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Atlantis is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


The map appears to be the remains of an underwater citadel, where it has rocks, corals, towers, temples and there are some aquatic animals on the scenery. This map has undergone great and multiple changes during its development, an older version can be played in the prequel version.

Key Features

  • A ruined temple structure that replaces the classic ROBLOX house.
  • Pieces of an old palace.
  • Large bones and a ship in the background.
  • Treasure chests.
  • Some rocks and corals.
  • Two marble temples, used for cover.
  • Destructible towers.


  • The Atlantis is one of the oldest maps in Survive The Disasters 2, being present in the original Survive The Disasters. The other one is Dandy Desert.
  • There is an unused song for this map called "Echobo" by Anamanaguchi. This song was removed due copyright issues.
  • In Version 41.5 and Version 41.6, Atlantis received its winter themes. One being daytime, the other being nighttime.
    • The terrain, structures and spawn points were recolored to light blue, while the shipwreck is covered in snow.
    • This makes the map the first one to have two winter themes at once.


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