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Counterfeit Coins are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Shiny coins will constantly fall down from the sky... except they're all fake! These counterfeit coins can either be made of silver or gold, and may prove not rewarding at all, compared to the real ones. Upon contact, silver Counterfeit Coins will either play a "smack!" sound and deal 50 damage, or instantly kill you with an explosion. The gold ones may prove fatal regardless upon touched, as in both situations - "slap" and explosion - the attack is instant kill.
Counterfeit Coins will not disappear even after the round ends, and will stay on the floor for around a minute and a half. This potentially makes them what could kill you in other disaster rounds, so avoid them at all costs and do not fall for the bait!

Disaster Memo Information

"Counterfeit coins start falling from the sky! They’re not collectable, and they may harm you. The fake coins stay even after the round is over, and will disappear after 100 seconds. To tell which coins are fake, the letters on the coins are swapped. Normally it would display "SD". It’s hard to tell at a quick glance so make sure you know for sure before collecting them."

Survival Tips

  • During the round, do not go for any coins that are on the floor, there is a high chance they are fake.
  • Get under solid cover to avoid the risk of being hit by one directly.
  • Counterfeit Coins are what could kill you in the next few rounds. Do not collect them!


  • Counterfeit Coins were added in Version 41.6, during the Disaster Rotation Event for Weeks 1 and 3. They were officially added in Version 41.62.
  • Counterfeit Coins have an inverted "SD" logo on them, compared to the real coins.
  • Players are able to survive a direct "smack hit" from golden Counterfeit Coins by using a Tanker orb. This does not apply to the explosions, as they instant kill regardless.

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