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On this page your learn how to add your page like as disaster. What you need to make it simple and easy to understand, with Headings, Categories and a Infobox, hope this article can help now. Note that there are two type of disaster articles: the classic one and the modern one, you can't write about the both on the same page.


  1. First, name your page with the name of a disaster, use capital letters at the start of every word. If the disaster exists in both of the games, write (Classic) if you're gonna talk about the sequel version of it. If it's the modern version, just write it's name. Any errors will be fixed by a moderator / administrator, so do not worry if you do not understand.
  2. You need to use a Paragraph on the top of page, write something like "[Disaster name] is a disaster in Survive The Disasters. / Survive The Disasters 2". If you want to add a better information, write something like "[Disaster name] is a [Enemy/Boss/Natural] disaster in Survive The Disasters. / Survive The Disasters 2".
  3. Stop writing for some time, click on Insert button and choose Infobox, after this choose Disaster Infobox (For modern disasters / sequel disasters) or Classic Disaster Infobox (For classic disasters), write what you know about the disaster on infobox, like the hit of disaster, coins reward, your simple words can help us alot! Use a infobox.
  4. (For modern disasters only) Start writing again, but, use a Heading this time, write Memo, in bottom of heading, write the description of the memo, don't worry if you don't know, you can just let it blank.
  5. If you let the memo space as blank or is writing about a classic disaster, write as a Heading again, and write "Description", and put in bottom what YOU know about the disaster, write in THIRD person, if you didn't let the memo space as blank, forget about the fourth step.
  6. (Optional) This step is optional, you don't need to complete the fifth step. But if you want, good, just add as Heading again something like this "Trivia", then in bottom of the heading, choose the "Bullet List" and write some facts about the disasters, you can add hints too, you're help alot adding a trivia!
  7. Ok you're done with the page, now save! A admin can see your page and if something is wrong, it can fix! But if you want to help a bit more, you can add some categories related to the disaster! BUT be careful while adding categories. You can start adding "Disaster" category.
  8. You're really done now! Hope this walkthrough helped you!