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Cactoball is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It is released in Version 41.6 during the Disaster Rotation Event for Week 2 and 4. It was officially added in Version 41.62.


Cactoball will rise out of the ground and lock on to random survivors. It will then throw very large spike balls at the player, doing 50 damage on contact along with its outer spikes. It will do this four times before sinking back down to reload. All the spike balls remain until the round ends.


This memo has not been included in game.


  • Cactoball is the first disaster besides Fruit Attack from Survive the Disasters 1 that is a species of plant.
  • Cactoball is currently the tallest Disaster (at max height), passing Giant Noob by 5 studs.
  • This is the only Disaster in the game that uses its body as ammunition.
  • Cactoball is the third disaster classified as an underground disaster, the others being Zerg Lurker (soon renamed to Groundspiker) and Caterdriller.
  • Cactoball's real name is Stactus as seen on it's head when at the ground.
    • This also means it has a Humanoid Hitbox but can't be bloxxed.
  • Cactoball is likely a reference to the Pokey from the Mario franchise, sharing similar characteristics.
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