Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion is a Disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Multiple different aliens will start appearing from a UFO that spawns in a random enemy spawn point. They are classic humanoids that wield laser guns and normally pursue the closest survivors. The aliens also move randomly while chasing due to them being able to get stuck behind structures. It is best to hide as their laser beams can deal massive damage in groups.

For the hyper counterpart, the aliens move and shoot faster, and are immune to Doom's Touch while losing damage. They now deal 18 damage and tend to jump more often. Prior to Version 41.5, their lasers could break blocks, which was unintended.

Memo Information

  • Standard:

"A UFO will appear on a random enemy spawn, warping 9 different aliens. Aliens will shoot lasers nearby players dealing 16 damage."

  • Hyper:

"Comparing to standard Alien Invasion, the UFO will warp 12 different aliens. Hyper aliens have faster walkspeed, deal 18 damage with their laser beams and have the tendency to move and jump around a lot, with better aiming."


  • Upon spawning, the UFO will fade in, and also slightly lower from its original spawn point. This is done to make it appear that the UFO is arriving as opposed to just spontaneously appearing.
  • The weapons used by the aliens have infinite range and they never miss. It is recommended to stay behind cover.
  • It is advised that you stay away and hide behind an object. They cannot destroy parts, and will rarely get around them.
  • The Lightning Staff is still a viable option to fight the aliens
  • The lasers that aliens shoot can go through players.
  • When killed by the lasers, the parts of the player emit a red sparkle effect.
    • Although incredibly difficult to perform, if one manages to barely survive, they can keep this effect without dying.
    • It was later removed in Version 1.32.
  • In the old Hyper Alien Invasion, their lasers destroyed blocks that they came into contact with. This feature was removed in Version 41.5 making Hyper Alien Invasion significantly easier.
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