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City Park is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2.


City Park is set in a small city with tall buildings surrounding it. The buildings are linked to an urban theme. For example, there is a hospital, a tea house, an electric sign, etc.

Halloween 2017

A variation of the night version; the map was given a new ambiance to fit the update, with an orange color.

Halloween 2019

The colors for this halloween theme drastically change. It features a purple-ish environment, being mostly affected by the skybox.

Halloween 2021

Very similar to the Halloween 2019 theme, except the skybox has changed to be more fantasy-themed, and other decorations have been added: a few pumpkins and cobwebs

Key Features

  • The classic ROBLOX House, not being fully constructed (roof is unfinished).
  • An electric billboard above a building, displaying the text "SURVIVE THE DISASTERS!!!"
  • A "Tea Topia" building.
  • A hospital building to the north-west.
  • A large Christmas Tree that was partially climbable on the southwest-side of City Park. It was temporarily available only in the update of Version 1.25.
  • House-like buildings around the south-side of the map.
  • A high tower with a star on the top, located at the northeast-side of the map.
  • Buildings outside the playable area, with varied sizes.
  • A 'red cover' on the northwest-side.
  • Signs with advertisements on them, belonging to the eastern-side of the map.
  • A crane that can be partially climbed.


  • This map received two extra musical themes on its limited-time April Fools' event version. These were a modified version of both "Fourside" by Vyriss, and "Grand Metropolis" by SiIvagunner.
  • This is one of the most popular maps in-game.
  • City Park was added on the demo version of the game.
  • City Park is one of four maps that have access to the void. The other three being Sky Ruins, Galantasy and Acid Depths.

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