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Crazy Robloxian is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


He's hungry for hot dogs! Crazy Robloxian is a giant enemy that spawns in the middle of the map, like most bosses.
He will pursue the closest survivors, at a super fast speed, while constantly screaming "Give me the hot dog!". Upon contact with any of Crazy's body parts, players get dealt 15 damage quickly, also being hard to outrun due to his walkspeed. It's wise to hide in or behind a solid tall structure (such as the Gear Shop) as Crazy Robloxian destroys everything he touches.

Disaster Memo Information

"Crazy Robloxian has turned huge! Crazy's walkspeed is incredibly high (125), so outrunning may take some effort. Hide under places that are at least bigger than his legs. Each of his body parts will do 15 damage on contact with the player, and his torso breaks map parts."

"Hyper Crazy Robloxian has a walkspeed of 150 instead of 100."

Survival Tips

  • Use a Speed or Fusion Coil, or an Epic Katana, to avoid the Crazy Robloxian.
  • Find shelter.
  • It is recommended to hide in or behind tall indestructible areas, such as Tea Topia in City Park.
  • The Gear Shop is always safe from Crazy Robloxian.


  • Crazy Robloxian is the only enemy in Survive The Disasters 2 that doesn't have any animations.
  • Crazy Robloxian is based off CrazyRobloxians, a now defunct youtube series by Alexnewtron of MeepCity fame, based around the titular character.
  • As of Version 41, Crazy Robloxian's health has been increased from 5000 to 8000 while the bloxxer has been increased from 999 to 1399. His torso now breaks map parts.
  • In the old Candy Cloud map, Crazy Robloxian would break due to the bridge's placement. This also occurred with Giant Noob and Giant Zombie.
  • In Version 41.67, Crazy Robloxian's shirt was recolored to orange for Halloween.
  • Crazy Robloxian is a mini-boss and can drop loot (coins and orbs) if killed.
  • Hyper Crazy Robloxian along with it's memo exists in-game. It can only be summoned by the owner or the game administrators instead of spawning naturally in the game script.

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