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Dandy Desert is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2.


This map takes place in a desert-like area that is filled with cacti, some hills, and a bridge. There are also small pillars, probably referencing that this desert was once a sight for Egyptian civilization in older times. There's also a floating object located above the bridge that rises up and down that players can jump on to avoid disasters more easily.

Key Features

  • The classic ROBLOX house, with a ladder for access to the roof without the use of a Gravity Coil.
  • Many cacti.
  • Some pillars.
  • A tower right next to the house.
  • A castle-like structure next to the house.
  • A river.
  • Some canyons.


  • This is one of the oldest maps in the Survive The Disasters series.
  • Dandy Desert, along with other maps, received a Halloween-themed version in Version 1.23.
  • In Version 41.5 and Version 41.6, the holiday updates, Dandy Desert received a winter theme.
  • The cacti are actually part of a ROBLOX hat named King of the Cactai.


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