Camp Caution is an upcoming map for Survive The Disasters 2.


Camp Caution is a wilderness themed map. The scenery is peaceful and natural. 

Key Features

  • 3 Log Cabins
  • A giant campfire with usable logs
  • A huge lake with a small pier
  • Huge woods surrounding the interior of the map
  • Many pine trees
  • A big sign reading "Camp"
  • Big Boulders scattered around.


  • This map is an upcoming map for Version 42 of the game.
  • The map was inspired from a fan made map for the game.
  • Camp Caution is a reference to the Woods map from April Fools 2017.
  • Camp Caution once had a daylight cycle that would get darker overtime and have the sun rise on the final round. This was removed for an unknown reason.
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