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Coil Noobs are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Coil Noobs are the classic noob humanoids that chase the closest player, but this time, they got special gear! There are three types of Noobs that appear in this disaster; Gravity Noobs, Speed Noobs, and Regen Noobs, all holding their respective coils.

For the hyper counterpart, Coil Noobs deal double the damage (28 rather than 14) and have more health.

Disaster Memo Information

"Oh no! Noobs have stolen coils from the store! Speed Noobs are equipped with Speed Coil, Gravity Noobs with Gravity Coil, and finally- Regen Noobs with Regen Coil. They have the exact characteristics as Noobs, doing 14 damage on contact."

"Oh no! Noobs have stolen coils from the store! Not only did they steal the coils, Hyper Coil Noobs have upgraded them as well! They do 28 damage on contact, just like Hyper Noobs."

Survival Tips

  • Using movement gear such as Fusion Coil and Epic Katana basically guarantees your survival. Coil Noobs are the easiest noob-type disaster.
  • At higher Ranks, it may be helpful to kill the Noobs with the weapons at your disposal. The Darkheart, Epic Katana, and Game Master's Sword are good melee choices, especially the Darkheart, since it heals you as you deal damage.


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