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Beehive is a disaster in Survive the Disasters 2. It is released in Version 41.6 during the Disaster Rotation Event for Week 1 and 4. It was officially added in Version 41.62.


A giant beehive falls down from the sky. After 3 seconds, the hive will disperse into hoards of bees. The bees will go after the nearest player, attacking anybody near it. Bees do 30 damage max if you are very close to it. The bees also can be blocked by walls, but they can squeeze in tight places easily. The bees move pretty quick, so use the chance to hide in cover while also distancing yourself from covers since they'll still hurt if you're nearby!


  • Beehive can potentially fall off maps with gaps that have access to the void, such as City Park, Acid Depths, Galantasy and Sky Ruins.
  • In that rare scenario, bees will not spawn and everyone is guaranteed to survive.
  • Beehive was planned to be released in Version 42.
  • It is completely safe to survive in the main structure of Atlantis, as the bees cannot go through it.

    The beehive before it lands.

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