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MKmac2 MKmac2 23 May


This exists

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MalikTH MalikTH 7 January

Announcement: Shifting Focus

Hey everyone! With Version 42 on the horizon, I've decided that I want to shift the focus of the Survive the Disasters wiki.

Previously, we were covering all facets of the series, but we have decided to focus only on Survive The Disasters 2. That being said, all SD1 pages will be deleted within the coming weeks. Content included in SD1.5 will not be removed. If you would like to archive the SD1 content we have hosted on here, please do so. Also, please go through and mark all SD1 pages with Template:Delete if they aren't already marked.

In addition to that, I will implement a proper Manual of Style and an updated guide on how pages should be laid out. These guides will be enforced as soon as they are posted, and I will make another announcemen…

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Legoicekid06 Legoicekid06 20 June 2020

How to help with your wiki

Hey guys i'm going to show you guys how to fix your wiki!

Step 1: Start your own wiki

Step 2: Click on the "add page" button

Step 3: Make a description of your page and make it good

Step 4: Click on the Images or Video tab if you want to add an image or a video

Step 5: Use the "category" tab to add what section to go in

Step 6: Finish your page

Step 7: Hooray! you added a page to your wiki

Thanks for reading these steps on how to improving your wiki, I hope you enjoy bye!

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REALgeometron REALgeometron 22 December 2019

Lumberjack TIME!!!


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JupiterTehPlanet1 JupiterTehPlanet1 5 July 2019

What I want Added In Version 40

New stuff (maybe)?

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MaskedV MaskedV 10 June 2019

Leaving Roblox and Disasters 2 Community

Hello, everyone.

Guess I should explain why I stayed a bit inactive related to the wiki in general. That's just because I've left roblox and the Disasters 2 community, there will be a time where you'll have to grow up and eventually your tastes will change.

I'm on other kind of things now, and roblox isn't the same, it feels like the game itself is just getting worse and taking a bad direction in general.

I'll never forget the good times I had with this game, the wiki and the community. Thank you all for helping me to build this database, it's been a long ride since 2016. You're all awesome!

I'll not make edits or moderate here anymore, but if you have any interest in doing so, contact me and I'll check if you're the right person for that, the…

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IsthisEsh5 IsthisEsh5 2 May 2019

Impossible Killbots?/Fake Image

It's a bit difficult to make a fake image about things like this, but it's possible.

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 25 December 2018

Epic Katana And Illumina together?

Does this mark that the Epic Katana's stand is closer to the house than the Illumina's stand?

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 21 December 2018

Help me (?)

So I've been playing a lot of Survive The Disasters 4 a lot Lately, and there is something going on. There's this username called Kesl_y, and I have a problem with her. This happened not too long ago, I got the Last one Standing on Hyper Fire Breath and she was in my game, and she ends up calling me a hacker. She's saying it by private messaging me in chat, then telling my Roblox Friends who play the same game with me. This has been going on for a while so I decided enough is enough. I had blocked her. I don't even hack and I've died to some disasters with her in the server and she just keeps at it. I know she's still calling me a hacker because she is still saying it in the chat, even though I can't see her messages, they tried getting ba…

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 14 December 2018

What's the First Last One Standing you got?

Last One Standings are pretty satisfying to get. My First on I got on Survive The Disasters 2 was a Double Trouble of Stonedroid and Exploding Noobs. I got this before the Gravity Coil Strength was a thing.

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Kevin18302 Kevin18302 4 October 2018


i new there

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Washy09 Washy09 9 September 2018

Underrated Fanon


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TheTrueEnderlord TheTrueEnderlord 9 July 2018

Saving The Wiki!

I have a plan. Lots of pages got vandalized. Impossible Disasters, hyper disasters and the bad news, Mr Happy was vandalized. Mr Happy is my friend. He was vandalized by JonasCBaldi3. I saved the wiki by adding an impossible disaster page again. Help me add more articles and stop vandalism! If you want to join I will appreciate that. Comment on my blog post or send me a message in roblox. My username is levelsunnyseed11. Please help me and Save THE WIKI!!!!!!!! Thank you.

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TheTrueEnderlord TheTrueEnderlord 8 July 2018

Currently In Progess


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MaskedV MaskedV 16 June 2018

Corrupted Server Leaks

Hello, everyone!

So... I was just going to check roblox and I found that Vyriss was playing on the corrupted server (This happened at 06/15/2018). When I joined, I found out a new mechanic for Gravity (Fusion as well) Coils. Not only that, but also some leaks about disasters that still don't exist on the normal game. Let's check everything that happened with patience here...

First of all, there is an upcoming mechanic for coil that boost the player's jump power. We can call this mechanics as "Anti-Gravity Strenght". Basically this strenght bar works as an anti-gravity power for the coil, everytime the player jumps, the bar will decrease (Five jumps are enough for it to get empty). This mechanic was revealed earlier without details on Vyriss'…

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Robloxiscool96 Robloxiscool96 8 May 2018

My Birthdays 2018! 🍰 🎂

Hey guys! It’s my Birthday!!! Because now I’m am 17 Year Old!!!

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Robloxiscool96 Robloxiscool96 6 May 2018

I’m Sorry... 😢

Hey guys, Today I got First Warning, because I forgot to crop the picture, I’m Sorry what I did, But you knew what, I’m Leaving this wiki on 3 days, Goodbye...

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MaskedV MaskedV 7 April 2018

A second chance to STD Fanon Wiki

Hello everyone, so...

For those who don't know, some months ago I started a new wiki community for the fans of Survive The Disasters 2, but this wiki was supposed to archive pages and creations by fans base on the original game. This wiki was supposed to care over fan-created Disasters, Games, Mechanics, Bosses, Modes and much more!

Some users started to use it, but with the time, two users started a new project / page called "Ideas and Suggestions", it was easier to use the page as fan archives instead of using other wiki, don't get me wrong, I really appreciated the page and everything, By the way, I highlighted it on the home page.

But I think there is some people wanting the return of the "Survive The Disasters Fanon Wiki".

The poll has en…

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MrMime900 MrMime900 6 April 2018

Survive The Disasters 2 font

What font did Vyriss use in Survive The Disasters 2?

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Jetcatz1093TheRobloxian Jetcatz1093TheRobloxian 2 April 2018

When Was your first cruel Defeat?

Tell me your first cruel defeat disaster and why.

Mine was Hyper X-Bomb on Normal Mode.

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Lee2233 Lee2233 4 March 2018


First, I really wanna thanks for everyone for rejoin this wiki. Since almost three to four months I can't login my first account until I made my second account. This time, I will make some contributions for this wiki and hopefully I can finish the STD 1 topics, but I don't wanna continue to do this because there will be more exception.

Responsible is a good way to solve.

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Lee2233 Lee2233 4 March 2018

April Fools wishes

Hello everyone. Are you enjoy this game?

This topic about the wishes for April Fools event that will be started on the beginning April.

Any ideas for this event.

Post one in the comments below. 

This ideas besides disasters includes music, danger modes disaster, and many more...

Example: 7 disasters' in multi-disasters.

Comments ends at 23:59:59 GMT, 31 March 2018.

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Eyz Eyz 2 February 2018


sry if spam totally dont want badge

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HellUser HellUser 17 January 2018


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MaskedV MaskedV 15 January 2018

Expanding the wiki content

Hello everyone, I'm here to comunicate you that I'm gonna work on Survive The Disasters 1 content. My plan is to turn Survive The Disasters 2 Wiki at Survive The Disasters Wiki. We have some pages about the first game, but it's uncompleted content. Why we are focusing on one game only if we can focuse on the both? This is very important because it's hard work to fuse two major contents into a wiki, any help with that change will be very apreciated.

To begin, I need your opnion about that change, leaving a comment about this blog post will help alot.

I will change the major things, like the wiki logo, title and descriptions about it.

And to the contributors who are reading this blog post, do not feel obligated to do anything, your help is optiona…

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Nadiya2000 Nadiya2000 21 September 2017

Daily Login Suggestion

If Survive the Disasters 2 have Daily Login feature.

  • Day 1: 200 Gold
  • Day 2: 500 Gold
  • Day 3: 1000 Gold
  • Day 4: 1500 Gold
  • Day 5: 2000 Gold
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REDZONE45 REDZONE45 7 September 2017

Hardcore Early Access?

Soo... yeeah..I had some fun surfing thru V_yriss's inventory..and i found cough cough fan-art

Just Kidding. I found the place for the Hardcore mode (even tough your under rank S) so you can play it for making stuff about it.

The place will be played here:

As i checked its simply the normal place.

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REDZONE45 REDZONE45 4 August 2017

Glitches N' Tricks

So i heard that some glitches are helpful to survive hard disasters, And survival tricks  that may be helpful like really. Post in the comments what glitches you found in game-play.

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123MelvanMareo777 123MelvanMareo777 11 July 2017

Tips and Tricks STD 2

Hi, everyone!

Any help during playing this game?

Well I have tips and tricks so that you can make it easily!

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MaskedV MaskedV 20 June 2017

Appreciating all contributors

Hello to all users of our wiki, and especially a hello to the contributors of this site! I am today posting in Blog Post format a thank you to all the users that make this wiki active and with excellent content, every day seeking to add content to diverse pages!

We all know that not all contributors are currently active (I do not know why), but anyway, they've also helped this wiki grow even more and become what it is today.

And even if our community is not so popular or big, it's fun to edit pages with you, keep it up!

And all of you have been good users, so far there are no complaints or rule breaks from our site, although there was a user who confused this wiki with Fanon wiki ...

Well, in short, what I mean is...

Thank You!

- Wiki Owner

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Josephlu2021 Josephlu2021 20 June 2017

Impossible Disaster Ideas For STD2: Hardcore

Hi Guys!

And How Impossible Disasters Are Available.

Here is mine for Impossible Noobs:

Description: Noobs have Extra more health points and extreme walkspeed.

Moderate or Easy which one you picked the difficulty?

Please Post The Comments The Below to make Idea!

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MaskedV MaskedV 19 May 2017

Fanon Wiki

Hello everybody!

I'm planning something big, I'm doing a fanon wiki that I started recently, while there is no important update here and while not releasing version 1.21, I am working on 

a fanon community of this wiki, when I finish setting things up, I will list it in "External Links" on the home page, I am anxious to To open the fanon version of this wiki, I hope you all are there when I finish!

Have a good day! - Wiki Owner  

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Nadiya2000 Nadiya2000 27 April 2017

My Disaster Idea

I would like to suggest Ultima (from Final Fantasy Series) to be in Survive The Disasters 2. It has blue very large explosion at the center of the map, but not everywhere. You will be wiped out when you get caught in the Ultima explosion. You'll be safe if you go to the edge of the map. Bringing Speed Coil, Fusion Coil or GM Coil is very recommended to survive.

So, Do you like my suggestion? :)

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MaskedV MaskedV 13 April 2017

Achievements Feedback

Hello everybody, i'm wiriting this blog post to know what's your opnion about the achievements, here you can send suggestions, feedback or extra image for the achievements (I know some achievements don't have a good art), then feel free to say something here, feedbacks are a good way to help me to improve this wiki to better!

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HyperactiveMicrowave HyperactiveMicrowave 10 April 2017

Minigame Stuff

Make an idea of a Minigame. Minigames are minor events that try to reward you rather than to kill you. Before, there were 2 minigames: Token Hunt, a 2D coin-collector, and Tix Defense, protect a treasure chest from noobs.

It can be inspired from other games, for example, jump and hit a "?" Block from Super Mario Bros. as fast as you can before the time runs out.

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DeltaAurora DeltaAurora 10 April 2017

Favorite Disaster?

Mine is honestly any involving NPCS (Wolvens, Noobs, Coil Noobs, Bosses, etc.) mainly because of all the bonus XP you can earn by defeating and surviving them.

What is your favorite disaster?

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Radats Radats 8 April 2017

I'm now focusing on creating another wikia for another roblox game.

Hello fellow bloggers and viewers alike.

I have decided to create a wiki for this roblox game called, Critical Strike.

This does NOT mean that I am abandoning on contribution to this wikia at all. I will just be less focused on providing content then I used to in the past when I first joined and more into the other wikia. Here's the link here.

For those who play Critical Strike, I hope that you can help me with making that wikia as great as this one if you have the time. But, I am aware that there's still more work that needs to be done in this wikia before this one could be considered as an "Official" or "Complete" wikia.

I will still be moderating the wikia activity and such as well on a normal basis, so it won't be like I would be dead in th…

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Santi12008 Santi12008 4 April 2017

Impossible Disaster Ideas

Hi there!

Any ideas for Impossible Disasters?

Even Hardcore is not released yet, we can see if you have an idea for a Impossible Disaster!

Here is mine for Impossible Fire Breath: 

Description: Missiles are faster and instead of 6 missiles, 12 are released.

Pretty hard that one, right?

Post one in the comments below so we can see your idea!


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Cortanio Cortanio 2 April 2017

Hello, again.

I'm back, and will resume editing shortly.

However, there are some things that need to addressed.

-The categories need to be cleaned up, again -_-

-Information need to be updated.

-Pictures should have better quality.

-Pure editing to look for small mistakes in grammar/spelling.

That's all. Thanks.

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MaskedV MaskedV 2 April 2017

New page system

Hello everybody, this blog post is exclusive to contibuitors.

A few days ago, I checked other wikis and realized that one of them had a wikia command that left it more detailed, it was a command that left the page in two or more versions, showing more details about the page, the command was tabber, This command is very useful when some contributor will edit a disaster page that is present in more than one game ("It is also available on Survive The Disasters 1"). When this command is activated, you can type in a source code the contents of the version of the page / disaster, when you finish editing, all users will be able to see the page in two ways, being able to switch between the two, for example: | STD2 | | STD1 |, for those who do not unders…

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MaskedV MaskedV 26 March 2017

The Achievements List

Hello everybody, if someone is asking to yourself how many and how to win the achievements, in this Blog Post you will know more about the achievements and the complete list of them.

Warning: I'm talking about the WIKI achievements, not the in-game achievements, if you wanted the in-game achievements, then go to the Achievements page.

  • 1 Edit achievements
  • 2 Image achievements
  • 3 Category achievements
  • 4 Blog post achievements
  • 5 Wiki love achievements
  • 6 Special rewards
  • 7 I will say by the last time, it's impossible to add achievements, but it's possible to edit.

  1. First Mark (Bronze): Awarded for making 1 edit on an article!
  2. High-Five! (Bronze): Awarded for making 5 edits on articles!
  3. Rookie Survivor (Bronze): Awarded for making 10 edits on articles!
  4. Average Surv…

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MaskedV MaskedV 23 March 2017

"Unnecessary Pages"

Hello everybody who is reading another blog post.

Well, if you're a contribuitor, you know some users are creating unnecessary pages about the game, we really appreciate the help of all contributors, but it's annoying to find pages with content that nobody wants to read, or pages with bad grammar, no punctuation, or do not follow the same ideals as frequent contributors, so it's important that you think about it In what you are writing (I do not want to quote names, unless such a user crosses the boundaries). So please, try to think before creating a page, this is going to be a favorable attitude for me, the admins, the contributors and the readers of the wiki.

By the way, I will create the rules page when I have the time, to help novice use…

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MaskedV MaskedV 17 March 2017

Protecting Important/Major Pages

Everybody know, this ins't a big wiki, but it's important to remember we all strive to help and improve this wiki for Survive The Disasters Fans feel good reading our articles, so I'll try to care now about the security of the pages, I will block access to the editing of some important pages as we need That some new users become accustomed to the way contributors work and edit pages. Common pages will be released for normal editing, while more serious ones will be edited only by auto-confirmed users, and the really important pages will be edited only by administrators. I'm really trying to improve this wiki for everyone. I hope this decision is worth it. What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

- Wiki Owner

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Cortanio Cortanio 12 March 2017

Hi There.

I was just wondering, is there any specfic way I should take pictures?

Does there need to be any adjustments before I put it on the wiki?

That's all. :)

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ChaseTheRobloxFan ChaseTheRobloxFan 9 March 2017

Funny Names on Multi-Disasters

You can post a good name (in your opinion.) for a Multi Disaster!

For Example, if I had a Double Trouble of Get Down and Shedletsky, the name in my opinion will be "Get Down or Get Banned".

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Cortanio Cortanio 8 March 2017


Hello again, fellow humans.

I have a couple things that a reccomend to be fixed, but avas, I have no power to fix them.

One thing is renaming the "Mechanics" page (NOT the category) to "Minor Mechanics" becasue that's what the page basically is. The magor mechanics already have their own page, and in order for a "Mechanics" page to be in the "Mechanics" category (which is a tad confusing), I suggest renaming it.

Another thing would be renaming some categories to have the ends of them say "(Wiki)", so that people don't get confused thinking that there's a thing in the game that really isn't. A list of categories that need the "(Wiki)" to the end of it would be: Blog Posts, Browse, Fourms, Games, Help, Help Desk, Mechanics, Template Documentati…

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Cortanio Cortanio 4 March 2017


Hello, there, and if I actually talking to someone right now, how's it going.

I recently joined this wiki, (a couple days ago) and I ws wondering if I could get some tips on editing and creating pages.

The only reason I joined this wiki was to inform people about the game, and help them out. I realized that many people cna go to this wiki as a resource to help "push" them along. That;s about it. I guess I like writing stuff too.

Anyways, I just need some general tips to help get me going along this path.

I will try to continue to add info to this wiki, and I hope you have a good day.

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MaskedV MaskedV 28 February 2017

Introducing Wikia Achievements!

Hello everybody! I decided it's a good idea, then i did it. I released the

                              > WIKIA ACHIEVEMENTS

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Radats Radats 27 February 2017

I Re-Made the Rank Letters for STD2

Hi whoever might be viewing this. As you saw in the title, I re-created all of the Ranks except for S2+. The reason why I did that was because we originally had them in low quality, squished up, and not in a png format. This was all created by me except for the fonts. I fortunately found a font that was not exact, but almost identical to the original fonts Vyriss had used to create them. I will also give my thoughts on them as well. Here you go. :P

(These were all re-made by using the program Photoshop CC 2017.)

F: This was the easiest one for me. All I had to do was play with gradiency and match the inner glow to its 


E: Same with F. Had to match the colors and gradiency the best I could.

D: For this one, it took me a couple minutes to …

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MaskedV MaskedV 26 February 2017

Wikia Achievements

Hey everyone! I'm trying to improve this wiki by adding new features and other things that help it grow. But this time I want the opinion of all of you to know what you think about Achievements. That's right, Achievements (Not in-game achievements). Achievements are like prizes for every action taken by contributors here on the wiki, with Achievements we can encourage everyone to get more involved to help this wiki in a fun way! But for this to take place, I need your opinion, whether this is a bad idea or not, I await your answer!


- Wiki Owner

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