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Acid Depths is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Acid Depths takes place inside a large cave, with various stone structures, plants, crystals, and other natural details. This map is separated in various themes, these are: Acidic, crystal, lime and others. This map used to be short in space, which made it different from other maps.

Key Features

  • Moss spread across the map.
  • Small craters containing acid.
  • Some tiles surrounded by small lights on the left and right sides.
  • In the crystal and lime themes, various crystals placed around the map.
  • Some terrain hangs over to act as shelter.
  • Two towers.


  • Acid Depths is based on Brinstar, a location in the Metroid series.
    • This is further enforced by the map originally being named Brinstar in the Beta.
  • Acid Depths is one of the smallest maps in the game.
  • Acid Depths is one of four maps where players can fall off and die, the other three being City Park, Sky Ruins, and Galantasy. It also has the most void space making disasters such as Soccer Balls and Raining Tacos easy to fall off the map.


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