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Candy Cloud is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


The map's theme is one that resembles many sweets that you can think of. From cake to donuts, and even lollipops. Even the buildings themselves are made out of some kind of delicious treat. The house at the front of the map is made out of watermelon, the tower on the left side of the picture is what we could assume is made out of a cake topped with a cherry that you can push around. This map is generally one of the most chosen due to its eye appealing setting.

Key Features

  • A bridge spanning over a chocolate river in the center of the map.
  • The classic ROBLOX house, right of the shop, decorated like a watermelon.
  • A tower playset left of the shop.
  • Three Movable Cherries found on towers.
  • A glass bottle that you can enter.
  • Donuts, lollipops, cookies, chocolate bars and other decorative food scattered around the map.
  • Mountains made of cake.
  • Clouds for shelter protection.


  • Candy Cloud was created by Metaecho.
  • This map is based off the Sweet Mountain stage from Sonic Colors.
  • Many players try to enter the bottle, which mostly ends up with the bottle flinging somewhere else.
  • This map was closed Version 1.29 due to unknown reasons, it later reopened with a remastered map in Version 39.
  • The map got a spooky theme for Version 41.
  • The map was updated with more open space and given a festive theme which included an Easter Egg for Version 41.5. This Easter Egg was the famous Santa Coca-Cola Bottle.
  • In the old Candy Cloud, Giant Zombie, Giant Noob, and Crazy Robloxian all glitched out because of the bridge's placement.


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