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Cactoball is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Cactoball will rise out of the ground and lock on to random survivors. It will then throw very large spiked balls at random survivors, potentially rolling towards players and dealing 50 damage upon contact along with its outer spikes. Cactoball will repeat this process four times, before sinking back down to reload. All the spiked balls remain until the round ends.

Disaster Memo Information

"Stacktus the Cactus heaves giant cactoballs! It'll launch 4 cactoballs at random players and it goes into the ground to regenerate more cactoballs. It takes 1.5 seconds for the spikes to be fully grown on the thrown cactoballs, Spikes do not hurt until they are grown. Spikes do 50 damage. while touching the cacto ball does 100. Hiding inside buildings or small areas where the cactoballs can't fit isn't necessarily safe, since the spikes can reach you. Keep an eye out where the cactoballs are being thrown!"

Survival Tips

  • It is recommended to always keep moving with speed gears such as speedy coils and Epic Katana.
  • Hide behind solid and big structures that may block the cactoballs from rolling towards you, such as: pillars in Plastic Palace and Panic Pyramid, the "Tea Topia" building in City Park, etc.
  • Another viable option is to go to one of the four corners of the map, as the cactoballs will most likely fly over the map and fall off.


  • Cactoball made its first appearance in Version 41.6 during the Disaster Rotation Event for Weeks 2 and 4. It was officially added in Version 41.62.
  • Cactoball is currently the tallest disaster (at max height), passing Giant Noob by a few studs.
  • Cactoball cannot be hit, despite having health and bloxxer award.
  • Cactoball is the only Disaster in the game that uses its own body as ammunition.
  • Cactoball is the third disaster classified as an underground disaster, the others being Caterdriller and Zerg Lurker.
  • Cactoball's real name is Stactus, as seen above its head.
  • Cactoball received a temporary spooky reskin in the Halloween 2021 Update (Version 41.67).


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