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Bosses are considered a special type of disasters, where players usually have to fight a single, harder enemy.

Boss rounds are indicated by a "Boss Time" alert, accompanied by a voice saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's showtime!". Boss rounds last for 1 minute, and will automatically end if the boss is successfully defeated.

The Boss Time alert splash.

The bosses only appear by themselves, unlike other enemies, which spawn in multitudes. They usually have their own attacks and, as a result, are more dangerous than regular enemies. They also have more health, which means they are harder to kill. If the players do manage to succeed in taking down the boss, however, they are able to reap great rewards.

In Hardcore Mode, like other disasters, they are replaced with their Hyper counterpart. Bosses without a Hyper counterpart will not make an appearance in Hardcore. In addition, Reaper, Black Mage and Yojimbo become 'Superbosses'.

Super Bosses

As mentioned, Reaper, Black Mage and Yojimbo will appear as 'Super Bosses' in Hardcore Mode. Their 'Boss Time' warning color changed from light blue to purple-red, as seen down below. They appear as their Hyper counterpart like hardcore bosses.

The difference between Superbosses and hardcore bosses is the duration and difficulty. Normal Hardcore bosses last for 60 seconds while Super Bosses last for 150 seconds. They also receive a much larger amount of HP and use special attacks compared to their standard variants. The said factors make Super Bosses harder compared to the normal Hardcore bosses.

The Super Boss Time alert splash.

Boss List

Bosses in bold become superbosses in Hardcore Mode.

List of current bosses
Boss Coin Award Bloxxer Award Health
Undyne 125 750 2500
Reaper 135 1600 10000
Giant Noob 140 1400 6000
Black Mage 135 1400 9200
Crimson Balrog 135 1800 8000
Yojimbo 140 1600 6800
Super Bosses in Hardcore
Super Boss Coin Award Bloxxer Award Health
Black Mage 1000 19000 72000
Reaper 1000 20000 66000
Yojimbo 1050 20000 40000


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