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Badges are a Roblox mechanic used in Survive The Disasters 2, as well as many other Roblox games. Players can perform specific actions to earn these Badges in-game. The difficulty of them varies, some being very easy with others being extremely difficult.

Badges are not to be confused with Achievements; while they give in-game rewards (Coins and EXP), badges do not.

There are 65 badges currently available in the game. There are eight badges that cannot be earned, four of them being April Fools badges, three being removed, and one being unknown.

List of Badges

  • Badges in Italic text can only be obtained by enabling Pacifist Mode.
  • Badges marked with an asterisk (*) could only be obtained during April Fools 2018.
Icon Badge Name Difficulty Description
E-Rank Survivor.png
E-Rank Survivor Very easy Just getting started! Reach E-Rank.
D-Rank Survivor.png
D-Rank Survivor Easy Hanging in there! Reach D-Rank.
C-Rank Survivor.png
C-Rank Survivor Moderate Average survivor. Reach C-Rank level!
B-Rank Survivor.png
B-Rank Survivor Moderate An intermediate survivor, always shining to improve their abilities. Reach B-Rank level!
A-Rank Survivor.png
A-Rank Survivor Difficult Agility, endurance and avoidability. Reach A-Rank level!
S-Rank Survivor.png
S-Rank Survivor Difficult Unstoppable. Invincible. The Disaster Master. Reach S-Rank level!
Silver Easy Reach Silver skill rank!
Gold.png Gold Moderate Reach Gold skill rank!
Platinum.png Platinum Difficult Reach Platinum skill rank!
Diamond.png Diamond Extremely difficult Reach Diamond skill rank!
Master.png Master Insanely difficult Reach Master skill rank!
Survivalist.png Survivalist Moderate Survive 100 times in-game.
Skilled Survivor.png Skilled Survivor Moderate Survive 250 times in-game.
Expert Survivor.png Expert Survivor Difficult Survive 500 times in-game.
Veteran Survivor.png Veteran Survivor Difficult Survive 1000 times in-game.
True Survivalist.png True Survivalist Very difficult Survive 2000 times in-game.
Disaster Master.png Disaster Master Extremely difficult Survive 4000 times in-game.
7 Streak.png 7 Streak Easy Reach a 7 survival streak.
21 Streak.png 21 Streak Moderate Reach a 21 survival streak.
50 Streak.png 50 Streak Difficult Reach a 50 survival streak.
100 Streak.png 100 Streak Extremely difficult Reach a 100 survival streak.
7 Streak (Hardcore).png 7 Streak (Hardcore) Moderate Reach a 7 survival streak in Hardcore Mode.
21 Streak (Hardcore).png 21 Streak (Hardcore) Difficult Reach a 21 survival streak in Hardcore Mode.
50 Streak (Hardcore).png 50 Streak (Hardcore) Very difficult Reach a 50 survival streak in Hardcore Mode.
100 Streak (Hardcore).png 100 Streak (Hardcore) Insanely difficult Reach a 100 survival streak in Hardcore Mode.
7 Streak (Pacifist).png 7 Streak (Pacifist) Moderate Reach a 7 survival streak with Pacifist Mode enabled.
21 Streak (Pacifist).png 21 Streak (Pacifist) Difficult Reach a 21 survival streak with Pacifist Mode enabled.
50 Streak (Pacifist).png 50 Streak (Pacifist) Extremely difficult Reach a 50 survival streak with Pacifist Mode enabled.
Last One Standing.png Last One Standing Difficult In a server with at least 7 players, be the only player to survive the round
Spinner.png Spinner Moderate Spin the Orb Gachapon 15 times.
Gambler.png Gambler Difficult Spin the Orb Gachapon 45 times.
Golden Spinner.png Golden Spinner Very difficult Spin the Orb Gachapon 110 times.
Two For The Price Of One.png Two For The Price Of One Moderate Trade enough Orbs to get two higher-tier Orbs at once.
Legendary!.png Legendary! Difficult Roll a Legendary Orb in the Orb Gachapon.
Coins, Coins!.png Coins, Coins! Difficult Collect a total of 100,000 Coins.
Millionaire.png Millionaire Extremely difficult Collect a total of 1,000,000 Coins.
Gladiator.png Gladiator Easy Accumulate 1,000 EXP from killing Enemies.
Exterminator.png Exterminator Moderate Accumulate 7,500 EXP from killing Enemies. (Currently unobtainable due to a bug)
Bounty Hunter.png Bounty Hunter Difficult Accumulate 30,000 EXP from hunting Enemies.
Collector.png Collector Moderate Collect 10 unique memos.
Bookworm.png Bookworm Difficult Collect 25 unique memos.
Librarian.png Librarian Very difficult Collect 50 unique memos.
Chaos Emerald.png Chaos Emerald Moderate Find the hidden Chaos Emerald in Green Hill Zone. (No longer obtainable)
The Legend of the Sparkling Sword.png The Legend of the Sparkling Sword Easy Touch the explosive Illumina sword.
Button Masher.png Button Masher Moderate Press the green button during a Press The Button round by jumping on it.
Take Aim.png Take Aim Difficult Use a Lightning Staff to shoot down the hot air balloon, on the bottom right, on Plastic Palace.
A dance with Death.png A Dance with Death Difficult Survive Hyper Reaper.
Point Blank.png Point Blank Easy Touch Missile Strike before it explodes.
Justive Unserved.png Justice Unserved Difficult Deal at least 1 damage if Undyne got defeated. (No longer obtainable)
Nuke Defused.png Nuke Defused Very difficult Defeat the Terran Ghost before the bomb is launched. (No longer obtainable)
Mountain Climber.png Mountain Climber Moderate Climb to the very top during an Avalanche round.
One of Them.png One Of Them Easy Get killed by Zombies.
You Are What You Eat.png You Are What You Eat Easy Take a bite of turkey leg during a Shedletsky round.
Reach The Skies.png Reach The Skies Easy Get bounced up during a Death Trampoline round.
Deadly Horseback Ride.png Deadly Horseback Ride Difficult Stand on the Missile Launcher while you're alive.
Death's Bed.png Death's Bed Insanely difficult Defeat Crimson Reaper (Hyper Reaper).
Witch Hunter.png Witch Hunter Insanely difficult Defeat Dark Mage (Hyper Black Mage).
Dishonored.png Dishonored Insanely difficult Defeat Masamune (Hyper Yojimbo)
Token Hunter (A).png Token Hunter (A) Difficult Collect 600 Token points on Token Hunt A.
Token Maniac (A).png Token Maniac (A) Insanely Difficult Collect 1000 Token points on Token Hunt A.
An Unfriendly Welcome.png An Unfriendly Welcome Easy Damage Mr. Happy.
Survivor of the Apocalypse (April Fools 2018).png Survivor of the Apocalypse* Difficult Complete wave 10 in the Zombie Survival mode. (No longer obtainable)
King of the Apocalypse (April Fools 2018).png King of the Apocalypse* Very difficult Complete wave 20 in the Zombie Survival mode. (No longer obtainable)
Merciless (April Fools 2018).png Merciless* Moderate Kill 10 innocents as the murderer during the Murder Mystery mode. (No longer obtainable)
Trigger Happy (April Fools 2018).png Trigger Happy* Moderate Shoot the murderer during the Murder Mystery mode. (No longer obtainable)
TheSecretTest.png ???? Unknown You and your team fought and won... Congratulations! (Not obtainable yet)
Halloween2021.png Halloween 2021 Extremely easy Play the Halloween 2021 update for Survive The Disasters 2. (No longer obtainable)

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