriers.
    • This is very commonly used as a strategy by players to predict if the next round is the usual Death Trampoline, either appearing as a standard, hyper, impossible or Mystery Disaster. This can be done by using the "Rocket Jump" feature of the Rocket Launcher - for which you shoot a rocket under your feet - and equipping a Fusion Coil after, in order to gain an immense boost upwards, and to check if they get teleported back into the map. If that does not happen, it can be confirmed that the next disaster is any of the previously mentioned variants of Death Trampoline.
  • Touching the Death Trampoline (& getting flung and killed by it) will award the Reach The Skies badge.
  • In the original game (Survive The Disasters! Classic), Death Trampoline was called Trampoline of Death. Other than the name change, nothing about this disaster was different.
  • The carpet on Plastic Palace, the pathway on Spooksville and the light plates on Galantasy are partially safe from the standard Death Trampoline due to being 0.25 studs off the baseplate. Do not trust standing on them though, as there is a chance your legs can clip through the part and accidentally touch the Trampoline.
  • The player spawns (not the enemy/humanoid spawns) make the player, when bounced up, get stuck in them. This is because, during Death Trampoline, forcefields are put around of the player spawns so that dead players couldn't be stuck in a loop of bouncing up over and over again. This also results in players who are under the player spawns live unscathed.
  • If the player touches the trampoline while under something solid, they may get stuck in a loop of bouncing against that object.
    • This does not occur if the object is slanted or curved, such as the pipe in Wacky Warehouse, and may result in the player getting flung regardless.


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