Bad Time is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 3 and Survive The Disasters 4.


Survive The Disasters 3

The Bad Time Memo was an exact copy of the Acid Rain Memo.

Survive The Disasters 4

"The easiest enemy."


Players are teleported to a 2D stage, where they have to dodge several laser beams fired by Gaster Blasters and bones which appear inside the box. Each laser and bone does 30 damage.

Bad Time received new attacks in Survive The Disasters 4, based on some of Sans's bone attacks, which do 30 damage as well.


  • This disaster was based off of the final Genocide Route boss fight in the game Undertale.
  • There was a disaster called Gaster Blasters in the demo that was similar to this but had diagonal blasters.
    • The final demo version didn't have Sans standing in the background.
  • It seems to be classified as a Boss, though it is not possible to kill it.
  • The memo description in Survive The Disasters 4 is a reference to Sans's boss description in Undertale, "the easiest enemy"


Bad Time has been removed for copyright reasons.

And since Megalovania was Copyrighted, the alternate song was Town Talk by Gerhard Narholz.

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