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Crimson Balrog is a boss in Survive The Disasters 2.


Crimson Balrogs are enemies that originate from the popular game MapleStory. In-game, they are two flying enemies that appear in the middle of the map, and will chase the closest survivors. Once in enough range of a target, Crimson Balrogs will launch swift electric spheres that deal 30 ~ 35 damage each. Such attack makes it hard for players to avoid without gears and is able to damage players several times, depending on how long the player comes in contact with them.

Crimson Balrogs share high health, but can be easily baited if the target is under a solid structure. The electric spheres will not phase through parts and will be continuously fired until the end of the round, so, in this scenario, it's recommended to defeat them with ranged weapons, such as the Golden Ninja Stars.

Hyper Crimson Balrog

Instead of two Crimson Balrogs, two Geist Balrogs appear. They have a purple and white appearance rather than the dark brown, and are much stronger. Geist Balrogs keep their sphere attack, but can now also summon lightning strikes, which deal 30 damage each if any players are nearby them.

Occasionally, Geist Balrogs will use their special ability which is the Shield: a defensive aura circles around them and reduces received damage dealt by survivors by around 50%, making it much harder to defeat them.

Disaster Memo Information

"Two balrogs are ambushing the map! They will attack a random target. They will stop chasing a target if they are too fast for them, or if they are well covered. They are fast and dangerous, it's recommended to use a speed equipment to successfully escape their range. You can hide from them, but they still can destroy breakable parts. They launch electric spheres that deal 30 ~ 35 damage."

Memo currently unwritten.

Survival Tips

  • As long as you use movement gear and keep moving relatively quickly, you should be fine.
  • If Crimson Balrogs are chasing you, get to the closest solid structure or cover. Their projectiles will not phase through.
  • If Crimson Balrogs are constantly moving, use a Neon Laser Gun to attack them. Star-projectile ranged weapons will not work as they will mostly miss the Balrogs.


  • Crimson Balrog originates from the popular game Maplestory.
  • If Geist Balrogs are killed, they will glow white before disappearing.
  • Hyper Crimson Balrog used to be a single Geist Balrog, rather than the current two. This change was made in Version 41.7.
  • In the 2017 April Fools update, the disaster warning was changed to "Big Bang Patch", in reference to a game-changing update in MapleStory.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), Hyper Crimson Balrog had its round duration changed to 120 seconds, which was considered a super boss, along the likes of Hyper Reaper and Hyper Black Mage. The Geist Balrog also had more health.
  • On Sky Sanctuary Zone, an april fools map, Geist Balrog would be trapped in the center upon spawning.
  • As of Version 41, Crimson Balrog's health has been increased from 2800 to 4000 while the bloxxer has been increased from 700 to 900.

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