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Dastardly Skate was the 2nd of the two skateboards featured in Survive The Disasters 2, it was used as a method of transportation.

In-Game Description

"Ride around the map with this awesome skateboard"


The Dastardly skate was a gear used for transportation.


Click on the ground near you to place down the skateboard. To mount the dastardly skate, simply stand on top of it. Use WASD to guide the skateboard. Press the space key on the keyboard to jump. Hold the Ctrl key and press P to dismount and pick up the skateboard.


  • The Dastardly skate would not protect you getting flung and killed during a Death Trampoline round.
  • The Blue Yonder and the Dastardly Skate were the only two skateboards that made into the actual game but ended up being scrapped in earlier versions.

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